124 Chapters
~prologue 1~
  ** Alpha king Vega laid beside his Luna that night but couldn't sleep. His chest felt heavy with worries. His wolf have been restless ever since report of rogue activities were seen around his borders. Alpha Vega didn’t like the fact that, rogues could dare hunt in his territory even though there is an already existing treaty signed by their ancestors to keep them off. It Seemed their new Alpha was hell bent on breaking it off with no regards. Ever since their appearance at the King's border. Strange things have been happening that could only point to them and further putting his already disturbed mind on total overdrive. A young pup had been found dead just a week ago. His young body mutilated and left at the boundary for his parent to find while he was out hunting on his own. That incident has left a bitter taste in his mouth and fear among his pack members who had attributed most of the recent killings to an unknown wolf hunt
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~prologue 2~
 **Alpha Vega stood outside in full alert before calling his Beta through their mind link.'Caleb, Where are you? I need you by my side now!'He heard some shuffling behind him before Beta Caleb came running and stopped when he saw the mood he was in."I'm right here my king"Both men were shirtless with statute like muscles on full display. Their really tan skin was glowing under the full moon light and casting a shadow at their feet that was bare of any foot wear.The King Alpha's dark brown hair that was gained an extra length had fallen across the nap of his neck with little strains being blown about by the night wind in a messy style.Brushing it aside, he closed the distance between him and his Beta."Where are the rest of the guards""Holding it down at their position in the border" The Beta took a quick pause when he noticed the hardness on the King's jawline."What's wrong?" He dared to ask.
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**I was pulled out of my slumber abruptly by the constant ringing of my alarm. I reached over and turned it off before placing it back against the side table. It was already 7:30am and school was scheduled for 8am.First week in school and am already going to arrive late and have the whole class stare at me like the freshman I really am.That's just great!I jumped out of bed and ran to my wardrobe and picked out the first piece of outfit i could lay my hands on. It was a knee length floral gown my mom got me for my fifteen birthday last summer.The temperature out there is like minus zero degree and close to freezing as it was the beginning of winter so I pulled out my black leather jacket and proceeded to laying them neatly across the bed before retrieving my black ankle boots from under the bed.My bag pack containing my school essentials was already waiting across the table. I was actually sensible enough to arrange everything I would b
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~total jerk ~
**Pretty eyes was hovering over me on the floor at this point and I don't mind the close proximity at all. In fact I was living in ecstasy, just having him so close.He smell like morning coffee and I can totally breathe him in like my life depended on it.Mmmmm.My euphoria didn't last very long because he snapped his fingers right at me and pulled me back to reality. My jaw that was practically hitting the floor quickly snapped shut in embarrassment.I'm most grateful for my really tan skin at this point because the last thing I needed was having a plume cheek that was screaming 'hey, I think am falling for you right now'I shot him a weak glare after I was sure I won't embarrass myself the moment I open my mouth to speak to him. "You don't have to do that you know?""Awn, don't tell me you are going to cry now princess" He had a cute pout on his face before he began to chuckle like a maniac while the rest of his friends just joine
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~lunch break~
**"Yes? Miss Michael. What is so funny? Care to share with the rest of us?" Mr. Jack had said. His left brow raised at me."Uh, am sorry" I muttered."Sorry about what exactly? That am busy teaching and you were laughing about God knows what?""I'm sorry Mr. Jack. It won't happen again""Of course it won't and that's why you will have to turn in a five page essay on why you won't do it again before the end of the week" He said with a puff of breath and I just screamed mentally.What?He has seriously got to be kidding me right now.Five page essay on why I won't do it again? Can’t he just take my word for it?"Is either that or detention"Well- I can see that he is dead serious right now and am not about to argue with him on the matter either.He had a stern look on his face that says, don't dare me so pick wisely.I guess detention it is because there is no way am going to write a five page e
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~the party~
 ** The fact that I had to go against my parent one rule by sneaking out of the house just so I could attend this party only prove how reckless am determined to be tonight and it doesn't even come close to the part where I had to walk a few blocks under this freezing weather either. I had to go meet up with Kara at a safe distance away from my parent house. And to think that this whole walking of a thing was my freaking idea was an understatement. I kept rubbing at my exposed arms in a bid to create some warmth around my body. My hands feels numb and I was starting to go pale on the face as I continued to drag myself along. The weather was pretty harsh tonight as it kept blowi
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~can we be friends ~
** Kara was nowhere in sight when I went looking for her. I lost track of her for just a moment and she has disappeared into thin air. Can this night get any worst? I pulled out my phone and dialed her number but it just kept ringing away. I doubt she could hear her phone ringing, given how loud and noisy the place was. I decided to head upstair in search of Kara, hoping to find her there. The first room I found was empty. I proceeded to the next and found two drunk teenagers sucking at each other faces with sloppy kisses and trying to get it on.  I retreated back the same way I got in and quickly hurry out the door unnotic
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~breaking the rules~
 ** "Oh my God Ava. Where were you? I was looking all over for you" Kara had rumbled all at once. I was gone for only a minute or two and she was already looking all over for me? Was she drunk already? No because she seem fine. "I only went up the balcony for some air because I couldn't breathe over here" "I was on my way to get you before I met you here" I raised a single brow at her. "How did you know I was up there?" "Some guy named uhm, I can't even remember saw me asking aro
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~hello ladies ~
 As if last night sermon wasn't enough. My mom made sure I had an earful at breakfast this morning while my dad kept chipping in every now and then in support.And part of the punishment for being grounded is having to survive a whole week without my phone and television plus 7pm curfew with zero access to the internet for a week is really the height of it. Depression doesn't even come close to how I feel. My heart is broken with every bit of its scattered fragment buried deep into the mud.I left home for school feeling like a fun part of my life have been stripped off me and am being thrown into the medieval world to face it with clubs and bows.Only difference is, this is the twenty first century and phone is a basic necessity. Maybe not for my parent who totally believe one can actually do without it in a matter of just one week.Pessssh!I wouldn't be this pissed off if I had other alternatives but my life is as borin
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~my request ~
Kara and I turned around to stare back at Carlos. He looked different with bruised cheeks and busted lips. The purple marking around his eyes was starting to fade out but one could clearly see how terrible it was before that moment. Was he involved in a fight also? Because when I met him in school yesterday, he looked like the perfect teenage boy and now, I barely recognized him if not for his usual friendly demeanor and blue eyes. I couldn't help but glance back at the direction of Logan whose bruises were looking almost the same as Carlos but i find that he was no longer there. What the heck was going on? Why is everyone looking like they are just returning home from world war Z. Don't get me wrong okay?_because When I said everyone? In my head, it's pretty much just Logan and Carlos all the way. I'm well aware those two hate each other even before I met neithe
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