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In the beginning the gods created the world with their magic. Therefor the magic came to intertwine with all things, living and dead, things that was, are and will be. The magic is an essential part of it all.In those first eons of life, all living things could see and use the magic. The gods loved their creation and as a gift to it, they let magic be a part of every life. The gods enjoyed watching the new, creative ways that their creations used the magic. Those were the days that were filled with love, fellowship, and exploration.But all things come to an end, and where there is free will, there is always the chance of the unexpected. Greed, envy, and hate had slowly begun to make its way into the world and as it took root in the hearts of the creatures that lived there, they found ways to use magic to sate their new hungers.The gods watched as magic began to be used as a means to oppress, to torture, and to kill. In their hearts, they mourned the loss of innocence. In the end, t
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Time to move
Adina’s POVAdina stepped into the big kitchen and smelled the wonderful scent of fried bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Her stomach growled as she gratefully took a plate from Luna Joy and started helping herself to the food on the serving trays. She took her plate and sat down at one of the large kitchen tables, helping herself to a glass of OJ. Sean was, as always, right behind her and sat down next to her, his plate was so full of food she thought it was quite an accomplishment for him to keep it all on the plate.“Really, are you hiding another wolf under your shirt?” she joked and got a laugh from Eddie who were already halfway done with his breakfast. Sean just growled and started eating. Adina smirked at him but got up and got him a big cup of coffee. He was always grumpy before he had at least two cups under his belt. Adina focused on eating her food and when she had almost cleared her plate Alpha Aries walked into the room. Everyone bowed their head respectfully toward him, even A
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Arriving at the Black Moon pack
Adina’s POVAdina was sitting in the back seat of the car with Sean. She looked out the window, grateful that the move wouldn’t be taking her so far away this time. Adina hated spending a long time in a car. It made her nauseous, and that made her bad-tempered.She watched the nature that passed by and wondered if she shouldn’t be doing something useful instead. Adina had found some interesting papers online that she wanted to read.Although her unique upbringing had made it impossible for her to stay at one school, she had taken her education seriously. She was supposed to help people, and she needed the knowledge to do so. After finishing high school, she took her college and university courses online.This had the advantage of her being able to work on two different degrees at once. She held a degree in business analyses and one in medicine. Although she was not a doctor, as she couldn’t partake in the internships, she had taken all the courses, even the practical ones. She had a n
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Talking things out
Adina’s POVAs she followed Colin up the stairs, she got a mind link from Cernack.‘Is it true?’ he asked.‘It is,’ she answered, not wanting to talk about it with anyone just yet.‘This is a problem,’ he replied, and she felt anger rise.No, she couldn’t afford to lose her cool just now. She could feel Colin’s and Sean’s anger bubbling just under the surface of them both. She didn’t want bloodshed on their first day here. The first day with her mate.The idea was still foreign to her, but the feeling of magic gently moving over her skin where he touched her told her this was no mistake. She blocked out Cernack.Colin stopped in front of a door, his bedroom apparently, but once again, Colin and Sean squared off. Adina looked at Colin and could see that his eyes shifted from their light grey colour to a deep orange. He was losing control to his wolf; she realized. She once again stepped in between the two men, this time turning her back towards Colin, without letting go of his hand.“W
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Mediation 101
Adina’s POVAs the cars drove away, Adina turned to Mateo and Jason.“Is it okay if I borrow your alpha for an hour or two?” she asked. They both tried their best not to smirk.“Of course, luna” Mateo said, startling Adina by using the title she would hold if she was to stay in the pack.“Okay you two, kitchen,” she said to Colin and Sean, making it clear this was not a request.Colin closed the distance to her and let his arm slip around her waist as they walked. It was a nice habit, Adina thought. Sean was walking behind her on her other side. As they entered the kitchen, she pointed at the island where they had been sitting eating their lunch.“Sit,” she said, waiting for them to comply.Colin hesitated. Adina understood. He was an alpha. He didn’t take orders.“Please,” she added with a smile.This made Colin move to take a seat. Adina went around the counter, placing herself separate from the two men.“We need to solve this, whatever this is, between the two of you. Sean and I wi
