71 Chapters
Because of arrogance
Young masterChapter11"Have you bought the present?" asked Esmeralda, when she saw Jeremy enter the house."Yes, it's on the motorbike," replied Jeremy.Esmeralda followed her husband's footsteps into their room."What's going on downtown? I'm sure it's all related to you," said Esmeralda.Jeremy lay his body weight on the bed."The maid was so arrogant and kicked me out so many times and humiliated me," Jeremy said, rubbing his face."And you leveled the top shop? Amazing." Esmeralda clapped her hands. "In time, your identity will be revealed by itself, because of who? Because of you," shouted his wife with wide eyes.There was regret in the young master of the rich family's heart. Next time, he would be even more careful."You're right, it's my fault for not being careful."_____Albert Tones' face was smiling brightly, this is his happy day, where every year, he always celebrates a pretty lavish party.
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Young masterPart12"Shit, idiot!" muttered Jack Catwalk to himself. The tall, skinny man was silent for a moment.Albert Tones regretted and cursed in his heart, when he saw Khan Tones retreat regularly, and seemed not to feel that he had done anything wrong."Ahem, a real man, who upholds self-respect, will not deny his words. Because, from men who are held are his words."Esmeralda said triumphantly."Hello." A beautiful woman with long wavy brown hair smiled, as she approached the four of them, who were the center of attention."Miss Wage, you came to my party? It's an honor for me," said Albert in awe.Jose Wage, is a beautiful woman, who owns the biggest import goods business in this Monarchy city.The woman smiled, then turned to Jeremy."You, Jeremy Mose?" the woman asked, smiling."Ahem, Miss Wage, please ignore him, just a loser to enter the Tones family's life," said Khan Tones, who suddenly drew b
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Young masterchapter13"Relax, you misunderstood me, honey.""Misunderstood? I can still hear clearly, that you asked the old man on the phone earlier, to kill Miss Wage.""Eliminate, in the sense of keeping him quiet, Otherwise, he will be very dangerous.""Dangerous how?""If Roberto Mose is after us, this quiet life, it will be difficult for us to get. Do you want? If I, have to return to Yuzong city?"Jeremy Mose looked at his wife intently. He knew the Mose family very well, he didn't want Esmeralda to be in danger, if he was targeted by Roberto Mose, her older cousin."Ehem...." a voice cleared from a distance. Esmeralda and Jeremy turned their heads to the source of the voice.Jack Catwalk approached the two. "You're forgetting something! As gentlemen, I keep my word. This is the key to my luxury villa. It belongs to Esmeralda, and my lawyer will prepare the papers tomorrow," said Jack Catwalk."Are you sure
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Young masterChapter 14"I can't help but wonder if this is the right choice. Honestly, it's hard for me, leaving my old Mom and Dad alone," Esmeralda whispered, as Jeremy Mose entered their room."I'm sorry, it seems I made it difficult for you and your family again. Do you want to stay with them instead?" asked Jeremy."You mean?" Now Esmeralda sat facing her husband seriously. "Are you planning on taking me to them? And living in the villa Mr. Catwalk gave me?"Jeremy smiled faintly. "If you really want to be with them, then you must be willing to follow mother's wishes.""And you?"Yes, I'm with you, wherever you go. But one thing you have to remember. Our situation will be a little difficult later there, because I can't control anything in front of mother."Esmeralda was silent for a moment, as she thought of a way out. After all, this was hard for Esmeralda._______"Sir, they left the hut last night," Roberto's
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Young masterChapter 15Roberto again devises a plan, to bring Jeremy Mose to a meeting. Maybe by building a good relationship, then Roberto can approach him.That way, Roberto could get a chance, to inject the serum into Jeremy Mose.The moments of destruction are in Roberto's hands now. The man always smiled, when imagining his success, which hadn't even happened yet.Gaining more information about Jeremy Mose, Roberto Mose felt more and more triumphant around him.He also made an appointment this afternoon, to meet with Khan Tones. Khan, who knew that Roberto Mose wanted to meet him, suddenly shocked the entire Rose Tones luxury villa."Mom, dad, grandpa, grandma!" Khan shouted hysterically, calling out to the residents of the villa."Khan what's wrong? Why are you so noisy?" asked the slightly annoyed mother."Young master Mose, young master Mose." So happy, Khan could only repeat the words.Mike and the others
