60 Chapters
Lirah snake meet Yennifer
Yennifer PoVAfter our first class, I decided to stopped by to the school canteen. I feel thirsty so I go there to buy some drinks. I'm still thinking about our upcoming drama in our Literature subject. Why on earth our teacher decided to paired me with that arrogant and bratty Adoneram. Last day we became friends but not until this morning when he accidentally about to hit me with his car. So haughty. My mind were too clouded about him when Gerald suddenly blocked my way with his broad chest. I almost bumped against him again for the second time. " Hi! Yen" he cheerfully greeted me. Everytime our paths collided, there's always a warm feeling I felt inside my body. His manly smell of perfume, so strong and entrancing.My mind was empty again when I'm with him. " Yennifer, are you sick?" I woke up from my daydream. I stunned when I heard his voice. " Oh, am nope, I'm okay" I'm stuttering. I looked up to s
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Stark's offer
Twenty one years agoStark PoVI saved the Alpha of all werewolves, King Lucian. It never slipped through my mind to be this polite to my rivals. I loved offering a bargaining for saving their lives. I'm a Lycan, and we do whatever we want. I smirked and answered his question. " Well, let's do it this way. I heard your Luna died while giving birth to your baby right?" I said. We're still inside the room where I put him for medication." Yes, but we lost track of Amir, the beta who ran with my wife to the forest. I didn't know where he take my daughter!" After hearing that his heir is a Luna, I had a better idea. Making my way to his bed, I sat beside him. " We can search her later. But promise me, our deal is, give me your daughter to me!" I said with my stern voice. Lucian jaws tightened after hearing Starks deal. He quickly got up from the bed even his body wasn't fully recovered from falling to the falls
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Adoneram's Nightmare
 Adoneram PoV ~~~" You're a demon! A demon in the body of a mortal!"~~~ Someone was talking inside my mind. I flinched as I rolled in my bed when the voice keeps getting louder trying to dug within my thoughts. I'm awake but I felt like I'm stuck in my bad dream.  ~~~" you have to accept it. Demon!!! Demon!!!"~~~ It's a voice keeps whispering inside my head. I couldn't named who's voice was it because it's like a pirated DVd player, a little hoarse and chappy. I'm struggling in my sleep because I felt like my whole turned numb.  " Help! Help!" I felt like s
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The Two Kings
Gerald PoV I searched everywhere around the campus looking for Yennifer but I couldn't find her. I asked her classmates and they all said that they're having an activity in their subject and she was paired to Adoneram Reid, one of the campus heart-throb." Let's go Raver!" I called him to come with me. I'm a bit annoyed when I heard about it." Where do we go next?" He asked me while pointing his finger to Helena who was coming towards us." Here she comes again, you're suicide girl!" Raver mumbled as he raised his one brow.----------Gerald looked still like he's
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Finding the Alpha King's Daughter
After the war between Rogues and Lycans, Stark decided to lived as a normal person. He build an empire of his own. Even mortals didn't recognize that they were only wearing a human skin at day but shifted into a Lycan wolf at night anytime they want. He's one of the richest Lycan king in the whole city of New Jersey. The Stark Real Estate were built ten years ago and still reining in the whole real estate companies.  Gerald Itopia was his son to a mortal woman who was Arcela Cortez. She's still in a vacation in Korea. She loved to visit every countries and took some pictures of beautiful buildings. Stark didn't mind her because she's as stubborn like her son. He's in his office and the name of Gerald's schoolmate named Yennifer suddenly slipped inside his mind. He quickly opened his laptop and went to Google site and type her name. He remembered it clearly, Yennifer Lorca. After finding it to google, its no list so he deci
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A Surprise Visit
Yennifer PoVWhy I'm still thinking about him? Why I'm still thinking the touched of his lips to mine. I felt the volts of electricity running through my veins straight down here to my thighs. Until now, I'm wet down there but I hold myself to throw at him like a horny naive girl. I closed my eyes and shook my head to erase the dirty thoughts in my head. Am I that stupid? Me and him were just practicing for our Romeo and Juliet role play and he's just doing his job! Maybe I'm too overwhelmed to his actions awhile ago but maybe I'm just giving it a wrong idea. I tried to fall into sleep when my phone beep. I furrowed when I took my phone beside me. I check the messages in my inbox and look what I found. It's a text but from an anonymous number.Anonymous: where are you? ( That's what written in the text)Me: who are you?!? ( My text with a little harsh)Read more
The werewolf friend of Yennifer
Adoneram PoVYennifer slowly fell to the ground. Her rosy cheeks turned like a white sheet of paper. I took her body from the ground and put her in my hands. I called her mom and she hurriedly came out from their house. " What happened to my daughter?" She asked me with her worried face. I put her on their couch and she groaned when I let go of her body. I turned to answer Yennifer's mom. " I don't know ma'am but she just fell on the ground. She's so energetic and cursing me when she suddenly became quiet and that's it" I explained what happened to her mom. --------Marie told Adoneram to go home and she would take good care of her daughter. He wanted to stay more to make sure Yen was okay but her mother insisted to let him go home besides it's already late at night. " I'm going ma'am. Please take care of Yen. Thanks for the
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The She-wolf mark
 Korea, Seoul " Hmmm, how about this one, maybe my son Gerald would like this " Arcela mumbled as she was busy picking some leather jacket. Arcela Itopia, the packs Luna of Lycans, the wife of Stark and the mother of Gerald. She's one of the most cunning female human Lycans in the whole city of New York. Everyone kneeled before her and they were scared to fight against her because she's more vicious and cruel than anyone else. She called his bodyguard Amid, Ruso, and Bark to get all her st
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Luna is Back!
Yennifer PoVGerald's eyes glued on my face as we reached the stockroom. He studied my face weirdly like I just want to slapped him. " Hey, talk now! I'm waiting!" I said angrily while rolling my eyes on him. He took a deep sigh and let out a shocking words right in my face. " Can you turned around for a bit? I just want to check something behind you " his voice sounded in command. I didn't know what he's trying to imply. What on earth is happening to him? Did I had a dirt in my back? I narrowed my eyes on him. " Why? Tell me and I ---" I didn't finish my phrases when he hold my face griply and turned me back at him. I almost stumbled on the table in front of me. I felt his hands sliding my hair off from my nape. " Hey, what are you doing? " I struggled from his grip.I'm afraid he might sa
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The Arrange Marriage
Sitting on his office, Cony wanted to cursed the time he was being kicked out by everyone. It's from many years ago and now he's very old to think about revenge. He was now happy living in the human world. He had an adapted child and he was Farrah. She's a human and she didn't know that her old father was a wolf. " Dad, I found a new school to transfer and tommorow was my first day !" Farrah said to her father gracefully. Cony found her in the garbage can when she was a baby. Her parents abandoned her and he saved her. " Really? Good to hear that Farrah. I'm proud of you!" Cony congratulate his daughter.  ----------------Diana PoV Next month was the 21st birthday of our son Adoneram. Me and Thamer were both scared for that day. We just hope that he won't inherit the demon blood of his father. I'm now heading to the office to check our new stocks. I heard that a fur
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