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“D…daddy” I breathed out, as he explored my mouth with his tongue. His hand was caressing my shoulders and arms, I felt him cupping my breasts, squeezing them gently, roaming towards my nipples and pinching my nipples like he wanted to pull out milk. His lips came down to my neck leaving love bites and hickeys. “D…daddy, please” I moaned. I don't know what I wanted. I just had my nineteen birthday night, and I’m exploring new things with my daddy. Daddy wanted to give me the best birthday gift, he promised to give me something amazing today, my first-ever orgasm. “Shhh..... baby girl, don't think about anything, just relax and focus on how it feels.” He whispered with a husky voice around my nipples, his breath on my sensitive peaks, sending a chill down my spine. Daddy licked one nipple, making it a hard bud and soon started sucking on it like his favourite candy while his other hand played with my other nipple. I started to feel something wet between my legs, it was different b
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Chapter 1
“Hi Rose, what's your plan for tonight”, Mick my school friend and now my college friend asked. This is my first year of college and today is my second week in college. Already guys started asking me about my plans for weekends. I joined college very due to my certification courses.“Dinner with my daddy” I smiled, rolling my eyes. I already have someone in my heart at a very earlier age when I found out what is love. “Oh, but please let me know when you are free I want to date you,” he said stretching his hand on his nape. His smile tells me he is damn nervous. “Mick I told you, I don't want to go on a date with anyone, you know my daddy…” I paused trying to find the suitable word “Sometimes so possessive” I explained to him shrugging my shoulder. “Yeah, I know, but you are now an adult Rose” He argued. “That doesn't matter, I can't date anyone until and unless he allows me” I snapped leaving the college corridor. Today was the last day of the school before Christmas holidays. Ch
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Chapter 2
“It's so beautiful daddy”I chirped with excitement looking at the beautiful beaches around us, taking a fresh breath I opened my arms to feel the peaceful vibe around me. As daddy has promised, he arranged everything for our vacation, and we reached there in the early morning.“Not more than you baby,” Daddy said, putting his hand on my shoulder and rubbing his hard hand on my soft skin.“Thanks, daddy” I giggled at his compliment.“Enjoy beach vibe baby, I have some work to do,” He said sitting on a chair with his laptop and I nodded.I was enjoying the cool breeze on my face laying on deck chairs, enjoying my orange juice with peacetime while thinking should I tell him what I am feeling for him.“Don't you want to go swimming?”He asked laying on the next beach chair.“I want to go daddy, but I need to put lotion on my back to avoid tanning” I pouted.“Do you want my help, princess?” He asked, sitting on a chair.“Would you daddy?” Did I ask looking at him with a questioning gaze?“Y
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Chapter 3
“What do you want for Dinner,” Daddy asked. He can't keep his hand to himself from the time I said yes to him.“Steak, salads,” I said while his hand caressed my bare thighs.“You need to eat the more, princess,” he said, ordering for us.We were having our dinner in fine dining, enjoying the beautiful view of beaches while talking a little about my plan after school.“I want you tonight in my room, princess,” He said looking at me.“Tonight,” I whispered.“Yes tonight” He again repeated. He must have felt my tense body squeezing my thighs he said,” we will cuddle princess"“I thought we are …”, I trailed off.“On your birthday night,” He whispered licking my earlobe and giving a chill in my spine.“Eat baby…” He said while eating his dinner with an evil smile on his face.“ I know what you are doing in your room princess,” He said taking my hand and making our way to his room.“What …” I asked innocently.“Moaning my name, playing with your little fingers inside your tight silk hole,
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Chapter 4
“You know princesses, I will give you the world's best gift today” He whispered in my ears. “Daddy…” I trailed off looking at our surroundings. We are sitting in the dining area eating our dinner, As he told me we are moving to another hotel we moved to. It was one of the most amazing hotels I can say. The place was an authentic place showing the culture of the country. The design and architecture were so lovely and incredible. It was feeling like I am sitting in an accident time having my dinner.“Princess waits here I am coming,” Daddy said standing from the chair, I was looking at him with confused eyes. He smiled sensing my confusion he said,” Surprise princess” He went to get his surprise while I was eating a little thinking more about us, This trip changed everything I had a secret crush on him and never told him anything. Even in school and college, I didn't try any boy in my life. I know that if I wanted a boyfriend, then he will be mad at me for a little time but soon agree
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Chapter 5
