11 Chapters
Introduction of Characters
Disclaimer:All characters are based on the author's imagination and it was inspired by some of her favorite artists therefore some names will be derived from some of them. May it reach your imagination and hope you enjoy reading.---• Amiya / Illa •She was originally born during an era of an old war between nations. She was raised by a poor widow who works as a palace maid during that time. She was a beautiful and smart child that is full of hope and dreams but because of the man that she loved, she died miserably not once but multiple times as she finds herself being reborn after meeting the same person she dedicated her life before. Amiya or Illa on the present time, was an orphan who works multiple part time jobs to survive while shutting her self away from the people who let her lead a bad ending.• Solon •He was the childhood best friend and the right hand of the Prince. He and his mother lived a poor life
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The Beginning of My Nightmare (1)
"Righteous Noble"They say becoming a noble was a gift. It was also my dream but never my goal, especially not because it was forced upon me.---My name is Amiya and I am an ordinary citizen of the Celis Kingdom. My mother was a palace maid and my birth father was unknown.It was also a time were a war between the North and South broke out.During my 18th birthday and the honorary celebration of the kingdom's success for the war, I was given a privilege to attend a party at the palace as a maid and there I met Solon.He was a son of a Duke and the childhood friend of the Prince. He was kind, sweet and handsome that most of the women in the kingdom wants to be his partner next to the Prince.As a part of the knights who are serving the King, he was also invited to the party. He came along with the Prince and with that said, all women was swooning over to get their attention.I, on the other side, was doing my job as a servant when I suddenly bumped into S
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The Beginning of My Nightmare (2)
"I love you"The words I wanted to hear from him and not that person.---"You are mine, Amiya...."Those words keep ringing to my ears as the Prince brought me to meet the King.I can see all the guests are staring at us.I also saw Solon on the crowd. He look so worried and I feel like he was about to rush and go after me but the lady beside him stopped him."Father, I want this girl to be my Queen." the Prince stated.I looked at him with a shocked expression.What is he talking about!? Queen!? Me!?The King was surprised as well but as a devoted father to his only heir, he agreed as if he was spoiling his child.I couldn't mutter a single word."Be responsible for your choice Yuan. I will trust you and I hope you lead a good relationship with the people and your soon to be Queen." the King said.The crowd was so disappointed with the Prince's choice but couldn't dare to say a thing.As the party ends, a simple ceremony to announce th
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The Beginning of My Nightmare (3)
"I love you"Empty words that I still want to hear from him.---After the night I told Solon to run away, we prepared all the things that we needed.Everything was already planned and all we have to do is to leave.It was midnight again and I was waiting for Solon at the back gate of the palace.I managed to escape from the maids and to the guards all thanks to the badge he gave me.We only have limited time and as I was waiting for him, I became more and more anxious."He's getting late..." I muttered.I was starting to panic as the sun would start to rise anytime and the moment it does, all the things we prepared will go to waste."Amiya..." a voice from behind called me.It was Solon.I was about to run towards him when I saw a lot of palace guards rushing towards our direction.My heart was beating fast as I grabbed Solon's hand so we could escape but he did not move... Not even an inch."Solon..." I called.I wanted to ask him w
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Living and Dying: A Cycle That Will Never End (1)
"Lily"A flower that brings back the memories of the innocent love we had but blooms millions of sadness in my heart.---My name is Amiya and I lived my life before as a normal citizen of an old kingdom.But because of an unexpected happenings, I became the fiancee of the Prince then later on, the Queen of the kingdom.I lost everyone that I treasured the most and...I was killed by the person that I loved...One day, after dying...I opened my eyes once again and here I lived in an unfamiliar place.There were a lot of things that I don't recognize and people who was familiar but also unfamiliar to me.There were people using things that does not exists back then when I was still alive.I wonder...Is this the after life?"Lia! You're finally awake!" the girl wearing a short dress exclaimed as she jumped into my bed."Dad was nagging me to wake you up! We'll be late for school!" she said as she forced me to leave the bed.I looked a
