All Chapters of Twin Flames: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter 1 - Desert of the Heart
“Have you ever been in love, Attorney?” CEO Jang Hanmi, a VIP client and owner of the largest fast-food franchise in South Korea, looked into my eye with contempt. He's the notorious Casanova in all of Seoul, who has gotten away from his promiscuity because of his affluence. The kind of man I hated the most. But I don't have a choice but to deal with him. For he happened to be a VVIP client worth millions of dollars in profit for our firm.Most of his cases were petty fights with the 'girl of the month.' So resolving has been easy. But this time, it's different. It’s a crime of passion.A case too personal that the CEO personally showed up in their office after years of working with the firm.CEO Hanmi looked at me with queer eyes and insisted that loving someone was never a crime, no matter the result. “Have you loved someone so deep that you lost your mind? All of a sudden you have the power to do anything and everything in the name of love? If you have, then you’ll understand me,”
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Chapter 2 - Paper planes
1995Daegu, South KoreaSuho Lee's monolid eyes squinted, creating creases in between his brows, as the morning sun flooded inside his room. He smelled the scent of hot chocolate and cinnamon whiffing in the air in the morning. The smell itself told him it was morning making him relaxed and calm. Trying to make out the time, he peeked at the clock with one eye shut, sighing, and decided 6 am was too early to stand up. The chilly breeze swayed the hanging planes in his ceiling, his eyes swerving to the pictures of basketball icons, from Michael Jordan to Haneul Lee, Suho’s dad. Winter air whispered to him, sinking further into his comforter, lulling him to sleep. Haneul Lee, Suho’s father, born and raised in Seoul. Little did Haneul Lee know that his once escapade to Daegu with his friends would lead him to meet the love of his life. And his longing for the girl led him to transfer to Daegu in senior high, as a basketball varsity player for Daegu National High School. He was a
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Chapter 3 - When the last leaf fell
In June of 1990, great news arrived early morning when Mrs. Lee announced a new addition to the family. "It's so surreal," Mrs. Lee said. Suho, at 11, promised that he would be the best brother to his younger sibling. During those times, the family was already settled with Suho in middle school and his college financially secured. They have a business that’s thriving on the first floor of their house. Haneul Lee was busy with his schedule and often stayed in Seoul. Everything was going perfect until, in September of 1990, the news shocked the entire family. Mrs. Lee was in her second term with their baby, still working and trying to balance being a mom, a spouse, and a businesswoman. Haneul’s manager called her out of the blue asking her to go to Seoul immediately. Mrs. Lee wasn’t the type who would abandon everything all of a sudden. The next thing Suho knew was his aunt, Mrs. Lee’s younger sister, moved to their house and his mom packed a few clothes to Seoul. He
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Chapter 4 - Turning the Tide
At the height of winter, January 1991 turned out to be the coldest month in Daegu with as little sunshine to brighten up the day. It was a perfect excuse for Suho to crop up inside their house, watching his father’s video day and night nonstop. On some occasions, he would play the cassette tape his father would send him on his international trips. Listening to his father’s voice made Suho believe that he was on a trip somewhere taking his time to come home. Mrs. Lee on the other hand had no choice but to pick herself up again. Not known to Suho, she had collapsed on multiple occasions at the hospital due to stress and fatigue, putting the baby at risk. Her husband begged her to take care of herself and the baby as it would be his final gift for her. And she doesn’t have the heart to break that promise despite how challenging things were without her spouse. She couldn’t dissuade Suho either from playing cassette tape or videos even if it tore her heart apart because she kn
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Chapter 5 - Ray of Sunlight
January of 1996 Daegu, South Korea It had been almost a year since Joo Ho left. Kwanghee was the only left to ensure that Suho kept his part of the bargain. For that one entire year, Suho worked double to finally make his dream come true. With his friend Kwanghee' 's coaxing, he can finally fulfill his promise to his dad on his grave. Taking that route meant working day in and out to develop his muscles, flexibility, and stamina. Transforming from the slinky kid to a well-built soon-to-be athlete. Suho ever thought it would require so much hard work that he often went home dead tired. Thud. The door and walls shook, pictures and paintings tilted with every bang as if a giant was passing by. "Suho, wake up, it's already noon," her mother Ji Hyo Kwang, better known as Mrs. Lee, called out, pounding against his door. "You are going to be late again!" Suho can see his mother in his mind with her curly hair and grumpy face. Wearing her usual ensemble -- gray blouse a
