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Isabella's POV I was on the ground floor of the King Telecom Center. I was a mess of nerves. My mouth was dry, my skin sweaty. The butterflies in my stomach were so active I thought I might fly away.Everything about this idea was wrong.I regretted it as soon as they had called me for an interview. The truth was I applied to the job in a drunken haze with my best friends encouraging me. I had just had a fight with my dad at work, he promised to give me a chance to work at the company but instead he gave the software engineer solutions job to someone else. I have worked all my life to be taken seriously by him. But to him I'm just his little princess and I should just busy my self with shopping and charity organizations.So I got angry and applied for a job in a rival company, my dad will so not be happy about this and they might not even hire me the moment they figure out I'm a Davis.But then when I applied, I also omitted my last name
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Carter's tongue slid deftly into my mouth. Oh, sweet lord, this man could kiss.My surroundings completely faded as I lost myself in the kiss. His mouth was firm and warm, his tongue lazy as it danced with mine. My entire body went soft, my muscles turning to jelly while my thighs quivered. I ran my fingers through his silky dark hair. He responded by sliding one hand to my waist, while angling my head with the other in order to deepen the kiss.I moaned into his mouth, unable to stop myself from rubbing against the bulge in his jeans. An answering moan sounded deep in his throat. His fingers tightened over my hip."We should stop," he ground out, breaking the kiss."Probably," I said with a faint smile.And then we were kissing again, and the word stop was blown away by a gust of mutual attraction. This was crazy. I had one-night-stands before, but always with men known for more than twenty minute. And never in an elevator.Yet I couldn't stop the rush of desire s
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"What is wrong with you today?" Alessia asks ordering us another round of shots."Nothing." I say with a sigh."Yeah right," Lydia says rolling her eyes at me."Bella honey you got the job you should be happy." She adds hugging me tightly."And I'm so happy. It's just that I have so much on my mind." I say explaining."Like?" They ask in unison. "Just my dad and ofcourse anxiety of starting the job, what if they figure out I'm a Davis and they fire me." I say."They won't, so stop worrying." Alessia says."Okay okay, let's get more drinks." I say, maybe getting drunk could be the best thing for me. Didn't tell my friends about getting trapped in the elevator with Carter, I know they wouldn't judge or anything but still not ready to share it with anyone yet. Plus I can't stop thinking about him.We stay out all night, partying, celebrating and since I'm starting work I probably won't have time to be out my friends so we take advantage of the night.
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Carter's POV "Good morning, everyone. I'd like to introduce our newest software crisis manager, Isabella Marino." My eyes glossed over Isabella and then focused on the group instead. "She'll be working directly with me on the incoming project but I want you all to update her on the status of the project." I say. I sat back in my chair and let them start discussing the ins and outs of the massive new project. My attention easily shifted to Isabella.I can't believe she's here, I thought I'll never see her again but kind of hoped I would but the last thing I expected was to have her as our new hire.I'm a very serious man, I have never been in any indecent relationship with any of my staff before but just looking at her flip her gorgeous silky hair, her gorgeous olive skin I can't help but let my thoughts wander back to that day in the elevator.I should have known she was a staff here but I have never noticed her before and Isabella
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Isabella's POV A group of us went out for lunch, everyone has been so nice and accommodating. Carter had said to meet him after lunch, so I stopped by Starbucks to grab us both coffees. Didn't know how he liked his coffee so I got thesame thing as mine, black coffee no milk. I take iced coffee in the afternoon so I got that for me but I got him a hot one because he didn't look like he drank cold coffee.I didn't have time to ponder whether I shouldn't have done that or whether I should just focus on my job and let things go but I needed to thank him for helping me ease out of my panic attack the other day."I'm supposed to see Mr King after lunch," I said breathlessly to his secretary."I'll let him know you're here," Ella his secretary said as she picked up the phone.I turned away, suddenly nervous."You can go in," Ella said.I quickly turned and then nodded, taking a deep breath and heading down into his spacious corner office.