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Living and Dying: A Cycle That Will Never End (2)
"Lily"A beautiful flower that I could not keep even if it was given to me hundreds of times by the person I love.---It has been a week since I met Solon in this life and I was trying my best not to see him as much as I can.It was a good thing that both Ash and him were part of the student council so they have less time to idle because of school works though there are times where I would casually see them in some common places like cafeteria and hallway but lucky enough, I was fast to run away before they even saw me."Why do you keep on avoiding Ash?" Monica asked.We were walking on our way home when she asked it out of the blue."Umm, am I required to meet him daily?" I asked her instead but she hit my back."What the heck! What kind of lover are you!? If you're not going to treat him well, then give him to me sheesh." Monica ranted.I just laughed at her.Ash was indeed kind, sweet and handsome but I didn't feel anything like love towards him
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Again and Again
"Reincarnation"Just like a clock, each hand's rotation will never end and it will just keep turning not until it breaks...---'Don't die... Amiya...'I opened my eyes when I heard Solon's voice."Are you okay miss?" a woman in a white robe asked.I couldn't talk at the moment as my body was in a lot of pain so I tried to look around.I woke up in a white room which seems like a hospital and there was a lot of tubes connected to my body as if I was a lab specimen.I tried my best to speak but all I could say was Solon's name."Solon... Where?"The woman didn't answer and smiled bitterly.I was scared... My heart couldn't stop beating fast as if I was hyperventilating.Did he die? I thought.The woman was trying to calm me down when another woman in her mid age barged into the room with tears in her eyes."Why are you alive!? You shouldv'e died back there! M
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Present Time
"Mirror"Will it also reflect the same personality the original person has?---My name is Illa, an 18 year old orphan who lives as an outcast of the society.It was a name that I chose when I woke up in the present time after being reincarnated again. I found myself in a freezing cold alley way when I was about 5 years old and no one knew the identity of this body that I am in, therefore I chose my own name.Upon learning about this new body of mine, I found out that I was originally a stray kid and was abandoned to die in a place full of cruel people. I was constantly beat up, starved and overworked that I don't even know how did I reached this age.During these times I was living in this body, there were a lot of hard times however I was able to go through all of it as I miraculously haven't met Solon in this life time.Maybe this is not the time yet, I thought.It was fine and bearable and because of my hard work, I was able to feed, dress and get mys
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Another Chance
"Mirror"The reflection might be the same but a chances that it has a different personality or background will never be zero.---"Han!" Ethan exclaimed as he hugs the guy who looks exactly like Yuan."Your back!" Kei exclaimed.It was suddenly like a reunion for all of them while I just stood there in shock.I was so close in running away from this place but my feet would not move."Everyone, this is my older brother, Han." Ethan introduced him.The guy named Han smiled and all of the guys gathered around him as if he was some sort of a celebrity.They kept talking like that and us girls was a bit left out so Lia suggested that we have some girls time too for ourselves which they quickly agreed as if our presence was not that important.Wow... So even after being reincarnated, he was still popular like a Prince? Funny enough that I want to puke.We went to a guest room to freshen up ourselves as they decided earlier, when I was gone, to spend th
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"Dreams"Projection of things you wanted to happen in real life or sometimes things that already happened in the past.---Han cried his heart out that same night...Although he did not explain much about those things that he said to me, I already knew it...It was just like how I dreamed about Solon and Yuan every now and then so I understand right away. He did not want to talk about it either as it was like a sour memory for him that he wanted to get over with so I just leave him be.It also became our little secret and from that day, we became a lot closer.I find it weird as I kept seeing the same face that I was once afraid of but the fact that he was someone different from the Yuan that I knew gives me comfort.He was a lot kinder and sweet the more I know him."The kids will be having a small celebration for Jake this weekend, are you coming?" Han asked.It has been weeks since we finish
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