66 Chapters
Hana has been employed in Brenton - Co-operative
Hana had a lovely breakfast put on the table, and I turned my gaze towards the dad's room, which was still closed at this point. Hana's attention was drawn to me as I stood outside my father's door."Before waking you up, I talked with your father, who said that he didn't want to eat anything and would rather be left alone." Hana's addition made me feel worse, so I headed towards dad's door and knocked."Dad, please allow me to be completely honest with you and tell you everything." I express. But my father didn't answer, and it depressed me as I proceeded to the breakfast table, where I saw so much beautiful food, but my hunger had vanished."Thank you for the cheerful supper, Hana." I see Hana has already dressed to the nines, to which I respond with a grin. "Are you going back to work today?""It is not possible for me to sit and stew in my sadness; it is preferable to distract my attention with activity." Hana responds while munching on her breakfast.
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Mr. Miller - Fiancée
"I hope you've planned Avery's send-off." Then, Mr. Miller switches back to business mode and changes the subject."All the preparations are underway, Mr. Miller, and I would want to express my gratitude for hiring Hana." As I approach the doorknob, I respond to Mr. Miller's nods as he returns to his work."Ella, have you told your fiancé that you're working with me? I'm wondering if you haven't told him yet." It drew my attention back to Mr. Miller as he asked a question. I narrow my eyes in his direction. Then I took a stomp towards him, my face contorted with rage."Hear me out, Darcus. That is none of your fucking concern, and you have already ruined my relationship with my father. The day I said yes to becoming your girlfriend was the worst day of my life. I wish I could go back in time to my college days and simply ignore you so that I wouldn't have to go through this again." Since yesterday, I've been itching to strike out at Darcus, which triggere
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"What the fuck are you? Why didn't you tell anyone, and how can you still employ with asshole corporation? You can quit your job or file a complaint against him." I had Hana restrained by placing my hand on her shoulder to quell her rage."Hana, even if I file a complaint, it will be to no avail. Darcus has a unique ability to turn situations to his advantage. I attempted to resign as well, but Darcus framed a document establishing a three-year contract, which stated that if I wanted to leave, I would have to pay a lump sum amount to the company." Hana raised her eyes at my explanation, which I added dejectedly."Ella, are you serious? I never saw you give up in a situation before, and now that you've explained yourself, you've given up the fight. It could also be the case that you still harbor feelings for Darcus." Hana put her hands on her hips and looked at me with a suspicious expression.I took Hana's hand in mine and led her to the office building without
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Being on good terms with my dad
Mr. Miller's hands danced on my knees, and I was wholly absorbed in his hazel gaze, and I could feel my heart racing against my chest as Mr.Miller drew closer to me, and I pulled back thinking about James, and the charged air dissipated just like that, and I glared at Mr.Miller."I'm sorry, Mr. Miller, for the lateness. But, unfortunately, because the manager was ill, I had to drop her off at home before attending the meeting." Hana relieved the tension, and I moved away from Mr. Miller, who had shifted into his business model."It's all right, Ms. Lee; we're waiting for a client who is running late, so please take a seat." Then Hana nods and takes her place next to me. It wasn't long after that before the client arrived, and the man strode in with a team of bodyguards. The man appeared to be a male model, with grey eyes that pierced mine and a refined jawline as he ran his hand through his blonde hair to keep it in place. I see that Hana was taken in by t
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Date Night
For me, it's a long weekend and a day off from work... So when I awoke, I checked my phone for any messages from James. Unfortunately, I found a text stating that he had left California. At the breakfast table, Hana sighed, and Dad sighed at my antics as I kept checking my phone for new messages."Please, no sighing out loud." I said this while chewing on my scrambled eggs with one hand while using the other to check my phone."It occurred that it might preoccupy you with your phone and not be aware of the people in the room with you." Dad stated."Uncle let be. Ella has lost her head behind James and she forgot she was supposed to accompany me to the doctor's appointment as well." Hana grumbles, and I recall Hana had informed me about this the previous night."Hana, I remember that I have to take you to the doctor's appointment." Hana rolled her eyes at my statement, knowing full well that I had forgotten about her appointment."Yeah, I believe yo
