57 Chapters
Act 1: Queen's Rook - Chapter 10
Sienna/“I hope one day… you’ll love me as much… as you love Dante’s ghost….”/These words echo in my mind as I approach my villa, and the guilt gnaws away at my insides. I don’t know how I am going to make this up to Christian, but I think he deserves a lot more than just one kiss after two years of courting.I don’t see Dario and Serena’s cars outside the villa; however, I do see Nico standing by his car and watching the driveway. He kills the cigarette in his hand when he sees me and waves at me before walking over.“Hey, Nico,” I greet him as I get out. He sees the blood on my dress and frowns.“What the fuck happened? Are you okay?” He asks. I don’t have time for fake concern, so I nod and continue on my way.Nico runs up behind me and pulls me by the wrist. “There’s something you should know about Drakos,&r
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Act 2: Maróczy Bind - Chapter 1
SiennaWith four men at my side, I enter the hospital to check on Christian. Last night I had made up my mind to allow him to pursue me and give in to his advances to get what I want. I never had to resort to this in ten years, and I used to pride myself on it, but things have changed.My family is in danger, and at this point, I will do anything to protect them.The bodyguards were still stationed outside Christian’s room when I approached, but they stopped me as I moved to open the door. “Sorry, orders from Madam Cirillo to not allow anyone inside until she’s come out,” he tells me with the twang of a Russian accent.I frown but nod at this anyway and walk towards the chairs opposite the room. So Marla is here, then - great. As if I’m in the mood to deal with her arrogance right now, especially after her nephew took a bullet for me.Half an hour later, the door opens, and she walks out - tall, model-
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Act 2: Maróczy Bind - Chapter 2
Sienna “I promise I’m fine, Sienna; there’s absolutely no reason to worry about me.” Christian has been complaining non-stop since we left the hospital. Apparently, I’m being too soft with him, like he didn’t just take a bullet that miraculously missed his vital organs. “I’ll stop worrying when you’re not clutching your side whenever you sit down. Now shut up and let me tend to you,” I say while adjusting the pillow behind him. He’s currently recovering in my villa; Marla okayed it with me and told him he needs to take it easy until the threat has been diffused. You try telling that to a hardened mafia leader. It’s been three days since Christian was released from the hospital, and I’m finding that I don’t even have to pretend with my affection for him. I do fear that if we had to kiss again, it would lead to something else, so I’m keeping him sort of at arm’s length for now. He looks at me with a soft smile playing on his lips. “You’re spoiling me; I don’t want to get used to th
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Act 2: Maróczy Bind - Chapter 3
Sienna The cold chills me to the bone as I walk along the pier. I know that I needed to be seen out and about without the aid of Serena or Dario because, as far as Allessio knows, they got taken out in the car crash. I have this working for me, as well as Christian’s connections and a possible accord with Arman Kuznetsov. If I play this right, I will be a few moves ahead of Allessio and could win this game with my eyes closed. But I can’t celebrate just yet; there’s still much to do. My cell phone rings, shaking me out of my reverie, and when I look down at the caller ID, I already know what to expect. “Sienna,” Christian’s low, calm voice comes through and momentarily stuns me. I expected a shouting match or even a demand to come back, but not this. “Christian. Are you feeling better after your rest?” I ask, trying not to give away how his voice unnerved me. “Hmm,” he says, “I made my way to your room to find out if you would like to have afternoon tea with me, only to find ou
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Act 2: Maróczy Bind - Chapter 4
Sienna “New York? You’re going back to New York after all this time? Why??” Christian asks me when I eventually start telling him of my plans. We are seated next to one another on a plush L-shaped couch in the sunroom. I shrug. “I need all the allies I can get right now, Christian and my allies in New York are as important to me as the ones here. I cannot pass on this opportunity.” I say as I take a sip of my sweet tea. Christian looks as if he wants to add something else, but he simply sighs and looks at me, exasperated. “If you feel that it is necessary, then I will not stop you. But any sign of danger, any at all, you need to call me and let me know.” He says and reaches over to take my hand while giving me a strained smile. I still don’t understand why he feels so strongly about me when it feels like Dante has completely ruined me for other men. “Christian,” I start, “What exactly is it about me that attracts you? Clearly, I still have a lot of personal issues I am dealing wi
