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Chapter 10: Eli
I hate that I don’t have the money to support Grace. It’s really bothering me. I realize I’ve spent my life on the run and that I’ve been in one of Liam’s cells for the last six months, but it doesn’t sit right not being able to take care of our mate. What’s worse, she and her mother seem to have stockpiled money over the last six years since they ran from Grace’s father. How can Louis and I prove that we are worthy mates if I can’t even afford a bus ticket and a place to stay for longer than a week? I’m laying in the dark, staring at the ceiling and contemplating what I will need to do once I have her safely within the borders of Rik’s or Liam’s territories when I hear her voice. “Are you awake?” She whispers. I was pretty sure she hadn’t fallen asleep. Her breathing hadn’t changed to that deep breathing a person gets when the drift off to dreamland. I sit up on my elbow and look over at her bed. Whether she did it intentionally or not, she put herself in the bed farthest from the
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Chapter 11: Grace
I was serious last night when I asked Eli to mark me rather than let some stranger mark me. Better the devil you know, right? At least I hope so. I may not believe in the mate bond, but I have a better chance with someone who might actually care about me than with someone who only wants me for the strength I can bring to their pack, someone who will treat me like a commodity and a breeding machine. I know I’m a Guardian, and I’m supposed to be this strong wolf that all the Alphas want, but I’m terrified. I don’t know how to fight. Up until a couple weeks ago, I thought I was a human. A human that was doing everything I could just to survive, much less learn how to fight or defend myself. So, as much as I hate this feeling of dependence, I’m thankful that Eli is here with me. He makes me feel safe, or at least safer than I would feel if I was running alone. I wasn’t expecting to get any sleep last night, but after laying on his chest, smelling his intoxicating scent and listening to t
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Chapter 12: Eli
I have to hand it to my girl. Running all day is not for the weak. I pushed us hard, knowing the wolves were trailing us. I haven’t heard them howling in hours, so I’m hoping that we have some time to relax. When we get to a small hill near the Arkansas border, I find an overhang where I can put Grace to let her rest while I keep watch. I’m used to not sleeping for days or only sleeping lightly for a couple of hours. That is how my life has been, but that is not the life that Grace has lived. She needs her rest and she will be sore after pushing so hard today. I know we’ll have to go more slowly tomorrow, but once we pass out of red wolf territory, we should be safe to slow down. When Maia collapses, I shift and pull on some shorts before walking over and picking her up. She’s a big wolf, beautiful in her coloring, black but with streaks of different shades of brown. I’ve never seen another wolf like her. “I’ve got you, gorgeous.” I tell her as she whimpers when I pick her up. “You
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Chapter 13: Grace
I hate this feeling of helplessness. Worse, I hate the fear that comes when Eli isn’t around. I’d rather stay with him and risk getting caught together than being left alone. It was different when I was in the town where mom and I lived. At least there I had a home, a job and Benny. Here, without Eli, I have nothing. Nothing is familiar, the sights and sounds are all new and every sound makes me jump. I tuck myself into the small cave that Eli found for me. I’m continually amazed by his ability to find places for us to hide while keeping us safe. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, he’s been doing this most of his life. ‘He is a good mate. He is taking care for us.” Maia says. I could tell she has not only fallen hard for Louis, but after last night and the amazing rub down Eli gave her, she’s a soppy mess for him now too. ‘He didn’t have to do that. Not every mate would have realized how sore we were or taken the time to massage our muscles before going out and catching food for us
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Chapter 14: Grace
A large red wolf runs up beside us and slams into our body sideways, knocking Maia off her feet. When she stands again, we are surrounded. There are six wolves that have us caged in, the largest is the red wolf that took Maia down. Maia stands panting, waiting to see what is going to happen. The red wolf, who is also panting, begins to shift. When he’s done, he stands, bent over at the waist, breathing heavily before looking up at Maia, smiling possessively. Maia bares her teeth at him, snarling furiously. He puts his hands up in a surrounding position, but I don’t trust it for a moment. He has us surrounded and he’s been hunting me for days. “You’ve given us quite a chase Guardian. But you’ve lost. My name is Alpha Brody, and I claim you as mine.” If possible, Maia’s snarl is even more ferocious, and she nips the air in between us and Alpha Brody. “Now, now. None of that. I’ve caught you and you can’t get away from me. Be a good girl and shift and let me mark you as mine.” Even