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Carter's POV I tried to keep Isabella from my thoughts but was unable to stop the forbidden image of what it would be like to have her under me. I had said I will be a professional, no entanglement whatsoever with my staff but the moment she walked into my office everything decent thought went away from my head.Thank God for my mother's call, I'm going to be away for a few days and by the time I'm back I'll be with a clear head. "Mom?" I called out, looking into each room I passed."Out here, Carter," I heard her answer from the back patio.I opened the French doors and was greeted with my mother's smile.I leaned over so she could kiss me. "So why are you out here?""It's such a lovely evening honey." She explains."It's beautiful out here." I agreed with her looking out the view. The whole house is beautiful, it's located in Round hill Greenwich Connecticut which also formally known as one of the best neighborhoods i
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Carter's POVEarly the next morning my brother Johnny and I go out to play tennis. Well mainly to spy on our mom's new man friend Henry Osheroff, we found out he spends his morning playing tennis at the club but like he knew we would show up today he didn't. Anyway my brother and I still played tennis and caught up on each other's lives.By the time we made it back home, the house was already set up for brunch. The patio was topped with a massive white pergola, the beams draped in heavy greenery. The centerpiece was a large rectangular table that sat almost 20, it was covered in a soft ivory tablecloth and my mother's favorite china. Decorations and multiple flowers overflowed small silver pitchers running the length of the table, and a wrought-iron candelabra flickered overhead.So we quickly go get ready before guests start to arrive and our mother starts hounding us to get down.Almost an hour later we were all ready and
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Isabella's POVI haven't seen Carter since I was at his office, in his lap. He hasn't been to the office all week and tomorrow is Friday. I had even stopped by his office to ask if he was in but his secretary said he won't be coming in for a few days.The last time I saw him, he had said he wanted me and asked if I wanted him but before I could answer we got interrupted. I haven't been able to stop thinking about him, I'm supposed to be focusing on work but all I can think about is Carter King, my boss.My friends and I meet up at a bar today after work to catch up, we haven't seen each other all week and we probably won't see other during the weekend. Lydia grabbed two wine glasses off a tray as it passed by and handed me one and then grabbed another for Alessia. "You've had a lot thrown at you this week, you should be having a relaxing weekend." Alessia says to me.My mom is coming into town from New Jersey this weekend, and I'
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Isabella's POV I went home and quickly changed and went to meet my mother in a restaurant. My mother, Marianne Davis who still used my fathers last name after 10 years of divorce and 5 years since she remarried. Is beautiful, exceptionally beautiful. She was dressed in a beautiful dress, her hair and makeup perfectly done as always.I gave her a hug and kiss first before sitting down. She sat in the chair on the other side of me, leaned forwardand asked. "How are you my darling?""I'm fine mom, how are you? How's Michael?" I ask referring to my step father."I'm fine honey and Michael is good too, he sends his love." She says with a smile."Still fighting with your dad?" She asks."Haven't talked to him, he has been bribing me with multiple gift baskets though." I say with a sigh."Maybe you should talk to him, he might be an asshole but you're the person he loves the most." Mom says with a smile and I smile because she's r
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Isabella's POVFinally back to work, Monday was a chaotic stream of activity. Between team meetings, projects, and staff introductions, I barely had a moment to breathe, let alone think about anything that didn't have to do with work. This job was going to be a test of my abilities, but I was ready for the challenge. After lunch when I went back to my office, the assistant I shared with another team member had a message for me from Carter ofcourse.He asked to see in his office after lunch so I went to his office immediately."Mr king, asked to see me." I started to say to his secretary but was cut off."You can send Ms. Marino in, Ella," Carter called from his office. How did he know I was out here.I turned back to Ella. "...and I guess I'll just go on in.""Yes, Ms. Marino," Ella said, still smiling, then turned back to her computer.I hesitated just long enough to take a deep breath then quickly walked to his offic
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