11 Chapters
Chapter 1
JOHNThe man I see in the mirror isn’t the man I once was. Johnny St. Jacks the guitar god, no more. I sit in the shower of my newly inherited castle to think, and jerk off. The steam feels good. Nothing like blowing a load to clear my mind.I’m starting to look a little scraggly with my hair this long. Should I chop it? I pause in front of the mirror for a moment feeling a bit unsettled. I heave over the toilet and throw up. Fuck this sucks.My office setup in the center of the library. The surrounding shelves are full of first editions, and vintage books. There are a few exotic plants by the windows and six electric guitars hanging high on the walls. My beloved acoustic sits next to my desk on a stand. I miss the days of playing with my band mates.My phone rings, “Johnny St. Jacks.” Her name escapes me for a moment. I rub my beard as I listen to her tell me about her day. “So, are we still on for tonight?” I smile. “Excellent. See you then.” I walk into the corridor. There’s statue
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Chapter 2
JOHNShe rolls over and rests her naked body on mine. “You haven’t left yet?” I’m not happy to see her. “You’re a real asshole, you know that?” She steps out of the bed. “You didn’t seem to think so when I was fucking you night.” I get up, walk into my bathroom, and close the door.She follows me, tries to turn the handle. “Just leave!” I lock the door. “You fucking drove me here. I don’t even know where I am.” She won’t quit. “My driver will take you wherever you need to go.” I say through the door. “That’s real nice.” She stomps off. “I had a wonderful evening,” I mutter before I hurl into the toilet.I hear Ernie walk in. He laughs at the site of her naked and angry. I crack the bathroom door to see she’s frantically picking up her clothes. “Fuck off.” She blurts out as she whips by him.Ernie shrugs and places a tray of food down onto the table. I wince at the sight of it. “Are you alright sir?” Ernie asks. “I must have eaten something bad last night.” I sit down in my chair by th
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Chapter 3
WYATTI slam the snooze button and throw the clock onto the floor hoping it will break. Waking up never feels good anymore. I roll over and look at my framed wedding picture on my nightstand. Tim would want more for me. He wouldn’t want me to be depressed everyday. It’s been five years since I watched him die. This house is so empty without him.Deep inside I know it’s time for me to move on. Easier said than done. I’ve been looking for jobs but there’s not much out there. When I saw an ad for the house manager position out in the country, I put in an application. My interview is today. I need a change. I’ve been living alone for far too long, and this position includes room and board.My ride shows up on time. I carefully step down from my front stoop. Why am I wearing heels? I sweep a couple rolled up newspapers our of my way with my foot. The driver gets out and walks around the car to open my door for me.Just Breathe Wyatt, I tell myself. I’m far more anxious than I thought I wou
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Chapter 4
JOHNIt’s like she’s looking right through me. The intensity is almost violating. Her energy is on the ceiling. “What makes you think you’d be a good fit for running a castle? It’s a lot to handle.” She’s not the right fit.“I bet. You’ve got a groundskeeper that doesn’t speak a lick of English, a maid that doesn’t clean behind the art in the corridor. No chef, and no butler. By the looks of it, you’ve also got unpaid bills on your desk, and suitcases under your eyes. You’re in over your head.” I’m slightly surprised she picked up on that, “How do you know I don’t have a butler?”“Because your suit’s not pressed.” She quips. “Even if you were right. What makes you think you could handle it all?” I wonder. “You know what? You’re right. I can’t do this. It’s too much, you’re too much.” Her eyes widen. “Thank you for your time. I’ll see myself out.” Wyatt slings her bag over her shoulder and turns to walk out.Ernie walks in with my next interview. Another old man who looks like he could
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Chapter 5
WYATTThe country roads are quite peaceful. My mind is in a fury. How the hell am I supposed to start tomorrow? I can’t fucking pack my life up in one night. The offer was too good to refuse. But this man is going to take my sanity.My house looks like shit. I should pull the weeds along the walkway before I leave. The last thing I need is for people to think I let everything go. I guess I did just that. Fuck it. This isn’t my home anymore. It hasn’t been since Tim died.Maybe working for Mr. St. Fuck Face won’t be so terrible. It seems like a fairly decent position. I hope I don’t have to deal with him much. I’ll just hire a good butler to pamper his sorry ass.I pull some empty boxes from my pantry. The doorbell rings. Whatever they’re selling, I don’t want any. I open the door and I’m shocked to see her, “Harper! What are you doing here?” She hasn’t around in a while. “I got off early today. Figured I’d come check on you.”She stands tall in a gray pantsuit and sneakers. Her long b
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Chapter 6