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Chapter 15: Eli
I left Maia in the safest place I could find before heading into the town to get food. When I get close to the town, I shift and call Rik, letting him know that we were still running from the red wolves. I told him that I’m hoping we have enough of a lead on them that we will make it without any further issues. As we’re talking, my eyes are moving around, watching everything, and I see it. Three cars with men standing and looking around, sniffing the air like only shifters do, and waving toward the direction that I left Grace. “Rik, I have to go. They’ve found us.” I tell him before hanging up and turning around. I run back to the tree line before shifting and running back toward Grace and Maia. I’m about halfway there when I hear the howl go up. They found her, or at least, they found where she was. The howl is the howl of the hunt, not a capture. I change course, hoping she followed my instructions and started running east. When I hear a second howl go up later, I divert south. Sh
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Chapter 16: Grace
I come awake slowly. I’m completely disoriented, not recognizing any of the smells around me. When I open my eyes, I see that I am alone in a hotel room. Everything comes flooding back to me and I gasp, my hand flying to my neck. I can feel where my neck has puncture wounds from being forcibly marked. ‘Maia? Do you know where we are?’ ‘No. I was knocked out, the same as you.’ I sit up and look around. From where I’m sitting, I see my bag and what looks like Eli’s bag. I get up and run over to his bag, opening it and seeing that it is his and his things are still inside. I open my bag and see that it’s pretty much untouched, my money still inside. The blinds on the window are closed and I go over and peek outside. I can see the bus station not far away. I turn and look at Eli’s bag again. It’s then that I realize that I’m only in a t-shirt. A huge t-shirt that smells like Eli. ‘Maia, do you think Eli got us out of there? Do you think it’s his mark?’ Just as I’m thinking it, the p
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Chapter 17: Eli
I watch Grace go to the shower, listening as she turns on the water. Thank the Goddess she finally woke up. When I called Rik earlier, he assured me that it’s not uncommon for females to be knocked unconscious when they are marked, but neither he nor Liam had that with their Guardians. However, neither of them were on the run, exhausted, half-starved and emotionally distraught at the time they were marked either.I’m thankful she doesn’t hate me right now. I had some horrible flashbacks to the time when I tried to force the mate mark on Cara. I know the situations were different, but I can’t lose Grace. I wasn’t joking when I said I never thought I’d be given a fated mate. With everything that has happened in my life, I didn’t think I deserved one. It just goes to show that the Goddess has a plan, even if we don’t know what it is.I clean up while Grace showers. She takes quite awhile and I’m not sure if this is a common thing for her or if she’s avoiding me.When she finally comes ou
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Chapter 18: Grace
I wake up slowly, warm and surrounded by the scent of sandlewood and cedar. I haven’t felt this comfortable in a long time. As I come awake, I begin to realize certain things. First, I’m naked. Second, there is an arm wrapped around my waist ending with a hand that is cupping my breast. And finally, there is a large, warm, strong body behind me and something long and hard pressing against my backside. I move to get out of Eli’s embrace, but his arm tightens around me, pulling me to him. He kisses my shoulder. “Not yet. Just a few more minutes.” His voice is thick and husky with sleep. “Eli.” It comes out more like a squeak than a demand. “Mmmhmm.” He replies, snuggling his body even closer to mine and kissing the back of my neck, sending goosebumps over my body. “Eli, I’m naked.” “You were asleep when I got out of the bathroom, so I let you sleep.” His voice is still low, his breath caressing my ear as he speaks. “You’re naked too.” “Baby, after last night, there’s no part of
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Author's Note
Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying Grace and Eli's journey so far. There is a lot more in store for them still to come! My new book, For the Love of a Guardian, went live today. This book will tell Clint and Lily's story. It starts as a prequel when they are 17/18 years old, but will go through the time frame of the first two books (Broken Warrior and Guardian Angel). Since I started writing Broken Warrior, Lily has been banging around in my head, wanting me to tell her story, so now it's out. If you enjoyed the glimpses of her life with Clint in the other books, check it out. This story will have more information on Anders' and Calista's romance, as well. It will be more of a romance but if you've read the other books, you also know there will be tragedy. For those of you keeping track, yes the name of the book is the same as the one that Clint gave to Cara for her 18th birthday, and yes, that was intentional. For the Love of a Guardian will only update three days a week, as
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