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Melding together
Adina’s POVThe village was beautiful, the small houses were well maintained, as were the roads and everything else. She could see from the pack’s reaction to Colin’s presence that he was a good alpha. They showed him respect, but there was no fear in their faces. It made Adina proud of her mate.“Over there is the school. We have everything from day-care for the pups to a local college,” Colin said and sounded proud. Adina looked over to where he pointed and saw a separate group of buildings. It almost looked like a separate village.“You mix all the different grades in one place?” she asked.“Yes, and no. They all are placed together, but they all have separate houses. But it helps build a pack community and gives an opportunity to teach the older kids and teenagers that they should care for even the younger and weaker members of the pack,” Colin explained and Adina nodded.She got the concept and thought it was a good one. They had stopped at the end of the main street and stood th
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An introduction
Adina’s POVAs Colin left the room with a wink, Adina couldn’t keep herself from laughing. She looked at her clothes and felt uncertain if she could let him buy her more. Her wolf was very certain that they could.Adina’s lack of clothing wasn’t due to not having the money to shop. She was not poor by any means. And she enjoyed shopping, she liked clothes. When she was a teenager, she would go on shopping sprees and fill her closet.But when it was time to move, she always ended up giving most of it away, as she was too practical to add so many suitcases. Most of the things she ended up giving away or donating she hadn’t even used. In the end, it was just depressing and caused her stress, so she just got used to having a basic wardrobe.But Colin seemed thrilled with the thought of sending her shopping. She could go and just buy a couple of jeans and some t-shirts. Adina liked that idea. Then Colin would get his shopping trip. She could bond with Julia, whom she really liked. And she
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The dinner party
As the introductions were finished, they moved into the smaller dining room, with Colin and Adina leading the way. Colin showed Adina to her seat next to him at the head of the table. Sean sat to her right and the rest of the guests placed themselves at the table.The mood was friendly; the food was splendid, and Colin made sure Adina felt included in the conversation. This made Adina relax, and she found herself having fun. She and Julia talked about books that they both had read and Colin and Mateo even got Sean into a conversation with Jason.“You seem to be happy,” Colin whispered in Adina’s ear. She smiled at him.“I am having fun,” she admitted.“I knew you would. You are home,” he said, satisfied, letting his arm draped around her shoulders.Adina gave him a small smile and gently shook her head. This was not the time and place to have that discussion. At this moment, she was happy to be sitting with her mate’s arm around her, listening to Sean’s voice was relaxed and surrounde
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Shopping on a budget
Adina’s POVAdina woke up feeling safe and relaxed. As the world slowly came back into focus, she realised she was still in Colin’s arms. The realisation made her smile and look up at him. He was already awake, looking down at her.“Good morning,” he said.“Morning,” she answered and tried to stretch, but found Colin held her too tightly. She gave him a soft push. “I need to stretch,” she told him.“No can do, I’m not going to release you now that I got you into my bed,” he said.“Not fair. I always stretch first thing in the morning. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day,” she said with a pretend pout.Colin sighed and relaxed his embrace, and Adina could finally put her arms over her head and let the muscles tense and then relax. When she opened her eyes, she saw Colin letting his eyes trace the length of her body.She realised her nightgown had risen and had made her legs bare, almost exposing her panties. Before she could reach down to pull it down, Colin made eye contact with
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A sick pup
Colin’s POVThe rogues had nothing to do with Adina, Colin was almost certain of it. He had spent most of the morning questioning them. The two rogues were in bad luck. After being interrupted from his morning with Adina, Colin had a lot of frustration to get rid of. After feeling satisfied that he got all the information he could from the rogues, he had killed them.Two single rogues were at no risk to his pack. Most rogues weren’t. But sometimes rogues banded together in larger groups. Then you had a serious problem. He knew this from experience. It was a lesson he didn’t need to be taught twice.To be on the safe side, he didn’t want the two rogues to go free. He couldn’t be a hundred percent certain that the two of them didn’t work for someone else or had banded together. Better to be safe than sorry. His priority was the safety of Adina and the pack.“I know the luna and Sean came here for protection. What are we protecting them from? Do we have a rogue army issue?” Mateo asked C
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