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Chapter 10
     Lu's office looks spacious and neatly arranged, it almost seems like it had never been used if not for the ash plate in the middle of the large round table. The books were neatly arranged on its shelves and the pens were in a portable customized mug.   The mug has his face with blue eyes and his name written across his face in ancient roman writing.   It almost looks like the room was divided into three parts. One for books, the other for files while the last for devices.   The gadgets were also arranged at the other side of the room which is the left. A huge television, almost as huge as the size of the wall hung a few inches below the ground and a few inches below the ceiling. His computer and laptop sat next to each other on the same table, beside it was three android phones.    The middle of the room seems to be the most important part. Ju
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Chapter 11
   It's been two whole days since Lu set his eyes on Alita. He couldn't get to see her since his small talk with Rocco and he still doesn't want to accept the fact that he feels something for her. Maybe not normal but he felt soft or had been feeling soft since he set his eyes on her again.    The night Ricardo was shot still seems fresh and it freaks him up. Not just he didn't give one of his men time to talk again before he kill, but because the death of the man brought back the connection of his very first kill.   The day he pulled the trigger and initially killed for the first time seems to be a day he will never forget the feeling. Although he had killed so many people, both his men that snitched, ladies that had been sent to kill him but fail, fathers, mothers, sold children, even babies, and didn't feel bad or hurt about it.   Ever since his father died in an operati
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Chapter 12
    Alita rolled, smiled in her sleep, and stretched. The bed felt comfortable than yesterday and she thought she might have gotten used to it so fast that it almost felt like she shouldn't wake up.   "I think Lu might want to get a new bed if you continue to roll like that"   She scream, she jumped off the bed as she set eyes on Rocco who had a bored expression on his face. He offered her a toothbrush and paste on it and walked to the other side of the large room.   "Your breath smells like hell!" He said.   Embarrassment filled her veins, Alita took the brush without saying anything and rushed to the bathroom room. She brushed her mouth so hard that it felt like it would peel off if she continued.   On coming out, she used the clothes she was putting on to clean her face and walked back to the bed.    "You can keep the cloth" Rocco smiled "Lu would not want t
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Chapter 13
      Three days have past and Alita has not set her green eyes on Lu, Rocco did make sure to come three times a day bringing her food and telling her things that would make her laugh. She was not allowed to peep out the room much more stepping out.   It was even on that day that she found out how big the room his, His bed could contain seven of her without complaint. The wardrobe look bigger than her kitchen same as a smaller cabinet to it, it felt like it lead to another room where a person can call the 'Island of designers wears'.  The washrooms looked like they had never been used. The bathtub and the closest seat feel so comfortable that she falls asleep each time she goes to poop or bath. The middle of the room feels like the sitting room where two long soft couches faced each other. A big flat TV was placed in front as if watching over the couches.   No single picture
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Chapter 14
*CHAPTER 14*       The long table was filled with Lu's men as they have breakfast. Different types of food filled the table but Gio choose to remain with his mac and cheese, he also asked for an apple which he placed close to him to eat later.    It had been like that since he arrived and starts eating with them on the big table as they had called it, only once had he seen Lu eat with them and that day was super interesting and he wish for that day to happen again.    Each meal, they must yell and say bad words but he never gets to complain, Gio would make sure to finish his food and leave them so he could go stay with his sister and play with Rocco afterward.    He got angry as Cage hit him to get back to Rocco who had snatched the salt and refused to give it back to him. As Alita had always taught him to ignore irrelevant things, he decided to ignore but immediately his spoon touch his lips, something
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Chapter 15
     Felicia enters the room to see Alita still in bed, she was surprised to Lu glared at Alita sleeping like a child that has no bills to make. Her two legs spread horizontally with each foot toes touching each side of the bed. Her black hair cover her face and half side of her pillow, the pink pajama trousers she wore looked oversize as half part of her lingerie pants and butt were showing. Her bareback had nothing but the tiny ropes that held the small fabrics to her chest covering her breast.   "Who gave her my pajamas?" Lu's rusty voice whispered.   "I don't know" Felicia whispered back, paused then looked at her boss who had a smirk on his face "Where are you whispering sir?" She asked also in a whisper.   Lu just looked at her, he brought out his phone and took pictures of her. He glared at Felicia who was still trying to take a peep at his phone.   "You want your face here too?" He h
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Chapter 16
    "Lu had refused to say what we what to do or how to attack" the person began again "he just asked up to follow his right hand, Rocco's order, and do whatever he asked us to do"  The person went silent for a while again then continued, this time quieter, Alita had to strain her ears to barely hear the whispers.     "He said he will arrive by 6:30 with his new toy. Don't worry about her, Lu hates her so much, he just wants to keep her as collateral damage"   Alita froze, her lungs seems too cold to breathe as her heart pound faster as if it would explode. She needs to get to Rocco fast but who would she say she saw or what his name is, the only thing she noticed is that he has a tattoo at the back of his palm, in-between his thumb and index finger.    A familiar tattoo but with the hint of something extra, it looks like two doves glued together but in different colors.   
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Chapter 17
His gaze locked with hers as he dipped his Index finger into the opening of her breast. He noticed her tense and he smirked.     "Just be a good girl and you will see Gio again," he said.    He held the chain connecting to the choker around her neck and pulled her. His face remain mute, with no sign of emotion as he pulled her again and wrapped his fingers at the back of her hair, without warning, he smashed his lips with hers, devouring it in a brutal kiss.     He held both of her hands in one palm and her neck with the other, still assaulting her lips in a rough kiss. No matter her protest cries and struggling, Lu makes sure not to give her a single breathing space.    He finally released her to see almost all of her lipstick gone, her lips swollen and she looked sad. She refused to look at his face even when he held her face up, she still get to close her eyes breathing heavily like she was finding it difficu
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Chapter 18
  Zeno lean back, he dropped the cup, and clenched his fist, trying to contain his anger.    "Have you all come to do something other than the celebration of my daughter?" He asked.   Alita trembled, she looked at Lu who had his eyes glued to the cup Zeno dropped. She couldn't read minds but with the look on Lu's face, he was trying to consider giving Alita the drink or not.    She pulled close to his sleeves and held his right hand, tears filled her eyes as she blinked once to let them flow freely, burying her head in his arm. She felt someone's hand on her head and she flinched, she didn't want to move for the fear of what the person might do to her so she stay still.   Zeno couldn't contain his suspense, his stare locked in Lu's palm on Alita's head and she seems to calm to his touch. He filled his glass and wait to see what Lu would do.   "You promised to be a good girl," Lu said,
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Chapter 19
    He turned, his expression as confused as that of his men who all stood confused, not knowing where the man had gone. The noise of a car starting drew their attention to where Lu suddenly drove off.   "Fucking son of a bitch" Zeno said between clenched teeth.     Lu couldn't contain his surprise any longer that as soon as they stopped to switch cars. He threw Alita into the back seat as he took the driver's seat, asking Stefano and Luca to continue with him.   His driving was rough as he kept making Alita bump her head due to his rough driving. A van pulled over in front of him and he switched again, walking fast with Alita over his shoulder. Ugo took over the car and speed off before The van could start again.    "What happened to her?" Rocco asked, his gaze homes on Alita's face as she looked almost dead. He touched her face and flinched
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