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Young masterPart16"Hello ...." a smirk at the door. Khan who saw the arrival of Roberto Mose, immediately bowed respectfully."My lord...." Khan said. All eyes turned to Roberto, and the businessmen who came to the Khan Tones show, of course, recognized the man very well."Young master Mose, welcome welcome." Mike Tones shook the man's hand. "It's an honor, my lord, to have you come to our little party," continued Mike Tones."Oh young master of the Mose family, you are really handsome and handsome. If only my granddaughter didn't get pellets, maybe she would suit you." Now old grandmother Rose Tones spoke."You are exaggerating, madam," said Roberto Mose with a sweet smile."We're humiliated again," Esmeralda sighed. Jeremy Mose understood, with his wife's anxiety."Calm down," said Jeremy Mose, gently stroking his wi
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Young masterPart17"You...." Khan Tones was in shock."What is it?" asked Rose Tones confused.And suddenly the invited guests dispersed and headed out of the building while exasperated."Ladies and gentlemen what's wrong? Why are you guys suddenly leaving a show that hasn't even started yet," said Mike Tones panicked."I'm sorry," said Khan Tones suddenly bowing to Jeremy Mose."Too late," Jeremy Mose whispered and was about to leave."Wait!" snapped Rose Tones. "Don't go anywhere, I won't allow it," the old woman continued."Khan, explain what's wrong?" he asked again."Our company is screwed, Grandma.""What?" Rose Tones was shocked. Then Albert came closer and whispered something to his grandmother.The old woman glared in surprise. He turned to Jeremy, who was now grinning."Who are you?" snapped the old granny."Jeremy Mose, why else do you ask who he is? Apart from being named Jer
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Young masterchapter18"dont open the door for anyone," said Jeremy."Why? Don't go back there, it's dangerous.""I have to sort this out, otherwise it's going to be very dangerous for us," Jeremy insisted.Esmeralda finally complied and got into the car waiting for her husband.In the car, Esmeralda was very worried and finally the woman called Don Lee, asking the old man to come to help her husband.Esmeralda's heart wasn't calm at all, remembering the attack that used some unknown liquid, Esmeralda didn't even know.What is clear, the liquid must be aimed at harming her husband. Esmeralda really couldn't calm down, and in the end she decided to go back to the building on a whim.Inside the building, Jeremy is surprised to see Diana Catwalk fighting a wolf in human form.The woman fell to the floor, due to the werewolf's heavy blow."Stop it, I'm your sister," Diana Catwalk sighed.Jack Catwalk which
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Young masterChapter 19 "Master, is it true what I heard earlier?" asked Don Lee to confirm. "You think I'm bragging?" snapped Jeremy. The man is now increasingly difficult to control his emotions. His heart was anxious, thinking about his wife's critical condition. Don Lee's phone rang, Don Lee's men called him, the old man quickly answered the call. "Master, Mr. Roberto's corpse is very hot and smoky." "What? You don't lie! There's no way a corpse can smoky." "Yes sir, you can ask the others." "We go there!" Jeremy said, walking briskly to the car. "I'll be there," replied Don Lee, and caught up with Jeremy at a brisk pace. "Master, does this have anything to do with the liquid you were referring to?" asked Don Lee to confirm his guess. "It seems so. Jack Catwalk intended to kill me with that liquid apparently, while Roberto intended to make me a werewolf. I think it was that woman who killed Robert
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Young masterPart20"Young master, you must go to Yuzong city! Grandpa is waiting for you," said Don Lee."No! I'll stay here, waiting for my wife to recover," said Jeremy Mose firmly. Because Esmeralda's condition is now in a coma with serious internal injuries."This is important! Master.""You're not deaf are you?"Don Lee finally relented, and told Jhon Mose, that his grandson refused his invitation to Yuzong City. John Mose's feelings were of course very disappointed, and the old man now felt his ego was being hurt.Seeing Esmeralda's condition lying in a coma made Jeremy Mose's heart hurt and constricted. Laughter and happy smiles, words of praise and encouragement, he could no longer enjoy.Many times Jeremy Mose clenched his fists, and hoped to find Jack Catwalk's hiding place as soon as possible."Have you found any trace of the werewolf?" Jeremy asked Don Lee, as they sat in the hospital cafeteria."Jordan
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