14 Chapters
1. Prologe: 5 years ago and the Present.
  Dawn Lewis and David Empire are sweet and lovey-dovey couple since they were in college. They love each other more than anything. They were so in love to each other every single day. Until one day, Dawn suddenly asking for breaks up. He wanted to end their relationship. David didn’t agree, he asked Dawn what’s his reason but Dawn didn’t give him answered. Then at the end David never agree instead he walked outside their house then go somewhere to cool off his head. But he didn’t know that Dawn planning to leave that night.   Dawn disappears in 5 years. But fate never fails! They meet again in unexpected event. They become coworkers. David become his boss. Dawn become his secretary. What will have happened to their feelings? It is remaining pure or it become nothing. Is their feelings for each other has a change to forget everything in the past or it will turn everything in the past... 5 years ago   June 1,
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2. David's Girlfriend, a friend or a foe?
When David and Natasha done kissing. She hug him again. David eyes planted on Dawn standing in the back. He couldn't see anything in Dawn eyes, it's completely blank and expressionless. He keep staring Dawn but he give up easily when he saw Dawn lips keep shutting. He wanted to kiss him right now.   [What? Argh--his lips is tempting me to kiss him. Are you out of your mind, David?] He said to himself.   "Secretary Lewis since when you standing there?" David asked him but Dawn doesn't want to answer him, his lip keeps shutting and no words cams out from his little mouth, instead Natasha Silver faces Dawn.   "Is he's your secretary? He's the one who lead me to your office. He's been here." Natasha's answered on behalf of Dawn. She thinks that maybe this guy is didn't dare to speak since he knows that she's is an popular celebrity?   She is Natasha Silver, the popular model and celebrity. She's only dau
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3. Who is the king game: The orders
The day of the fashion show came. This happened right in David's company. All the employees are busy especially the staff. But Dawn remained inside the dressing room. Not that he didn’t want to go, there was someone he wanted to avoid. He did not expect that person is invited to the upcoming fashion show.    He don't want to have any connection to that old man. He hates him, despites him. That's why, he doesn't want to met that person. Not in this important events. Dawn didn't wanted to ruin David's successes. In fact, he's still an employee in this company so he doesn't want to made a ruckus around the bus. The event is important for all of them.   While he arranging the gowns, someone from their company approach him. She was part of the staff team in media department.   "Do you need anything?" Dawn asked her. She shake her head then said.   "Its nothing, everything is good. But Mr. President i
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4. Make him jealous
One week later, Yami and Lance gets even more close. But, David and Dawn has still no progress. "What the hell are you doing, Natasha?" Yami whispered as he saw Natasha silently walking toward in Dawn who soundly sleeping on the sofa.   "Shh--I wanted to take a picture of him while still I had a chance, this is rare opportunity to take a picture of while his sleeping. My friends wants to see his beautiful sleeping face you know. They loves him." Natasha said. She silently taking picture of Dawn as he was still sleeping.   "Tch-- you don't give up do you?" Yami asked.   "Heheh-- I just want them to see what's he has. He has gorgeous face, slim body, white and smooth skin. He's perfect. He has potential. You too, Yami. So let me take a picture of you too. They will love it." Natasha explain while taking a picture of Yami too. Yami shook his head then continue arranging the books to thier bookshelf.   "
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5.0 Author's Note
 Hello guys! How are you today? I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. I'm here as your BL writer. I still have much to learn as an writer. I hope you guys like my story. This my first being here. I hope you guy's are support me until the end.   Before anything else, let me give you a hint. I'm writing differently from others. I'm still learning tho and I write my novel the way I love to.   [ ]- when this symbol appears it means the first person thinking or talking himself alone.   ' ' - when something is important that have to show or to tell. It's more on like specific.   " "- this is for conversation, everyone use it as it.   ( )- It's me the author speaking.   My first story tittle " Love me. Like you always do. " It's about gay things. If you are not into BL/Gay things my story is not for you. It's on-going so you can catch up.  
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5. David Past: Dawn's Drunk
[Advisory: The following chapter contain congress contain that is not suitable for 16+. Make sure that your age reach the criteria (18+). Read this at your own risk]   ***   3 days later, the holiday was done. They are all back in the company to do their works. Yami was sent into the photo's shoot arrangements in Lance company. He decide to go since Dawn and David just made up, so he wanted to give them time together.    While David and Dawn are still making a progress. Specially David who's been waiting for this moment. But Dawn seemed like not ready for it. Everything was blur for him. Dawn Feel like this is supposed to be NOT happening right now, but it's just happen.   "You put me on so much schedule meeting again, Mr. Lewis. Aren't you avoiding me lately?" David asked Dawn while he arranging the previous document on the document cabinet on David office. Dawn face David and gives him innocen
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6. His Secret Revealed
Dawn woke up because he felt something heavy in hus arm. He slowly opened his eyes. He notice that he is in his own room. His head hurt a bit because of hung over.  He looked at the handsome man next to him. His eyes widened when he saw David lying next to him and he was sound asleep.  He was devastated as he remembered what happened between then last night and what he had done to David.  "Why are you quiet?" David asked him that make him silent. David was awake. "Y-You're awake?" He asked David.  His cheeks flushed as he saw David's lips draw small smiles. David hugged him and kissed him on the forehead.  "David, what time is it?" He was embarrassed to ask David. Because he could feel him underneath the blanket that he's actually hard.  [Psychological reaction] Dawn sa
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7. Home
Dawn fell asleep on the trip. David did not want to wake his up. While they were on their way to the airport Yami suddenly asked. "Where do you plan to go when we get there?" He asked "At our home. Maybe, its time to get him back there." David said softly, as he looked at Dawn who was sound asleep and lying on his lap. Yami looked at them in the second seat and saw his friend Dawn sleeping soundly. "That's fine. I don't want to get him hurt when we're there." said Yami. Lance noticed that Yami looked at Dawn strangely. Very deep look, far from relationship or what. But it seems to have a deep meaning. But Lance couldn't say what it was. "Come to think of it. Yami, why are you helping Dawn this much." Lance asked "Except he's my only friend. I also have other reasons why I'm doing this." Yami replied. 
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8. Official
 It's been three days since they came back. David always busy as well as Lance. While Dawn and Yami spending their life in home. While Yami and Dawn Watching movie together. Yami feel bored. He's not used to this kind of resting. Their tops leaving them in house witout working and they can't leave home for security purposes. Dawn setting on the couch and Yami leaning on his lap while his eyes on the flat screen. "This is fucking sick. Amp!" Yami "Who's fault is that? If you didn't agree in the first place. We can't be in this situation." Dawn said while teasing him. "Look...I already said sorry. Why are you bringing it that back?" "I'm telling to stop complaining." "Ugh...If I were knew that I lost my job because of this I won't agree. That damn freak said he will bring me with him in the company to work!" <
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9. Dawn Lewis and Polly Stanley Madrigall
Dawn and David are finally official couple again. They agreed to clear everything and face the truth together. Yami is hapoy for his friend Dawn that finally he can see his real smile and hw knows that Dawn is happy with David. While Yami and Lance have fixed their misunderstanding and Yami agreed to be with Lance through happiness and sadness even they meet in short of time, he knows that he can lived his life to Lance. Now everything is fine with the two of them. David and Dawn were also happy for them because Lance and Yami finally became lovers too. Dawn feel happy that Yami take his advice as well as Lance. Meanwhile, Yami and Dawn are currently preparing because today is the engagement party they will attend. The party will happen tonight. Lance and David left early in the morning because they said they were just going to fix something with the company. "Why did
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