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Chapter Eleven
Thea's POV                 Tears formed in my eyes as I thought about last night. He's vicious and wicked. My father hadn't treated my mother badly ever. Although she was the haughty and wicked one. But my father was always nice to her, I never saw him scolding her and raising his voice on her. He brought me up like a princess. I felt shitty and my heart was aching. I was missing my father, more tears welled down.      " What happened, momma? " Enna asked, brushing her fingers on my cheeks.      My eyes rested on her worried face and up at Michelle, " Nothing, something stuck in my eyes. " I shook my head.     " We'll play with my new football. " She sweetly said, tilting her head to one side.     " Okay, " My eyes burned from tears which wanted to break free. My eyes were swollen with crying all night. I missed breakfast
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Chapter Twelve
She took out her nightdress from his closet. She mulled over his attention behind her and could not reach at the suitable termination of her mentation. She walked out of his closet still covered with her thinking. Her lips gaped when she beheld him in black trousers and no shirt. Her eyes roamed on his brawny look, her eyes moved on his muscled skin studded with abs. She moved her eyes up from his hefty and strong shoulders. Her eyes met his eyes. She gulped and inhaled deeply before shifting her eyes on the floor, she caught the glance of his wet hair. She opened her mouth to mutter sorry but halted when he cut her off.       " Use this washroom. You can sleep in this room. " He said, walking toward the desk which was loaded with files neatly.       " What do you mean? I will sleep in Enna's room. I slept there. " She said.       ' Was he trying to keep me away from her? He is doing all this after t
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Chapter Thirteen
     The playground was crowded today as it was Saturday. Her eyes were on her daughter.      " Let her play. Your stare may disturb her. " Alisa said.      " I'm just watching her. I don't want her to get injured. She's playing with strange kids. " She told her.       " Strange Kids! You're behaving strangely. Look at her. She's smiling and enjoying chasing each other. Stop staring. Michelle is here to take care of her. " Alisa chided her.      " I'd love to see how you will behave when your baby will play in the playground. " she pressed her lips together.     " I'll let him play. How was your date with Luca? " Alisa asked with a smile.     " Dinner, " She hesitated.     " Yea, same. " Alisa rolled her eyes.     " Nothing, we ate and returned like a normal h
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Chapter Fourteen
 Thea's POV      A few minutes ago, I was amazed by the exuberance of her voice. She was quite loud the whole time while bathing and splashing water on me in the bathtub. I was fearing she'd fall. But this is something else. Loud thuds out of the door are scaring life out of me. Enna clung to my body. She looked scared and she was telling me something about guns. She is just four years old. How can she know about such violent things existing in the world? She loves adventures as she perplexed and scared me on the first day of her preschool when she climbed on the tree without anyone's help. I didn't tell anyone as Alisa said she's important for school. But now I'm her mother, I'll not allow anything which would make me fear that she should not do this. I can hear several footsteps running outside of the door and horrible noises. This room was looking like a safe place for us. But it can't be any longer if there is something dangerous
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Chapter Fifteen
       He was sitting in the dark. Although it was bright outside as the sun was gleaming on the top of the sky. Magro was standing next to his chair. They were mulling over something. He was rubbing his fingers on a one day grown stubble. He was fully impressed with his wife as she was taking good care of Enna. He was repenting giving marks on her body. He didn't mean to but he could not afford to lose the heart of this family, Sienna. She is the reason for his smile. He never felt alone but when he had seen the dead bodies of his parents and his elder brother and sister-in-law. It broke him completely. But Enna's face kept him alive. He was glad to just be a businessman. But the slaughter of his family by the opposite mafia leader strengthened him to be the next mafia boss. His father always wanted him to join them. But his family respected his decision. He had killed half of his people in the last three years. Enna was so small. He could not take off t
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Chapter Sixteen
     Her face was washed with tears. Eyes filled with horror. Her lips were trembling and her hands were shaking, " Thea, calm down. There's no blood on your feet. " Alisa said. There were concern and fear in her voice.        " I saw, I saw the crimson floor, my feet got blood on it. I saw it, believe me, Alisa. H he killed h he shot them. I sa-w blood. " Tears rolled down her pu
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Chapter Seventeen
 Thea's POV      He passed his gorgeous smile and walked toward me. He forwarded his hand and held my hand. I could not stop my lips' corner lifting up. He tugged me with him. This place was feeling more romantic with him.      I was walking with him. His bodygua
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Chapter Eighteen
 Thea's POV         I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I have to admit some part of me aches that I'l
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Chapter Nineteen
    There was a note of tenderness in his voice the whole time, indicating that he would not harm her. He's reckless and dangerous still he was calm with her last night. He had made it crystal clear, if there's any future it will be with him. Her heart went off rhythm when she heard mafia from him. There was dread in her stomach. She could still feel it. She was expecting him to be a rogue, cruel businessman but not a mafia. Read more
Chapter Twenty
Thea's POV      We were in pink dresses. My hair was curly and waving behind my back with my every moment. I did little makeup. I want him to just have a glance at me. My cheeks reddened at his thought. I'll not mind if I'll fall in love with him and if it would call one sided love, my whole life. Indeed, I was falling for him eve
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