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Act 2: Maróczy Bind - Chapter 5
Sienna Serena looks at me dumbfounded as I told her of my tryst with Christian yesterday. Then she chuckles and crosses her legs. “Damn, sounds like you had a good time. You’re even glowing.” She jests, wriggling her eyebrows at me. We are currently using Christian’s private jet and on our way to New York. I slap her knee and feel my face redden. “Hey, I needed that yesterday, and I won’t feel guilty about putting my needs first for a change,” I say, deciding not to tell her that I am not feeling guilty at all. On the contrary, I feel empowered. “Hmm, I don’t want you to feel guilty, Sienna. You deserve happiness again, and if that lies with Christian, I want you to know that you have my full support. Ten years is a long time to mourn someone.” She says, then gets up and walks towards the wine decanter. I look at the woman whom I deemed my sister and smile; her approval means the world to me. But looking at her also makes me miss Sylvana; we haven't been able to track her down at
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Act 3: Queen's Gambit - Chapter 1
Sienna The estate is as beautiful as my own back home, but I decide not to dwell on pleasantries right now. I have an ally to face, and I hope to God he will still keep true to his promise. He’s expecting me, this I know by the Bratva warriors leading Serena and me inside, but I can’t help this uneasy feeling gripping my heart. I’ve never met this man before, but I have heard of his infamy. This family has suffered betrayal, but then again, don’t all mafia families? A warrior opens the door leading to his study, and as soon as I lay my eyes on the old Pakhan, I know that my accord with his still stands. He gets up from his office chair and walks around to greet me, his clouded blue eyes twinkling with curiosity. “Sienna,” Aleks Kuznetsov says with a smile, gripping my shoulder with his hands. “You are as lovely as ever. How have you been?” I offer him a smile. “Thank you, Aleks, I’ve been as well as can be expected, I suppose,” I say as he leads us over to his desk. “I suppose yo
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Act 3: Queen's Gambit - Chapter 2
Sienna Ever since my encounter with Arman, I have felt somewhat empowered. This is why I’m currently walking to Nico’s place by myself and with no weapon. This man used to be as close to me as my own brother, so why am I allowing jealousy to break us apart? After three knocks, he opens the front door and looks surprised to see me. “Sienna? To what do I owe the pleasure?” He says, stepping aside to let me enter. I shrug. “I decided to come to speak with you about something important, with no weapon or entourage,” I say and watch as his eyes widen at my words. “Okay? But I don’t understand why you think you would need a weapon to face me. We’re family, aren’t we?” He asks, leading me into his living room. I nod, then take a seat opposite him on the leather couch. “We are family, yes. We’re supposed to be closer than we are, but lately, it seems as if you would rather have me out of the equation.” I say, watching him and gauging his reaction to my words. Nico blinks, then lets ou
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Act 3: Queen's Gambit - Chapter 3
SiennaI get up, and Christian crosses the distance between us, taking me roughly into his arms and surprising me with a kiss. I don’t think I’ll get used to his kisses; they leave me breathless and wanting more.“Hmm, hello beautiful,” he purrs, placing light kisses on my neck that sends shivers up my spine.“You’re… you’re leaving?” I say while trying to catch my breath, feeling his day-old stubble scraping against my skin and letting out an involuntary groan.He chuckles, then looks at me. “Yes, unfortunately. My aunt has called for me, and the way she spoke made it sound like I might be gone for a while.” I don’t know why, but when he says this, my heart plummets. “You think? How come?” I ask.Christian lets out a sigh and gives me a wan smile. “I can’t speak about it; family business.” He says, looking disappoint
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Act 3: Queen's Gambit - Chapter 4
SiennaChristian pulls me into his arms after our passionate tryst and sighs. “I hope I’ve measured up to your expectations.” He says.I chuckle at this, cuddling closer to him. “I think you’ve more than measured up, Christian. I’ll be lucky if I walk tomorrow after you still weren’t satisfied after the second time around.”Three times. We went at it three times, and truth be told, I felt exhausted right now. But there were people downstairs, and they were waiting on us.“I’m not going to apologise. Besides, my back will attest to you needing it as badly as I did; how will I walk without a shirt now?” He says.God, and I just had my nails done too.I shake my head and sit up. “We need to go downstairs, but since we stink of sex, we should probably shower first. And before you even think of it, you’re doing it in your own bedroom; I don’t trus
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