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Hot Night with my fiancé
"This lovely adornment in diner. I'm at a loss for words." James lays his head on my neck and kisses me. The sensation of his hot breath dancing on my skin was exhilarating. When I felt the contact, I took a deep breath."To make up for all the time we spent apart, I'd like to lavish you with more attention." The sound of James purring next to my ear gives me goosebumps. I must keep a safe distance from James, or he'll entangle me in the bed for hours. James holds his gaze fixed on me as I slowly ease his grip on my waist. I try to keep a smile on my face and avoid letting my guilt get the better of me."James, I'd like to give you a small gift. I know it's not an expensive gift, but I hope you liked it.""When I receive a gift from you, baby, don't compare the price of your gift because to me, it's worth more than anything." As his words warmed my heart, I cast a glance his way."Thats…. God, you're a hopelessly sentimental person. You leave me sp
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Darcus Miller - POV"You were not supposed to open your mouth and get involved in Ella's personal life." My snarl drew a sigh from Aisha. Driving this b*tch back made me even angry."Don't be such a whiner Darcus, your mother asked me to play the cards to keep Ella away from you, and you should be concerned about me because I will marry you after all." I tightened my grip on the stirring wheel to keep my dragon from surfacing."There is no need for me to be concerned about you because you are not my mate. Get in line before you plead for mercy and beg me to spare your life." While keeping her gaze forward, Aisha's posture became stiffer. Despite my best efforts to keep my dragon at bay."I sincerely apologise to your Majesty; I didn't mean to say those words." Aisha spoke in hushed tones, knowing that my power could be dangerous to experiment with."That's better, Aisha, you are not yet my wife, and even if we are married, you should never sp
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Backstory from James' perspective
James - POVElla slept so peacefully next to me it helped me relax. My heart aches every time I think about trying to tell Ella the truth about my true identity as a warlock. Will she accept me, or will she reject me? I'm terrified of losing her because of how deeply I love her. However, there was no doubt in my mind. I could spend the rest of my life with her this way. As I held Ella's hourglass figure close to me, it felt like Heaven. A burst of energy opened my eyes. The time is 03:00 a.m., according to my watch. I got out of bed and put Ella's hand on the sheets as I stood up. A sense of surveillance overwhelmed me, so I got dressed and headed to the balcony to investigate. As warlocks, we can quickly detect other energies, and in my experience, the power seemed to be shifter-like. My eyes scan the surrounding towers at night as I att
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Ella - POVMy eyes open, wondering how long I have been sleeping, the sun is shining brighter than usual, and my gaze falls on James, who is sleeping peacefully with a smile on his face, wondering what he is dreaming that is causing him to smile. It was then that I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture of him. James' attractiveness is undeniable. I slowly slipped out of bed, freshened up, and put on a bright dress.Because James was still dozing off, I went to the restaurant and had his favorite breakfast prepared for us to enjoy brunch in our room.I chuckled when I realized that my dad's sweet tooth is so bad that he makes up ridiculous excuses to get desserts and pouts angrily at me when I don't give him sweets. The doctor has instructed me not to provide him with any sweets, so I must keep them hidden.Walking in, the staff greeted me, and I immediately realized they were all aware that I am a co-owner of this establishment. The M
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The Untold Truth
Darcus - POVElla's words were full of hurt and pain, and I could feel her pain within me. I'm not sure why I'm telling Ella about the other world when she won't believe what I say."What cat got your tongue?" I stepped back a few steps in response to Ella's growl as she pushed me away from her."Forget what I said." Ella's rage is flaring, and talking to her will not help, so I'm not wasting my time trying. Ella rolled her eyes and snorted at me."Waste of weekend time and energy." Because I have acute hearing, her mumble is easy for me to pick up on.I walked out of the storage room without looking back. I was berating myself for behaving in such a naïve manner and went on talking to Ella. Instead, I should have gone directly to James and spoken with him and warned him or asked him to break the engagement with my mate."Darcus, I'm curious why you didn't tell Ella the truth about wanting her back in your life af
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