Joseph / Daddy POVI woke up looking at my princess sleeping peacefully in my arms, her wavy blond block cascading everywhere on the pillow. Her naked self doing magic on me, I wanted to take her one more time. I was feeling happy and content, finally making her mine, caging her in my trap.I untangled myself before giving a peck on her parted lips. Furthermore, I have planned so many things for us, and I am going to enjoy every second of it.Besides, I knew that she wore that bikini to seduce me and I have already planned that I will make move and make her mine. Her innocent step gave me an opportunity. I had planned everything when we started planning for the Hawaii trip. I had stopped to sleep with anyone when I got to know my plan is working and rose is slowly coming to my web where I can trap her for her whole life.When I adopted her my only goal was once she completed her 20th birthday I will take all the money left by her father for her but occasionally, her innocence made mag
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Chapter 6
ROSE POV“Baby, this is your cloth for today,” he said, helping me to sit in the car. We are going to the beach cabin. Daddy has booked a private cabin for our night.“Thanks, daddy” saying I opened beg. I blushed when I saw only the bikini bottom.“Daddy it's only the bottom", I said, still blushing.“Baby I know, and I don't even want you to wear this, but I have to cover your little pussy because you are still sore due to continuing our engagement at night and I don't want to take you now so wear this to cover your sweet addictive haven and your nipples are always finding there was in my mouth like now they are so hard for me, I can even see them on your clothes, he said while his hand which was on my thighs making his way to under my skirt I didn't wear any panties.“No panties princess,”, he groaned while caressing my inner wall.“Yes daddy, I wanted to give you more access” I confessed.“Princess, you are making me crazy,” he said and pushed his two fingers into my silky hole.“O
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Chapter 7
“Daddy, I still want to know you're the biggest fantasy for me,” I asked, leaning more into his hard chest. We were seated on the sand, covering ourselves with a quilt and feeling each other body heat. Looking at a beautiful sky with so many stars. There was a bone fire and heater placed to make sure we didn't catch a cold.“Baby, everything about you is best for me,” he said. His hand was caressing my stomach under the quilt sometimes rubbing his hand intentionally around my nipples.“But you must have some fantasy for your wife and girlfriend,” I asked again.He kissed my bare shoulder and his hand going to touch my nipples. “will you go to make my fantasy real? “ He whispered in a raspy voice. His breath caressed my bare skin.“Yes daddy” I tilted my head to look into his eyes.“So listen to the princess,” he said rolling his fingers on my nipples. He continued" I have two big fantasies only and only for you,” he said, pinching my nipples lightly, and his hand making way to my south
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chapter 8
“When did you order breakfast,” I asked looking at our breakfast table.“Princess, you were sleeping so peacefully, So I thought let's arrange breakfast before leaving from here”“Are we going out?” I asked.“Yes, I have a surprised for you” He smirked.“Surprise” I arch my eyebrows.“Yes…” He said, arranging my plate.“I thought we are staying here for a few more days”“Do you like this place?” He asked pulling a chair for me to a seat.“Yes, It's a nice place”“Don't worry, the place we are going to is more beautiful?” He said and I nodded.“Have breakfast princess, and after we are leaving?” He said“First finish your breakfast” He put fruit in my mouth. We stay here for two days and he gave me a day to rest because after that night I was so sore moving my leg. We cuddle and shared kisses during these two days while he made me come numerous times to play with me.We had our breakfast and talked about my studies and planning however we are going to spend our vacation until January en
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Chapter 9
“So beautiful view daddy,” I said sitting on the sofa, we were on the ship going somewhere. I don't know where we are going, but it is his surprise. The view was beautiful, giving relaxation and peace. Daddy sat beside me, putting his hand on my bare thighs, and squeezing them gently.“Yes princess, but what you're going to see will be breathtaking” his hand moved to my inner thighs squeezing gently giving a chill to my spine.’D… daddy” I stuttered at his action.“Don't worry, princess, We will just do a bit of make-out because we are near our destination. I can't have you here” he whispered in my ear moving his hand in my tank top cupping my breasts, squeezing them while his lips were on mine.He was kissing me senselessly while his hand gave a gentle massage to my sensitive buds. If he is doing this continuously, I don't think I won't last long.At the time I was about to come ship stopped breaking our moment giving a little peck on my lips he stood. I was frustrated because I was a
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