WYATTTI thought only suburban housewives had brunch. What the fuck was I thinking? This is so not me. A luxury suite in a castle? Who the hell does he I think I am? The groundskeeper comes in with a cart full of my things. She carelessly unloads my boxes onto the floor. She throws my muddy suitcase. It cracks, “Thanks for that.” She shrugs me off and walks out.My new bathroom is nicer than my house was. The tub is enclosed in marble and there’s a television tucked in the alcove. Who watches TV in the bath? I hear someone knocking. “Housekeeping!” Ernie jokes. I needed that. “Hi Ernie.” I sit on the tufted bench at the end of my bed. Or is it a chaise lounge? I have no fucking clue.“Is there anything I can help you with?” Actually, “How ‘bout a stiff drink?” I beg him. “Later perhaps. There’s still an hour before brunch. Would you like the grand tour?” He’s smiling like he’s up to something. “Absolutely!” I say.He leads me downstairs through the kitchen into the garage. It looks mo
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Chapter 7
JOHNI enjoy making people feel uncomfortable. It’s one of my many hidden talents. Wyatt blushes when she’s embarrassed. It’s almost cute. I brush my long wet hair. There’s a clump stuck in the bristles. I tie half of my hair back to keep it out of my face. Tonight I’m taking my date to a concert. Jeans or leather pants? I pull on a pair of ripped up denim nut huggers. “My ass looks great in these.” The mirror doesn’t lie.Ernie walks in, “Could they be any tighter?” I furrow my brow at him. “What do you want?” Isn’t he supposed to be cleaning or something? “I thought I would check in with you about dinner tonight.” I pause for a moment. “I’ll just get something on my way to the show.” Ernie nods, “Very good sir.” He looks like he has something on his mind. “What is it Ernie?” He falls into my chair.“I’m worried Wyatt won’t want to stay.” Why would he think that? “I gave her the contract to sign tonight. It’s an offer she can’t refuse. She will stay.” He puts his arm over his forehea
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Chapter 8
WYATTIt’s my first night in the castle. I’m a little apprehensive about it I suppose. My curiosity is raging. Are there ghosts here? Will someone be waking me up at the crack of dawn? Or do I make my own schedule? Everything feels so up in the air.I still need to sign the contract Johnny gave me earlier. My stomach is over full from eating three slices of a meat lovers pizza and pounding two pints of a heavy stout. I draw myself a bubble bath. Watching music videos in a bathtub is a life I never thought I would be living. This isn’t so terrible.The muffled sound of Johnny’s motorcycle vibrates as he gets closer to the castle. I wonder his date was stupid enough to come home with him? I’m too nosy not to find out. I have to be sneaky about this. Stealth mode unlocked. I’ve got this. I’m hiding in the doorway behind the grand staircase.Johnny and his date stumble out of the kitchen. They are obviously drunk. I can almost make out what they’re saying. This outta be good. They are get
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Chapter 9
WYATTI’m not sure I can trust him right now. He’s drunk but not obliterated. His smile is almost menacing. I almost feel uneasy standing here. “I’m going to head up to bed now.” Johnny’s watches as I step away. I can feel his gaze on my back. Hopefully he’s not following me. I’d rather discuss this in the morning.Don’t look back. Just keep walking. I’m so mad at myself for even thinking about spying on him. He also could have perhaps divulged the fact that he can watch every camera here on his phone. They could be installed everywhere. Oh god. What if they’re in my room? They better not be. I’m never gonna be able to sleep tonight. I lock my bedroom door.At this point I may just tear up the contract and call Harper to get me the fuck out of here. I should have listened to my gut. He’s not the kind of man I want to live with. Let alone work for. I pull the covers over my head.Knock Knock.You’ve got to be kidding me. “Wyatt?” Johnny says at the door. Maybe I just won’t answer. “Ca
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Chapter 10
JOHNAnother stormy day in paradise. God I love thunder. I can feel the energy of every rumble. It’s giving me the extra strength I need to get out of bed this morning. An alarm goes off on my phone. I tap my screen to the front door camera. There’s a delivery man standing there in a brown uniform. “Someone will be right with you.” I tap the intercom button on my wall. “Yes sir?” Ernie answers.“Get the door Ernie. Have the man bring the computer to Wyatt’s office.” Ernie answers, “How do you know it’s the computer?” Why does he bother to question me? I don’t even respond to him. He’ll figure it out.I sit in the shower thinking about last night. It’s pretty hot that Wyatt was watching me slam the shit out of that woman. My dick gets hard thinking about it. I stroke it until I cum. I see her face. Not the woman I sent home last night. Wyatt’s face. I imagine her sucking me off. The thought of her on her knees sends me. Fuck that was good.Maybe today I can actually stomach some breakf
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