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Werewolf Lore of this Book
Hi all!It's the author's first attempt with CEO and werewolf novels. I originally posted this with my side account but it was not approved so I'm moving this to my main account.Nevertheless, please show me lots of love, support and kindness for the book! Here is Cloudy Burger's very own Werewolf Menu!#1 Alpha Supreme*Our #1 top-selling werewolf that women and men cannot help but love! Muscular, juicy, full of sugar, spice and everything nice. *For customers allergic to realistic working and single dads who are just continuously tired because they work too hard, please look for a different restaurant. Cloudy Burger is unable to customise this dish.#2 Beta BologneseRead more
The Unmarried CEO with Kids
“Good evening, Mr Taleman!”“Good evening, Mr Beowulf.”“Are you heading home right away again, Mr Taleman?”Smiling politely, the busy CEO nodded and waved to his employees. It might seem unusual for employees to treat their boss so endearingly. However, there was a good reason for that at the Taleman empire.Almost three years ago, the young and eligible CEO who was once like an ice pillar started to break rapidly before their eyes. Nobody knew why their capable boss started making basic mistakes or had to run home in the middle of the day at times. There was a point that Taleman couldn’t turn up at the office for weeks on end, and he wasn’t on a business trip. His capable secretary, Favian Beowulf, handled most of the co
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Three Little Pups
Despite an uneventful journey back after changing cars and clothes at the side house in the suburb, Favian and Richard found themselves craving boring silence instead. There might not be any internet access or reception on the way back from the side house to the main mansion, but at least there weren’t any screaming pups that caused migraines to deal with.Putting on his best alpha face, Richard got out of the car and frowned at the two troublemakers rolling around in the front yard with tails, ears and claws exposed. The youngest of the litter and most meek pup, Oliver, was nowhere to be seen.Favian brought all the gifts they received at work inside while Richard walked over to his useless Fenrir ancestor wolf in human form, cheering for more biting action in the brawl.“That’s right! Don’t
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Bubble Bath Blunder
After dinner that ended with slightly fewer casualties than usual, Richard left Favian alone to clean the mess up. They didn’t have a housekeeper to assist with chores like that, so it was up to the two overworked men to keep the mansion together.In charge of bathtime, Richard decided to reward his pups with a little special surprise that came with one of the gifts his employees pushed into his arms earlier that evening. He often heard of human children enjoying the bubble bath experience with yellow rubber duck toys and inflatable boats. Living in the Blue Moon Mansion meant that his pups never had the opportunity to explore such luxuries. The werewolves were very careful not to subscribe to anything like streaming services or the internet in the main house to prevent negative influence and stereotypes about humans. Ambrose had all the amenities i
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ABCs for Werepups
Darren and Ludwig bathed quickly, and Favian let Richard take his time with Oliver. The two pups were dressed in their pyjamas and ready for their nightly tutoring session with Favian before going to bed.As a beta werewolf, Favian never thought he would be doing omega duties. In a regular pack, the alpha was in charge of leading hunts. The beta was in charge of watching the alpha’s rear while the deltas split their chores between protecting the den and hunting with the alpha. It was usually the omega’s task to nurture the pups back home.At work, Favian Beowulf was known as the demonic secretary who turned any unfavourable situation into a favourable one using unspeakable methods. He was the bad cop in the company who supported the angelic CEO Taleman that many admired. In reality, it wasn’t that far-fetched. Although Favian did not have a po
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Too Much Testosterone
Business continued as usual, each day becoming busier as the official launch for Taleman’s eastern Europe venture. The number of meetings packed his schedule, and Richard didn’t know how many people he had to meet. The cheek muscles were aching badly from smiling for prolonged periods.The two men found it harder to juggle work and private lives with the full moon approaching. Darren, who was normally not as active as Ludwig, was more feral while Ludwig’s activeness shot through the roof. Not even the thought of increased homework or grounding can stop him from climbing the walls and snarling. The two boys kept fighting over little things and sometimes nothing at all. Yet, they couldn’t blame the pups for behaving in such a manner.The full moon was when shifters were the closest to the origin energy. It awakened primal instincts within
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Oliver’s Growl
The launch of a business venture to Eastern Europe was an astounding success. Favian and Richard were exhausted by the end of the week, but there were more concerning issues. Both men immediately applied for leave with HR in the name of a family emergency, not caring about proper procedures, not that the HR manager they hired minded. Even though she was unmarried, she appreciated dedicated family men who were successful at their careers.Escaping the congratulatory party swiftly, the werewolves drove back at top speed in the middle of the afternoon back to the Blue Moon mansion. Unlike jostling with the evening crowd, they managed to escape from the airport in half the time they normally took. Ambrose has not texted them anything about the pups and their full moon process. It was worrying.Stopping by the side house, neither man bothered changing their suits. T
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Big Brother Oliver
Avoiding the thorns to the best of his abilities, Richard eventually found a path to the dilapidated toolshed. The basket outside the door smelled like sandwiches, and the CEO even spotted a bottle of juice included. More curiously, there was a bottle of milk and some cooked chicken hiding at the bottom of the basket.Knock! Knock!Some shuffling sounds were coming from inside the toolshed, but the door did not open.“Oliver, it’s me. Can I come in?”Richard couldn’t hear anything from inside the toolshed for a good while. Normally, the passive pup would open the door for Richard immediately, no matter the situation. It didn’t matter if he accidentally wet his bed, cried, suffered a terrible black eye or had a nightmare. Oliver would always
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Whinny William
When Richard entered the mansion with a sleeping child and a grey-furred wolf pup, Favian quickly offered to take the child from his arms, and the two boys crowded around to see their new brother.Unlike human children, werewolves are born as wolves influenced by origin energy after living in the Fenrir’s forest. They slowly evolved into creatures with higher intelligence and would gain their shapeshifting abilities over time. Once they could assume their human forms, their animal instincts would slowly become dormant. Shifting between both forms will take training.However, they were no less troublesome than taking care of newborn infants. Although newly awakened werewolves assumed a pup form, they had the intelligence of at least a human two-year-old and were curious about everything. Their desires to hunt, fight, play, eat, and hunger for affection cou
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Maid Not Mother
“You want to do what?” Favian’s tone was razor-sharp, even if it was soft. Richard wasn’t deceived. Despite the soft volume, the secretary’s words held a dangerous edge to them. It was simply the calm before the storm, but Richard could still salvage it and prevent a typhoon if he played his cards right.Nervously, Richard did his best to keep his voice steady and expression neutral. He might be the alpha of his pack, but Favian was still rather scary to Richard. Even Ambrose trod with caution when the secretary was enraged. He might not be physically powerful, but his devious mind could reduce even the president to a beggar on the streets if he wanted to.“We have too many pups now and too little time to care for all of them with the frequent business trips coming up for th
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