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Chapter 6 - One Fine Day
It was the first day of January 1996, the sky was brighter, and the nights were longer. The cloud loomed over the clear sky, and the sun was shining behind the clouds. Suho's feeling a different surge of energy he couldn't explain. Almost as if a dream is about to come true. He cycled, resembling a raging bull through the crowd of students, turning away from the deserted streets to the busy road. Cycling alone makes you a perfect target for onlookers waiting to beat the hell out of you. Finally, when the coast was clear, he slowed down. His bicycle screeched to a halt at the sight of a large moving van parked outside the house. Boxes were scattered on the road blocking any vehicle from passing through the one-way street. The men in the moving van's uniform carried the containers to the vacant house once occupied by Suho's friend, Joo ho. And he wondered if he could befriend the new occupants too. "Oppa, Oppa," a cute voice from a little girl cut through the stillnes
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Chapter 7 - Spring Awakening
March 1996 Daegu, South Korea "Where's your brother?" Mrs. Lee fixed her gaze on Naeun, who was seated across the table. She shrugged her shoulders in response, concentrating on her favorite pancake in her hand. Mrs. Lee surveyed the second floor, from the kitchen to the living room in one sweep, with her brown almond-shaped eyes, looking for the suspect. Marching in full force, her brown skirt trailing behind her, she unbolted the door to Suho's room, which was surprisingly empty and clean. No trace of a human being existed. "Where could he be?" crossing her arms, brows wrinkled. Suho, Mrs. Lee noticed, had been acting weird for the last few weeks. "Is he possessed? Should I bring him to a shaman?" Sprinting towards the antic cabinet in the living room looking for a pamphlet. "No. Maybe the gods have heard my plea." Mrs. Lee looked up, spread her arms to the heavens, clasping her hands in sincere gratitude. Heaven knows how long she'd prayed for her son to snap out
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Chapter 8 - Out of his league
Unlike Suho and the other students, Hana would sit in silence and try to get the best seat in the house -- middle, in front of the teacher -- which kids avoid. During breaks, when students chatter, play or escape to a convenience store, the new girl buried herself in the books. Her voice is precious as a diamond, a rare commodity. Her effort to distance herself from others was futile. As boys would hover around her like bees trying to score nectar from the most beautiful flower in the garden. At night when the classes were over, she'd often walk the streets from the center to her house. Suho would pedal his bicycle tortoise-like, matching her pace. Sometimes she'd take the bus, and he'd follow the bus until the next bus stop. Days passed into weeks. The excitement and agitation crept through every vein in Suho's body. Downcasted at the thought of not seeing Hana every day to melodramatic anticipation of the new school year's promise. Suho wasn't after the academic com
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Chapter 9 - Windowpane
"I am not fine. I know I said I was, but I'm not." Suho stared at the glass windowpane next to his study table. On his windowsill was an array of potted ornamental plants from his mom's garden. From Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Lavender, and English Ivy, which Mrs. Lee explained how they cleansed the air he breathed. But none of those were creating any difference for him at that moment. All framed with a lace curtain, no one will guess the room was his. And no one could tell what he's going through either. That wasn't cool at all. Of all the people who could see me that day, why has it to be her? Cursing in between breaths. Across the street, he has a clear view of his neighbor's window, covered with a cerulean curtain. At night, the bright light in the room gave a silhouette of the enigmatic figure, dancing under the moonlight in the soothing song of The Swan Lake. In the morning, the curtains were drawn, and the owner grooved to the hit music of the 90s. Ace of Spade, MJ,
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Chapter 10 - Extraordinary Guest
"Naeun, Naeun," he barked in between the door gap. "Come here for a second." 
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