65 Chapters
Saved by a good human
THE CLUMSY MERMAID(A maid to a celebrity)EPISODE ONETHEME: Saved by a good humanIN THE HUMAN WORLD Ryan Scott was playing football with some other boys he met on the beach. And when minutes clicked by, they all got tired of playing football. Ryan walked back to his elder brother Oliver Scott. "Game over?" Oliver asked. "Yes..let us go home, I am so tired.” Ryan answered. Oliver stood up and packed their stuffs into a picnic bag and they walked back to the car. But then Ryan felt like he needed to ease himself. "Hey Bro, I want to pee.” Ryan said. Oliver rolled his eyes. “Can you hold it till we get home?” He teased. “Come on Olly, you always tell me that it is not good to let pee stay in o
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Knowing Knox Martins
THE CLUMSY MERMAID(A maid to a celebrity)EPISODE TWOTHEME: Knowing the Martins Mrs Elaina Martins is one of the most influential women in America. She is a widow.  Elaina lost her husband in a plane crash that killed a thousand of people when her son was just ten years old.  Elaina Martins is bossy, dominant and she always wants  to be in control of the lives of the people around her. She took over the family businesses but she hasn't been in good terms with her son ever since her husband's death.Knox Martins is twenty six years old, he is the next in line to take over “The Martin Empire” a successful multi-billionaire business. He is handsome, cool but so full of himself. Knox also blames his mother for his father's death. Why? How did  Mr Benjamin meet an early death?Mr  Benjamin Martins had an argument with his wife that morning after she accused him of having an affair with his secr
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Beauty of the media
THE CLUMSY MERMAID(A maid to a celebrity)EPISODE THREETHEME: Beauty of the media Betty Lawson pressed the doorbell outside Martin’s family home. The door opened and she was welcomed by a maid whom she recognized to be Rachel. "Good morning, Miss Betty.” Rachel greeted cheerfully. "Good morning, Rachel.” Betty replied as she walked into the luxurious living room. “Where is Mrs Elaina?" She asked. "She is in her bedroom." Rachel answered."Please tell her I am around.” Betty sniffed. Rachel motioned towards Mrs Elaina’s bedroom and she knocked on the door softly. "Ma'am, Miss Betty is here to see you.” She said. "Oh Betty!" Mrs Elaina said happily. She was preparing for her friend's birthday party. "Please tell Betty I will be out soon.” "Okay ma’am.” Rachel replied and w
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Mother and son broken bond
THE CLUMSY MERMAID(A maid to a celebrity)EPISODE FOURTHEME: Mother and son broken bond KNOX BEACH HOUSE Once again Knox moved to the intercom when he heard the doorbell. "What is she doing here?" He muttered on seeing his mother. He went back to the couch to grab his cellphone, her call came in almost immediately and he picked it."Hey Knox! I know you are in there! Open the door!”  She screamed in annoyance.Knox walked back to the intercom. "Old lady you can't tell me what to do, say whatever it is you here for on phone..I am listening.” He said in a calm voice. "What?!..Knox open up!" She hit the door."I won't let you into my house to complain and nag and yell at me. I am too tired for all that and -" She cuts him off his sentence. "Knox, do you realize I am your mother and you clearly know what I am capable of doing. Don't be rude to me!" She
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The mermaid survived
THE CLUMSY MERMAID(A maid to a celebrity)EPISODE FIVETHEME: The mermaid survived                  TWO WEEKS LATER SAINT PETER HOSPITAL Adella opened her eyes slowly observing the surrounding through her blurred vision from waking up. "Where am I? What’s going on?” She thought as her vision became clearer.Adella turned her head towards the beeping sound of the machine next to the bed. "How did I get here?" She asked herself. Minutes later the door opened and Oliver Scott walked in with a nurse behind him. Adella looked up at them, her eyes widened in surprise and shock when Oliver opened his eyes full and her breathe caught! Then she stared intensely at him while a smile played on his lips. Adella's eyes did a slow crawl on Oliver’s his lips that was full and plump, hi
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Oh my sea! I have legs!
