60 chapters
1:Saved by the Enemy
LUNA   I was freezing as I lay on the ground, naked and alone in the woods of the Lycans. All that kept ringing in my head were my father's cold words, his words were even colder than ice.  " Get out from my sight! I never want to see you again you half-Lycan!" He had barked at me last night.  I never meant to get caught, I had hidden my wolf side from the world just as my father ordered but no matter how much I hid it, he still hated me. However, I never thought my father could hate me enough to have me beaten almost to death and thrown into the territory of the wolves when all my life I had lived as a Siege - just like him. As I lay on the cold, moist ground I could feel my heartbeat slowing down and I knew that my end was near. I couldn't heal as fast as a pure-blooded wolf so a wound or beating as brutal as the one father gave me was enough to kill me. I took one last breath of the air and that was the last thing I remember.
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2: "Why do you always do that?"
LUNA   “ Just jump Emerald, it can’t be too hard!” Nora was yelling at the top of her lungs from the lake as she and the rest of my team watched me fidgeting on the cliff. I was afraid of heights and I couldn’t just ignore the strange voice in my head that kept saying I would fall and die. I tried to push myself forward before I would dive into the lake.  I looked at my teammates in the lake, all seven of them kept yelling my name and that was when I gave up, “ that’s it, I don’t care about dignity. I’m not doing this!” I said and ran away from the cliff. “ Are you mad? Turn around right now!” I heard my wolf say but I ignored her and kept running. However, my wolf was stubborn -  she turned me around and made me run towards the end of the cliff at a speed I had never seen before, I screamed as I fell from the top of the cliff while she took control and I flipped seven times before I fell into the
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3; The woods
  Luna   Dracah's eyes were flaming red as he glared at me, I knew better than to simp for him at a time like this so I looked away from him. " I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to stare,” I said, then someone tapped me gently making me have a brief blackout.   “ Are you okay? You were mumbling something weird,” Nora said to me and I looked around, Dracah was seated with his friends on their table and they seemed really invested in whatever they were talking about. His eyes briefly met mine but I looked away.     “ So, Dracah didn’t talk to any...of us?” I asked and she scoffed.     “ Of course not, he just walked past us, ignored our giggles, and called his sweetheart Yvonne to sit with him. I don’t know what he sees in her.”  Nora said as we all settled down.     “ Wow, our Luna is really beautiful!” Reyona sa
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4; The demon child
Luna   “ The end of the demon child starts with us all!We shall train, put our emotions aside and break our bones if we must! Because she whose destiny is to bring us wolves to ruin must be destroyed. We are the end of the demon child!”    This was our daily chant before any training regardless of your rank in the pack. I’ve never understood why we recited this rubbish every morning before training but the wolves strongly believe there is a demon child from Sigard whose destiny is to kill them all.    That to me was absurd. I never trained telling myself that I would someday be able to kill this so-called demon child, it was a myth - I mean I lived there and there was no demon baby or whatever! I couldn't believe they were training to kill a child. Rather than obsess over a lie, I trained because I wanted to desperately prove to myself that I wasn’t as useless as my father thought
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5; Sit with me
  Dracah    “ she’s my mate!” I declared and everyone kept quiet. I knew they couldn’t believe it and neither did I. This girl is someone I didn’t even know existed until when she joined the betas and what’s more suspicious is her scent. It’s different, irresistible, it’s something inexplicable – and when I kissed her, no words could describe how light-headed I felt after.  I may not know her well but I sure as hell won’t let anyone touch her. I’ll keep her at the Trojan quarters until the next full moon when we will all turn for the first time – if she really is my Luna then it would be revealed that night. Until then I won’t accept her, declaring her as my mate is good enough. I need to be careful about her. “ Are you sure Dracah, that’s a very huge declaration you’re making?.” My mother was saying as she picked up some herbs one after the other in the woods.  “ Mother, did you call me here because of this? I
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6; A Sigardian in our midst
