101 Chapters
 Annabelle's POV The music is loud, and girls are swaying their hips to the sounds. The atmosphere of the clubhouse is a mixture of happiness, freedom, excitement, and tension....sexual tension.  Everyone seems to be happy except me. I want to be drunk in my sorrows. I can see my best friend watching in pity.  "I hate him, Pam. I hate him", I cry as I gulp down the remaining content of the alcohol. "Babe, let it go already. Let's enjoy this night", she places her hand on my shoulder to pacify me but I am inconsolable.  Tears are already streaming down my eyes. Pamela sighs when she sees my tears. I know she is already tired of te
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 Aidan's POV The elevator dings open and I move out of the elevator with my secretary trailing behind him. My phone is glued to my ears and my mouth is moving. I am on a call with a client.  I am not just the CEO of Salespush Textile Ltd but also one of the youngest billionaires in America. I own chains of businesses all over New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas, and even in China. I am the only heir to my father who is also a billionaire. "We will meet next week, Mr. Alexander. I'll ask my secretary to book the appointment." I finalize as I keep walking towards my office. "Alright, thank you", I utter and disconnect the call, after hearing what the person on the other side said to me.  It is just 11 am and I have attended two business meetings of the meetings was within the company and the other was outside the company. I am just coming back with
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 Anna's POV "Will you be my date tonight, Anna?" Tony questions me. I blink at him severally with different thoughts running through my mind. I am still trying to get over my ex-boyfriend. I didn't wish to see him ever since he broke up with me and I haven't seen him. Now, I wish to see him, even if it is just once so I can ask him to give me a genuine reason for breaking up with me.  I gave him all I had, my heart, body, and soul. I loved him wholeheartedly but all he did was break my heart into shreds. I am still trying to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and trying to fix them back in their position. I am hoping that one day, it will heal. Hearing Tony asking me out on a date is bringing back the pain. It's been three months since Cameron broke up with me but it still feels like a day since it happened. This is because the hurt is still fresh in my heart.  
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 Anna's POV "Who the hell did you have sex with, Anna?" My mother yells at me the moment we enter the house. Pamela dropped us off at home after the silence that ensued immediately after the doctor announced the news. The silence lingered till we got home. I bite my lower lip in silence. I am filled with regrets. I don't know what to say to my mother. How can I be pregnant for three months won't even knowing? I ask myself. I know my mother is highly disappointed in me. "Aren't you going to answer me, you loose girl?" "Mom, I'm not loose." I retort in anger. "Why the hell will you call me a loose girl when you don't even know how I got pregnant?" "Then talk. Your silence is killing me. How will you cope with this shit and your academics? Is this how I trained you up? Why the hell do you like tormenting me?" "Mom......" "Don't
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 Anna's POV I wake up the next morning and rush to take my bath. I have an 8:00 am class. It is already 7:30 a.m by the time I am out of the bathroom.  I get a hold of the first piece of clothing my hand came in contact with from my closet and wear it. I don't have time to make up so I dash out of my room, hoping to get a cab on time. I see a tray of food right outside the door. I smile. I know it is my mother's handwork. I picked it up and realize she dropped it there the night before. I take it to the kitchen before walking to the living room. I don't have the intention of bidding her goodbye, I am still a bit angry with her. When I get to the living room, I see her talking with Pamela. They are whispering. They stop when they notice my presence. Pam bade my mother goodbye and we go out of the house. "What's with you and your mother?" She asks as we get to the
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Tessa's POV   Sex with Aidan is always amazing, I can't get enough of him. It is a week now since we had sex in his office and I am anticipating more of that office romance.    I grin to myself as I drive into the company. I have my plans and I am working towards them. If my plans work, Aidan will be mine forever. This is my dream.   I am dressed in a brown straight skirt with a white blouse. My stiletto heels are black and my handbag is light brown, matching my skirt. I walk in elegantly after parking my car in the driveway. I know Aidan will be in, he is a workaholic.   The night Aidan and I met, we didn't know each other bu
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Aidan's POV I watched the drama between my father and Tessa.  How did they know each other? Am I banging one of my father's slut? I ask myself. Tessa is barely looking him in the face, she seems to have a lot of regard for him and I am curious to know what is between them. I have been looking for ways to get rid of her and getting to know her relationship with my father might make it easier, I thought to myself. "A fine girl you've got yourself, I never knew you've started dating again", father says as he takes a seat after Tessa is out of the office. I keep a straight face, wondering why he i
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Anna's POV I am getting dressed to go to school and remembering the conversation I had with my mom yesterday.  Even though I am not ok with her suggestions, I will have to do it. She is my mother and she is struggling to make ends meet. I wear ripped blue jeans, a white shirt, a brown duster jacket with grey sneakers.  I look in the mirror to check out my face and appearance after dressing up, I need to make up. I apply a little make-up to my face before going out of my room. I bade mom goodbye and get out of the house to flag down a cab. I am lucky to get a cab on time. A few minutes later, the cab pulled over in front of the campus. I alight from the cab, pay, and walk-in. I have the intention of talking to Pamela today. I am ready to talk to her about the pregnancy and my decision. Pamela is a good friend indeed and she understands my silence. Sh
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 Annabelle's POV I am relieved the words are out, so I release a deep breath. I didn't even realize I have been holding in my breath. Pam is silent much to my surprise. I am thinking she will exclaim, "what the hell!" or ask if I am stupid to think of such. But she isn't saying anything. I open my eyes slowly and turn to look at her. She is just watching me, with her face devoid of expression. I don't know what she is thinking and if she is in support. I lean my head down, waiting for something to come out of her mouth. Pamela has always been the mature one between us and I always runs to her for advice. She is next in line to my mom and I love her. "You want to abort the baby?" She demands.  "Yes", I answer sharply. "Why?" Her voice is low. I shrug. "Mom and I talked last night and we........"<
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Anna's POV   I stare at his retreating figure before shifting my gaze to Pamela who is silently looking at me.    I move back to where we were seated and bury my head in my palms. I don't know why I am feeling this way towards Tony but I am damn hurt by the disgusted look on his face. He is making me feel cheap and worthless.   "Anna", Pamela is back beside me. She touches my shoulder, waiting for me to raise my head. She thinks I am crying but I am not.    I want to cry but no tears are coming. I am tired of crying. I am tired of all the problems showcasing its ugly face. I am fed up with everything. I feel like ending everything. Just a single mistake of mine is bringing me nothing but shame.   "Anna?" She calls again.   "Did you see the way he looked at me?" I lift my head to ask her.   "It doesn't matter", she shakes her hea
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