THE CLUMSY MERMAIDEPISODE SIXTHEME: Oh my sea! I have legs! SAINT PETER HOSPITAL "How are you feeling now?” Doctor Oliver's soft voice stunned her out of thought. She looked up at him without saying a word. Adella couldn't believe she was really in her dream world. “Oh my sea! The human world was my dream world and now I am in it!” She exclaimed within herself. She was still finding it hard to believe it. Doctor Oliver moved closer to the bed when she didn't respond to his uestion. "Can you hear me?" He asked. "Unbelievable! A human is talking to me!" Adella thought with a wide eye. Oliver held her wrist to feel her pulse and she was fine. Adella blinked severally. "Oh my sea! A human touched me!" She exclaimed within. Oliver placed his hand on her forehead and her temperature was nor
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Psycho lady
CLUMSY MERMAIDEPISODE SEVENTHEME: Psycho lady Adella bursted out of the hospital exit door, it was late in the night. The area was so busy as she walked on and her eyes kept looking around in excitement. She giggled at the sight of the people she saw on the streets. "What's your name?" She asked no one in particular. Five high school girls laughed as they passed by Adella. She studied them closely and she realized that she was different from them, totally different from most on the people on the street. They were neatly and nicely dressed like the ones she used to see those times she swam up to the beach . And to Adella she didn't care about her look instead it was an affirmation that she was truly in the human world and that she wasn’t just dreaming. "Yes! I am in the human world!" She screamed into the skies. "It is so beautiful in here!" She added with excitement in her tone. Read more
She has planned it all along
CLUMSY MERMAIDEPISODE EIGHTTHEME: She has planned it all along MERWORLD  -  QUEEN ALANA'S CHAMBER The merleader heaved a sigh on seeing his wife still laying on the bed. "My queen get up and eat so you can be strong.” Oceanus tried persuading his wife. "No I won’t eat until you bring back Adella. My child has been gone for seven weeks now and you haven't done anything about it.” Alana cried. "You heard what Wanwisa said when she asked the sea, Adella is gone for now but the sea will bring her back whenever he needs her.” He answered. "When is the sea going to need her?" She asked. "I don't know my Queen.” He said in a rasp. "I want my child or else I will die.” She sobbed. He sat on her sea moss bed and stroked her face. "Alana, please accept the fact that
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Shiny bracelet
 CLUMSY MERMAIDEPISODE NINETHEME: Shiny bracelet             HUMAN WORLD Doctor Oliver Scott opened the car door for Adella to enter into it but she didn't understand what he was trying to say. “Get in." He said. Adella arched her eyebrows. "Me? Why should I enter into this thing? -" She paused to admire the car. Adella has been discharged from the hospital. After series of test has been done on her and a little therapy section with a psychologist, she was diagnosed of Amnesia which means loss of memory.  She couldn't tell them her address, family background or close friends the hospital could contact to let them know she was in the hospital. She only told them her name which they found strange. Adella had said "Eretia" and then she pointed at the name on a nurse ba
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The clumsy mermaid
CLUMSY MERMAIDEPISODE TENTHEME: The clumsy mermaid     HUMAN WORLD - OLIVER'S SCOTT APARTMENT Oliver punched in the password to unlock the door while Eretia gasped in surprised at the technology. "Doctor Oliver how did you do that?" She demanded with a wide eye. Oliver closed the door again. “This is how you do it.” He pressed the buttons and showed her the password to his home. “Oh! This is really cool!” Eretia exclaimed. "Can I try it?" She blinked her eyes severally. "You can't tell anyone the password okay?" He said. "Okay.” She replied. "Promise?" Oliver asked again in order to tease her. Eretia raised her right hand up. "I promise.” And she gave him a high five. “How did you learn to do this?” Oliver
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