Luna   We sat there quietly and watched the Omegas train from across the lake. He said not a word to me and neither did I. I mean, what could I say? I never spoke to him well before in my life yet I always had the biggest crush on him – a crush I buried deep because I knew I should be wary of him.   Our first conversation was that night in the woods when he suddenly kissed me. I flustered when I thought about how it felt like to be kissed by Dracah and then the longest conversation we had was when we fought today. But deep down, I doubted Dracah was right about me being his mate because I was an enemy.  “ What are you thinking about?!” he asked, startling me. “ I was just…thinking about us,” I admitted.  “ Us?” he asked softly and I looked at him in surprise. “ Why do you always do that? You always look surprised at literally everything I do.” He said. “ I – it’s just that I’ve never actually he
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7; Terrified by his wolf
Luna I could barely breathe as I watched Keiran’s eyes dart from me and then to the ground as he said, “ there’s a Sigardian in our midst.”  Dracah looked at me and I almost started begging but Rue stopped me, “ it may not be you” she said but I found that so hard to believe.  “ Emerald your boobs are umm…” Keiran was trying to say but the look Dracah gave him to shut him up. Dracah looked at me and I gave him a questioning look when he bit his lip to keep him from laughing and pointed at my chest.  I almost died of embarrassment when I saw that one of my breasts was literally sticking out of my bra and it looked weird through my shirt.   " Oh my God!" I shrieked and turned around to adjust my bra but Dracah slid his hands through my top as he helped me out. I was scolding myself and wondering just how stupid and clumsy I was that I didn’t notice my bra mishap but when his hand touched my skin I forgot all about that a
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8; Potions class
Luna  He would kill me if he finds out what I am, that’s the only truth that exists about the two of us. I shifted uncomfortably as I watched the teacher mash several herbs in a small mortar.  “ This is how you make a quick remedy for brutal wounds,” Miss Doreen our potion instructor said as she motioned at the purple paste in the mortar. I gagged and almost puked because of how bad it smelled, but that didn’t go unnoticed by her. “ A true potential Luna,” she said and everyone stared at me.  “ What?” I asked and they looked at Miss Doreen since it was her statement that drew their attention to me in the first place. “ Well, a Luna wouldn’t need to make herbs out of leaves to heal any of her people because she has the gift of healing in her bloodstream.” She said with a smile but I was feeling very edgy.  “ I don’t exactly see what that has to do with me,” I said, folding my hands but Freya nudged me with her elbow
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9; The Experiment
Luna I paced up and down in the large room I was taken to. It was beautiful and warm, just how I liked it but it was boring. This was nothing different from prison because no one can come to see me until the full moon. The only persons allowed to come in here are the aids of the Alpha.  They came in earlier to give me soap and toiletries for my evening bath. They even gave me clothes and food, it was obvious that I was being treated like a Luna already and I wasn’t happy. I lay on the bed and my mind drifted to my stay in Sigard. I never was happy there either since I was ostracized by my sisters so badly that eighty percent of the population didn’t know that my father had a fifth daughter.  I remembered how my sisters would make me wear a veil over my face because they said I was too hideous to go around walking with my face killing people. The worst was when they said the ugliest thing about me was my hair, and that it was just as red as the b
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10; No longer welcome
Luna They kept me locked in the room till the next morning. I had no idea what they used to shut the door because  I couldn’t break the door and Rue wouldn’t help me either, if she wasn’t so stubborn I would’ve been able to jump out the window but my fear of heights was something I couldn’t overcome without Rue.  The loud clanking of whatever large padlock they had used in locking me in, woke me up from my sleep. I didn’t even realize that I slept! How could I have slept when Alan’s life was in danger?!  I would not be able to forgive myself if anything happened to Alan. I quickly sat up on my bed so that they would not think I slept even a bit last night.  Janelle walked in with the padlock in her hands and stared at me with judging eyes.  “ Dracah has summoned you to the Lycan square,”  she said and dumped the padlock on the floor. “ You fucked up Emerald, never has any heir apparent been this humiliated
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