74 Chapters
Chapter 1
In the cold of winter, my breath fogs up the attic. My body shivers and my hands feel numb. I slowly sit up, trying not to make my wounds worse. I stand up and stare at the broken mirror in front of me. I look pitiful. My white dress, not so white anymore, is now covered with grime, dust and dirt. The edges are tattered with the odd rip, and the material has become thinner over time, fraying. My eyes are an unusual bright silver and blue. My hair used to be a white, platinum blonde, but it has been years since I had the luxury of using soap in my hair, so it now looks more like an ash blonde. Freezing, I grab the other piece of clothing I own and wear it over the top. It’s a worn old cardigan with no buttons, holding the front closed with my hands shaking from the cold. The sound of birds outside my window captures my attention. I turn my head to look out the window at the birds hopping around in the fresh snow. It’s beautiful and calming to watch. How I wish I could be like these
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Chapter 2
Waking up to a pleasant smell of sandalwood and cinnamon, I quickly stand up, comb my hair with my fingers, and straighten out my cardigan to look more presentable. It's mate! You must go to mate now! Storm mind-links excitedly. I know, Storm, I am ready. Let's go! I say to her. Running down the stairs and the hallway, the scent is becoming stronger. It’s leading me towards the high-ranking bedrooms. I’m starting to become nervous and less excited. We have never been in this hallway before. I mind-link Storm. There! That's the room. Mate is in there! Hurry, go in! Storm says. Standing at the large brown wooden door, I was about to knock, then lost my courage, taking a step back. He is in there, go on, knock. Storm encourages me. I'm sorry, Storm, I can't do it! I tell her. I turn to walk away, and the door flings open. My eyes make immediate contact with Alpha Tate’s. 'Mate!' I say out loud in my trance. Hearing a chuckle, a door down, someone was there. 'Are you kidding me?
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Chapter 3
Alpha Tate rejected us, hurt us! He must be playing with us now! I don't like Alpha Tate, and his wolf Grey always tries to argue with me. Storm mind-links. I know Storm, he can't expect us to run into his arms after how he has treated us all these years, and he rejected us! It's getting dark and colder out here. We should head back to the attic. I say. Trudging my way back to the pack house, I see pack members searching for someone. They must be searching for us. Storm says. I sneak around to the back of the pack house, climb up the lattice onto the roof, and stay low so no one can see me. Above the dining room, I hear Alpha Tate speaking to other people. I crawl closer to the roof's edge to hear through the open window below me. 'I am telling you now. Slave isn't an ordinary wolf. I saw it with my own eyes. Slave has the power to heal,' he says. 'Even if she does have this ability, what are your intentions with her?' Sam asks. 'If she can heal, then we can use her to take ove
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Chapter 4
Alpha Maximus My Beta and Gamma help chain me up in the dungeon. I sit in a metal chair covered with huge chains. Nathan injects Wolfsbane into my arm, which helps to weaken my Lycan when he takes over. Wolfsbane is a poison used against werewolves and Lycans. It’s one of the few that can weaken us. It’s a purple flower like lavender. It’s banned in most places, but we grow this plant here in Woodford. Our Alchemist, Kayla, creates the potions and medicines for us. I’m the last Lycan alive. Lycans dwindled in number because most never found their mates to keep breeding. It gives my Lycan, Chaos and I the fear that we will never find our mate. Every Full Moon, I lose all control over my Lycan, putting my pack in danger of being killed. The only way to stop me from hurting anyone or killing them is to have myself chained up in the dungeon until the sun rises. Lycans were extremely rare amongst werewolves. We are so strong that one Lycan could take on a few alphas at once, being greatly
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Chapter 5
The next morning, the sun rises, and I feel nervous and worried about leaving the pack for so long and about not finding her, and having to ret The sun is rising. I feel nervous and worry about the thought of leaving the pack for so long and the thought of not finding my mate. I don’t want to return without her knowing it would be bad for the pack and myself. I struggle to control Chaos as it is. I can't imagine how much worse he would be if we couldn't find her. I need to put my faith in the Moon Goddess. Surely, she doesn't want the Lycan breed to die out? Does she not want me happy? And not just me but my mate? Maybe she has been looking for me and wants me? Or maybe she doesn't want a mate? And that is why we can't find her because she doesn't want to be found or wants a werewolf, not a Lycan? What if she rejects us? Stressing out, I pace back and forth, trying not to panic. 'Alpha, are you okay?' Nathan asks. I look up and snarl. Shit! Chaos! Stop! I yell at him. My eyes ar
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Chapter 6
