51 Chapters
Chapter 01_MARIANA
Elsa walked out of the room looking as grumpy as usual. “Good Morning Mum, Dad” She said and sat down. “Good Morning Elsa” her father said while her mum rolled her eyes. It's not new, Elsa is used to being ignored by her mother. She sat down at the dinning room and waited for her elder sister Marina to get down. Her mum is never going to serve her food except her favorite daughter Marina is there. Elsa wondered why her mother always treat her so differently, despite her trying to be a good girl. She soon stopped when she sees her mother is never going to stop treating her like a piece of sh*t.  Her father is the same too, but not always. Sporadically, he treats her right, and every so often he treats her like she isn't a member of the family.  Elsa wondered why they'll birth her and then treat her like she was picked up from the gutter.
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Chapter 02_The Stranger
  Elsa sighed and led back on the chair, sipping her drink slowly.The place is full of people and there is a loud music playing. Elsa was already getting headache as she wasn't used to staying with such loud music.  She stood up and grab her purse. She thought of staying outside for a while to catch some fresh air. Furthermore, she walked outside and led on a parked car and just sip her drink, staring around and wondering how some girls will be dressed in just a bra and a pant. Do they even have a parent at home? Well, she's out of world? Everyone won't be like her.  “What can a beautiful princess be doing outside!” A voice said beside her, and next a hand on her face. She slowly slap the hand off her face and turned to stared at whoever it was. It was a man, in a white top and jeans. He's a little handsome,, but he looks like
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Chapter 03_ BARBIE DOLL
He was taller than her that Elsa feel herself look like a child in his arms. She drifted her eyes to his and almost got lost. He has a gray eyes that sprinkles like fire. The man cleared his throat and Elsa shifted back immediately, regaining herself. “H…hi” Elsa muttered adjoining her glasses. The man smile and Elsa almost drool but pushed herself not to. Deep down in her, she knows the man was doing something to her. He's playing with her mind and body. “Hey Barbie doll, I just want to give you a ride home?” The man said, and his voice was so deep. Where have I heard the voice before? Elsa pinched herself. “Don't hurt yourself” The man said and Elsa blinked. “Uhm… No, thanks, I can trek home” Elsa said and turned to leave.&nbs
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Chapter 04_Freddie
   Elsa sat still, in the rain. Not wanting to return to the house again. She doesn't know where to go. The thought of going to Alice's house came to her mind. She can stay there for the night. She sat up and made to walk, she was already drained by the rain.   "Barbie Doll...." She heard behind her and she turned immediately. And there... Stood the man , she doesn't even know.   "What are you doing.... Why are.... Are you stalking at me?" Elsa managed to say. She was already getting Cold and need to lay down. "You're cold. Let me drive you home?" The man said, ignoring her question.   "Home?" Elsa muttered, to her... There's no home. "My home" The man said and Elsa swallowed the lump in her throat. "Okay" She muttered. She know she's not supposed to b
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Chapter 05_Bully Family
 Elsa smiled when she looked at the stranger's cloth she was wearing. It was just a black top and it's actually big on her , but she could feel she's beautiful on it and she loved it.   She entered the kitchen and everything was neatly arranged. "He's sure a neat guy" Elsa smiled.She opened the fridge and brought out a can of yogurt and a cake,alongside some strawberries. She doesn't know when last she had ate them.  She placed them on the counter and sat, backing the door. First she gulp down half of yogurt and then the cake, that was when she realized how hungry she was. "What are you doing?" A voice said behind her and she almost screamed. It wasn't her saviour... The man without a name, This person. Is dressed in all black...    Elsa was fast enough to find the kitchen switch. She turned to full light on, and there he stood, Mr strange
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Chapter 06_Her nightmares
 Freddie is her ex. The one most hated Ex, Why does She have to say about him alot? How's it her fault that she got raped."   She waved the sad memories away and tried focusing on her Mr. Stranger. She felt bad she had left without informing him, Not like she had his number.   Elsa has left a note for him in his sitting room. She sighed, The short moment she had spent with him, to Elsa... Was Completly what she wanted and yearned for. ___ "Beep Beep Beep!" The alarm woke Elsa up.   She straightened her arms and turned off the alarm as she yawned. She didn't get up from the bed for the next 30 seconds. Elsa stood up after she felt she had gain some energy. She yawned and walked to the bathroom, she took out her brush and brushes her teeth before walking downstairs for breakfast.    
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Chapter 07_Carl
"Thank you so much Olivia" Elsa smiled as she collected the ice cream from her.  They were now walking to the restaurant. "Are you sure we should go there?" Elsa asked. "Shouldn't we just go home or somewhere else?"  "C'mon Elsa, it's been long I go out like this and I need to have a good food and drink, I heard the Russians restaurant is the best in town recently" Olivia said."I don't have any money with me" Elsa said plainly.   "You're kidding me huh?! I didn't remember asking you to pay" Olivia said and Elsa smiled. They both walked into the restaurant but have to stop when they noticed a fight inside the restaurant, A man was beating one of the waiter and the people in the restaurant and other waiters didn't seem to be doing anything about it.   "What's happening?" Elsa whispered."I don't know, Maybe we should leave this place" Oliv
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Chapter 08_Radon
   "How's Freddie?" Carl asked as he took his glass of wine. "I don't know" Elsa said.  Why does everyone keep talking about him? Can't they just see how the name alone destroys her? Carl walk to her and pecked her cheeks, Elsa swallowed.   "You're cute" He smirked and starts walking back to Marina's room, who's probably still sleeping . Elsa sighed as she watched him disappear. She carried her almost cold pasta and her juice and walked to her room.   She should eat and hurry to school already , and she prays she doesn't meet Carl here when she's back. __   "Good Morning Best friend!" Olivia giggled and circled her arms over Elsa's shoulder. "I didn't see you in the morning when I entered the classroom then I guess you will be having morning lecture" Elsa smiled and patted
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Chapter 09_Fire works
"No. Stop it! Please let me go, Please!" Elsa shouted from her sleep before opening her eyes. She was sweating and she's so scared now.   Elsa stared at the room and the room seems familiar to her, her backpack was beside her as well her phone. She grabbed her phone and stared at the screen, she has two missed calls from Marina and five from Olivia. There's no Freddie's. Elsa sighed and called Marina back but she wasn't picking, she dropped the call and called Olivia. "Hey" Elsa said and was surprised at how low her voice had become. She was still weak from the incident and it has always happen.   Elsa sighed as tears stormed down her cheeks, she wondered how long this was going to last. How long is she going to continue like this? She hates to remind herself of how weak she is, she's different... She's just too weak for her owe liking. "Elsa? Have you been crying? Did Marina did something,
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Chapter 10_Bullied
    "Wow , This is so beautiful" Elsa wowed as they watch the fireworks. "You don't seem to like fireworks, do you?" Elsa asked and stared at Radon who shaked his head negatively.   "I think it's for kids" He laughs. "Really? Does that make me a kid now? Since I like fireworks"   "Yes. But my kid" He replied and played with her cheeks, Elsa smiled and turned to admire the fire work again. "I used to watch it with my father when I was little" She muttered sadly and Radon just couldn't keep his gaze from going up and down her body. He badly wanted her, he want her so bad.     "Then what happened? Why did you stop if you like it so much" Radon asked her. Elsa gave her a sad smile and cuddles her legs. "I never got the chance to continue" She muttered. 
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