60 Chapters
Secrets Revealed
Few hours ago Marie Pov It's been weeks since my body get weaken every single day. When I'm going to count the number of years I lived in human world, maybe about twenty more years. Now that I'm getting older in human world my witch form wanted to surrender. I want to live here forever but I always dreamed of going back to the Cana Mountain where me and my sister Freya grew up and had many good and bad memories we shared.  I quickly went to the kitchen when I felt that my throat went dry. I took the pitcher full of water inside the refrigerator and drank them all.I felt relieved after drinking it and I'm now on my way back to clean our bedroom when I felt someone stung from my back.  " Ouch! " I uttered in surprised. I tried to reached what's the thing that pricked into my skin. It keeps hurting me until I found it. I opened my hands to see what's the thing from
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The Rejected Mates
Gerald tightened his jaws and gritted his teeth as he walked inside his room. He was never been rejected by anyone in his life except his only found mate Yennifer.  " I swear, no one can get you except me!" He growled as he begun to shift into his lycan form. He saw his wolf craving for his mate. The eagerness of mating her was unbearable. He wanted to mark her even in by force.  Gerald needed a fresh air so that his wolf can relax. He saw her mom Arcela things like her slippers and shoes in the show rack. He knew she's here already. He went to the swimming pool to relax himslef. His body was in intense heat and he want to cool it down by the flash of water to his body. He took off his t-shirt and left it on the floor. He submerged his feet on the water and sat beside the pool.  While swaying his foot underwater, he decided to got up and ready for a dive. He go swimming alone back and forth to the wide siz
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A Wrong Move
Victor PoV" I told you my friend, that child would bring chaos to your family? See Marie's gone!" Lirah said while she's inside my room. I didn't know where did Marie go? I knew even she keep secrets from me that she's not human. It happened when Yennifer was not in our care. I took a sighed. I had to find Cony, one of my friend wolf whom I befriended during my hunting in Ragnarok." I know but she's now our daughter and I won't let anyone take her!" I said while thinking of the best idea what to do next. I wonder what Yennifer was feeling right now. She had a lot of questions running on her head at
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The Loving Alpha and Conflict
Lucian PoVIf Amir was still alive, maybe me and my daughter met that day. We lived happily together and we just stayed in the Canary Kingdom for good. It's hard to lived around people especially pure humans. They have great intellectual than us but we strive hard to survive in this modern world for many years and now, humans bowed on us. In my company, I'm the boss and the my voice is the law of everyone. I was too busy with my thoughts when someone knock on my office door. When he appeared, it was Raven. " Good morning sir. I have a good news for you" he bow his head to Lucian. King Lucian stood up from his chair and ordered Raven to come near him. " Tell me, what is it?" He asked him while he was busy playing his pen. Raven sat in front of him and he told him about his daughter.  
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Meeting a friend
Because of Marie's disappearance, Victor decided to stay low for hunting. He had to stay with his daughter Yennifer to protect her from being kidnapped by somebody. Now that he's no job, he decided to look for some job online.He stretches his body while he keeps yawning on his bed. He wanted to sleep again but the call of nature forced him to get up and brought his feet to the bathroom. His eyes flickered from the lights coming from the bathroom bulb. It felt like it's pricking inside his eyes. He made his way to the toilet bowl to pee and after that, he went to the bathroom sink to wash his face. He couldn't help but by just examining his face in front of the mirror, he's not getting younger anymore. He tried to frown and he could easily see vivid wrinkles on his forehead. He just let out a deep sighed after pulli
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The Katako revealed identity
Adoneram POV My heart feels like it was filled with thousands of thorns of roses at this moment. It's like each thorn pricked into my miserable heart. Yennifer broke my heart today and I feel devastated because of it. I came back inside the classroom looking for her but couldn't find any traces of her. I don't know how to explain everything to her. Farrah was not the apple of my eyes and she only existed because of our family background. I shifted my eyes around me and I couldn't even find even a glimpse of her hair. I must find her anywhere here. I need to talk to her. My feet began to step inside the school washroom when I heard a whispering voice inside my head.  " You can't get away from your destiny! I'll never allow it! Never!!!" It gave chills into my bones. I wrapped my arms around my body to lessen the shivering of my body. I don't know what's happening to me today but
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The deadly visitor
Thirteen years agoDiana received a call from the principal office early in the morning. She wanted to discuss with her about their son's relations with his classmates, teachers, and all the people around him. Something occurred at their school and Adoneram was involved with it. Arcadia Academy" Good morning Mrs. Sanchez, I'm Diana Reid, Adoneram's mom!" She greeted the principal and made her way to her desk. She shifted her eyes to her son who was sitting near her while fidgeting his fingers with his uniform while facing the floor. " hey, what happened honey? Did someone hurt you?" She asked him but he's not answering his mom.He just looks at her and bowed his head again. Mrs. Sanchez took a deep sigh and called her attention while her fingers crossed on her desk. She took off her eyeglasses and tell her everything
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It's not too late
 The black shadow that sunk inside Alexis' body hastily left his host when Diana came. He felt strong energy coming in so he decided to go away." Oh my, Alexis wake up!" Diana looks terrified when she found him lying on the floor.Suddenly, he began to groan as a sign that he came back from being unconscious. He slowly opens his eyes and he saw bright lights wrapping over Diana's face. She looks like a fairy base on Alexis' vision.  " Diana?" He mumbled as he began to regain his energy. She nodded and help him sit on the couch. " I saw you lying on the floor. What happened?" Diana asked him. His forehead wrinkled when he tried to recall what exactly happened awhile ago. " Someone knocked and I came over to check it but when I open the door, no one's there. I just saw a black smoke began to attack me and I feel strange inside my body until I feel dizzy and I just drop on the floor" that'
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When Two Alpha collides
Stark was sitting inside his office and was busy scrolling with his laptop. He's still looking for some personal information about Yennifer. He frowned every time he can't see the word well on the monitor so he took his reading eyeglasses and put it on his eyes. He startled when his phone suddenly ringing. He turned beside him and impatiently took his phone from the table. It's Arcella, his wife calling him. " Hello, yes honey?" He said to the other line. She sounded excited when she answered him. " Honey, do you know Mr. Adkins? The one I met today? He's inviting us to attend the ball party tonight at his house. Will you come with me?" She said with her charming voice over the phone.He took a deep sigh at first. " Okay," Stark simply replied. He heard her cheered and said goodbye. As usual, Arcella was hard to decline with her offer.From what he knew, she had an important meeting with Mr.
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Cony's Scheme
The PartyMr. Cony Lee and Farrah arrived at the party and Diana and Thamer don't expect that they were invited too.They came together with their son Adoneram who was hiding big secrets that soon shock them all.Cony's face crumpled when he saw the Reid family. Farrah just raises her eyebrows to Adoneram and ignore him. They don't need special treatment so they avoided making any scandal at the party. Thamer and his family walked to the other side of the party hall. They saw Mr. Lucian Adkins and they approach him. " Congratulations Sir! Nice to meet you!" Thamer made a handshake." Thank you for coming! Nice to meet you too Mr. Reid!" He accepted his handshake. " Sir please meet my wife Diana and my son Adoneram" he introduces his family to him.

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