Slave Alpha Tate rips the cupboard door off and flings it across the room. He crouches down, staring at me with a stern, angry face. 'And what are you doing hiding in here?' he asks with a devilish smirk. He reaches in to pull me out. I hit him repetitively with my fists. It’s of no effect. Alpha Tate laughs. 'You’re starting to become feisty, little Slave, I see?' he says as he yanks me onto the floor. My body resonates with the sounds of broken bones. I feel the pain in my body. Standing up, I try to run past him, but he grabs the back of my dress, pulling me back. My dress rips, and my back is exposed. 'You’re quite fun to play with,’ he chuckles with evilness. 'Now, I have things I want to discuss with you,’ he says, scooping me up. He carries me to his office, kicking the door shut behind us, and sits in his chair, holding me firmly onto his lap. The hair on my body rises with goosebumps from this unpleasing situation. Alpha Tate grabs my face forcing me to stare at him. We
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Chapter 7
Alpha Maximus Having spent the last few weeks travelling through every packhouse on the map. I sigh heavily from exhaustion, 'What's the name of the next pack' I ask Nathan. 'Blackwood, we will be there soon, but tomorrow night is a full moon. So I suggest we stay the extra night there to keep Chaos contained.' 'I suppose it's the safest thing to do,’ I say, agreeing with him. As we park the car and step out, we suddenly feel a sense of doom. There’s a dark and eerie feel to the Blackwood territory. Dead trees surround the place, and a storm is brewing beyond it, adding to the eerie darkness. The only sound we can hear is the wind gushing through the trees. The dead branches and trees dance like they are all in a ritual. The dry leaves crumple under our feet as we approach the front door. The packhouse is a black Gothic house with huge windows all around. I can see a white curtain moving. Pack members peek through the window at me. Dried vines cover the house. Nathan and I glance a
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Chapter 8
Slave I’m still locked up in this dungeon. I’m starving, but I’m no longer thirsty. It rained last night. A small pipe funnels through the wall and collects raindrops. I held my hands cupped together under it to catch the water and sipped it from my hands. Every night, I look up at the moon through a tiny hole and feel as though the Moon Goddess is staring back at me. She makes me feel as if all of this is part of her plan, that everything will soon be all right. I have to be brave and try my best to keep surviving. My thoughts are cut off when I hear footsteps coming. My heart starts to beat faster. Though I can’t see who it is, I know it’s Alpha Tate from his scent. His presence alarms me. I can feel his anger and his need to kill. He opens the iron door. I look away, not giving him the satisfaction of seeing any fear I might have in my eyes. But Alpha Tate walks toward me and grabs my face. 'You’re still alive? I guess that’s a bonus for me, as tonight’s the night that I’ll kil
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Chapter 9
Slave Sam hands Alpha Tate a whip. I whimper simultaneously as the Lycan does as Alpha Tate whips the Lycan across the chest. I look away, covering my eyes. Tears flood my face as the whip cracks against his skin over and over. Finally, I look up to see blood dribbling down his chest. 'Stop! Please stop!' I shout, horrified at the horrendous sight. Alpha Tate pauses and gives me a deathly glare. ‘It will be your turn next, Slave!’ The Lycan uses the little strength he has to open his eyes and look toward me. As soon as our eyes meet, I feel my body wanting to be closer to his as if I were being sucked through a portal. A sudden sense of desire consumes me. I feel incredibly euphoric. Hot sparks flow through my body as my hands glow, my hair rises, flowing around me, and my eyes are a glimmering silver. Everything disappears around us. All I see is the Lycan and him gazing euphorically back at me. 'MATE!' we say together. As my glow dissipates, the dimness of the cell returns an
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Chapter 10
Slave I slowly step out from behind Nathan. My cheeks are still rosy-red from seeing Alpha Maximus’s large appendage. I keep eye contact as I slowly walk toward him and gently place my hand in his. There is an instant feeling of love and bliss between us. He rubs his thumb across the back of my hand, sending sparks igniting. Alpha Maximus smiles at me with his gentle brown eyes. My heart flutters and a sense of happiness fills my soul. I know right then that I can trust him and that I’m now his to cherish. 'Let's go,' he smiles. I nod and let him lead me out of the dungeon. It’s so bright outside. I have to use my free hand to cover my eyes from the sun. Alpha Maximus opens the door of the long black car. I have never seen a car like this before. He gestures for me to hop in, but everything is bright and blurry. My eyes are hurting too much. Alpha Maximus notices my eyes are struggling to focus. He places his hands on my hips and guides me into the back seat. He reaches for some tr
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