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Character List for Heaven & Hell
Amelia Ashton, (Millie): The heroine of our story. A beautiful shy girl with an hourglass figure, and who has the self-esteem of a slug - for now. Pearl Ashton: Older half-sister of Amelia, twin sister of Ruby. Model and would-be actress who thinks the sun shines out of her darkest recess but thinks her sun shines brighter than Ruby's. Ruby Ashton: Older half-sister of Amelia, twin sister of Pearl. Model and would-be actress who thinks the sun shines out of her darkest recess but thinks her sun shines brighter than Pearl's. Rene Ashton: Three times divorced mother of the twins and Amelia, who doesn't know the meaning of the word 'maternal'. Always out for what she can get. Nick Henderson:  Multi-millionaire vocalist of chart-topp
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"Liar!"The force of Ruby Ashton’s anger drove Millie back against the sitting room wall. The only protection it would offer was if it absorbed her and she wished that it would. Or better still, she wished for the floor to open up and swallow her miserable sister. Maybe if Ruby stamped her Louboutin clad foot even harder she would get her wish.“It wasn’t me,” she protested. “I wouldn’t iron that kind of material.”Millie ducked as the beaded silk-chiffon top flew like a wounded bird-of-paradise through the air towards her, and her elder sister stormed across the room after it.Millie moved fast. Savage should have been Ruby’s middle name and she didn’t trust her not to lash out at her and with those nails, it could damage her; it would be like trying to fight a rabid she-Ruby snatched the top up, only just missing Millie’s chee
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The Tiger's Den
Amelia Ashton was having one of those days.She was dragging her wheeled suitcase up the pea gravelled drive of her new employer, which was rather more difficult than she ever imagined.Then she had to fight with her umbrella in the gale force wind and then the teeming rain, which had poured down as if God was pouring a bucket of water directly over her which had ruined her long glossy hair frizzing it up and turning it into a rats nest within five seconds of getting out of the cab.The last straw had been the stupid pea gravel that got stuck in the wheels of her case and stopped dead almost dragging her arm out of the socket. Her hand slipped off the handle and she only just saved herself from face planting on the drive. That was all she needed, to be picking gravel from her chin in front of her new employer.Taking a deep calming breath, “Keep calm, you can do this,” she muttered under her breath. She ha
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The Forfeit Jar
She had spent an interesting evening - although nerve-wracking in some places - with two of the most handsome and eligible men in the entire world. She sighed with happiness as she thought of Gabriel who, when he had sobered up, was the most delightful man she had ever met. “So Amelia, what do you like to do in your spare time?” Gabriel asked as he poured the rich deep red wine into her glass. “I like to cook, I love trying out new recipes, and please call me Millie, Amelia is just a Sunday name.”“Oh, we will definitely be your guinea pigs for that, Millie,” he said.He teased her gently, making her blush and giggle, and being around him did something to her insides low down and deep. Making her very warm and her tummy felt almost liquid as he had made her laugh with his silly jokes. He didn’t treat her like staff, he’d made sure she had everything she needed, and she felt
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Waving her hands in front of her face, and blowing her breath upwards to dispel the burning heat, Millie went back to the kitchen, feeling relieved that she was alone in the house. She definitely needed time to recover from her late start and the news of that wretched forfeit jar. She blushed scarlet again as she remembered what Nick had said 'specifically interact with others.' Bloody hell
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He - Hello." "Amelia," Nick's voice was as smooth as melted chocolate, "we were wondering if you were alright? You didn't answer our texts," Nick said.Oh shit, they weren't from Pearl. She thought.Read more
Nick unlocked the front door they had enjoyed lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Groucho club where they knew that they wouldn't be disturbed. They had decided to give Millie a week to see how they got on with each other, though judging from the conversation yesterday evening they both knew in their hearts that it would take something drastic to let her go. They walked towards the kitchen stairs and then stopped."Listen," Gabriel whispered."We can't listen to her conversation." Nick tried to pull Gabriel away from the top of the stairs. Gabriel stayed put. "Shh, something's wrong."Nick stopped and listened."Pearl, please don't do this, I like this job, I won't stop you from getting photo shoots and catwalk jobs. Just leave me alone!" Millie's voice was getting louder."No I can't invite you, how can I just invite you here on my first day? No, I'm not keeping them all to myself, I'm not so deranged that I think they might actually
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You're So Vain...?
A minute later Millie heard the front door bang shut, oh my God they were home! She ran to her apartment to recheck her face and taking slow and deep breaths she tried to calm down. "Hello!" Gabriel called as he came down the stairs. "Hey, how're things?" Millie came out from her apartment, "Hello, can I make you some tea?" She said, forcing a smile onto her face. "Thanks that would be great, how has your day been, did you find everything?" He sat in his usual place at the breakfast table. "Yes thanks, I've made a list out of the things that I will need." She said, filling the kettle. "Okay you'd better have this, it's the credit card for the house." He took his wallet out and flipped through the cards, I'll only forget to give it to you if I don't do it now." Millie took the card and put it in her skirt pocket, she memorised the pin number Gabriel gave her.<
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Sibling Trouble
She felt beautiful to hold, her soft, plump curves fitted against his hard muscles, and he gently rubbed her back, trying to soothe the upset away. "Now let's try again, who was on the phone?" Millie gulped, she would have to tell them who it was at least. She would just say they had argued. "It.." she hitched breath, "it was my sisters, my twin sisters." Nick put his hands on her shoulders and held her away from him so that he could see her face. "Your twin sisters? They frighten you that much?" "Nick" Gabriel shook his head. "Come and sit down, love." Nick grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge "would you like a drink Amelia?" She shook her head "no, thank you." "So you have twin sisters, are they older than you?" Gabriel asked, knocking the top off his beer. "They are three years older than
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Claire Henderson was just tidying her desk, she'd had a reasonably quiet afternoon considering that she was the go-to woman for several high profile people. She had uploaded a couple of photos and a link for an interview for an up and coming singer who had just won a national competition. She had spoken to the social media assistant who worked for her firm and who was in charge of the Facebook profile of one of the biggest British heartthrob actors Sebastian Drake and had a conversation with a detective from Scotland Yard over a woman who was stalking him.   When she got home she would call Nick, find out how the meeting went this morning, it was a pity she couldn't make it, she usually would have been there.  The police had been called after she had spent time talking to Seb this morning.  The poor lamb was quite shaken up after reading some vile and threatening messages and had flown to a Bali to have some peace and qui
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