All Chapters of Suck Me Harder, Mr. Bodyguard!: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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1. The Bodyguard
Ivanna's PoVI stepped out of a building filled with frenetic and thumping music, tightening my coat to cover my body swept away by the cold night wind. The clothes I wore were indeed a little revealing tonight. However, this is the aftermath of a party at a friend's house—an old friend, to be precise.It's not late at night, so it shouldn't be this quiet. However, it was only natural that some residents around the club did not leave their homes after eight o'clock. Rumors had spread that gangs of criminals did not hesitate to kill and even rape their victims. It's not enough to rob. In the last few days, every news reported that the criminals killed the victim after being raped. And that's what I'm afraid of right now. It was obviously a big mistake to go to a nightclub when the party at Kay Lee's place was enough to make my head spin from the magic drinks they concocted. And now, getting in touch with Bri or Damon was impossible because, at this hour, they would be so busy. And an
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2. Hallucinations?
Ivanna's PoVI finally accepted Jax as a bodyguard, and he started working later that day. From what I've noticed, he did a great job. Everything is as good as I expected.Today is exactly one week since Jax started working as my bodyguard. I waited for a long time. Bri didn't show up, and neither did Jax. However, I wasn't worried about Bri because she had informed me that she was going back to the studio to finish her design that I would wear to the awards ceremony. So where was Jax? Did he decide to go home tonight? If he did, he would and should have informed me, right?I got up and strolled, looking for the servants who would usually be standing guard in some rooms so that they could help whenever I needed assistance. They were still there, asking me what I needed. "One margarita, please. Please put it in my room. I'm going to get some fresh air for a while." A bartender nodded obediently and made me what I ordered while I was still on my original mission of finding Jax, as we
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3. Unbelievable Things
Ivanna's PoVI didn't do much all day. I just went shopping, visited some new places, and was only with Jax, who was someone else—not a friend, not a lover. And that was very strange to me. I've never been anywhere random, especially without my best friend—Bri and Tatiana—cause, as Jax once said, no one didn't know me. This afternoon, some people crowded around to ask for a photo session with me. Luckily, Jax was there to protect me and remove me from the crowd that wasn't just one or a few people but dozens of people. "Jax, what are you doing? They want to take a picture with me!" I snapped as Jax led me away, wrapping his sturdy arms around me after covering my head with his jacket. I felt like a criminal who had to run and sneak away from people. What's wrong with taking a quick picture anyway? "Didn't you see? They weren't just one or two people, Miss. Ten or maybe more. Are you sure you can fulfill their wish of taking a photo, and then that's it? One is done, and another will
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4. Terrifyingly Erotic Business
Ivanna's PoVShould I believe Jax? He said that I was the one who had sex with Damon, which was I was there and witnessed what they had done. I didn't even feel a sexual thing, and Jax also admitted that I passed out, and he saved me. Then, what was the point of telling all those lies? Is it true that Jax and Damon conspired to commit a crime against me? If so, what was their motive for doing that? I was still sleeping alone in my room. Damon, once again, had gone somewhere, and I was like a mistress who would only see him at night, lie next to him for a few hours, and when I woke up in the morning, he was gone. Please, don't even ask me how the sexual activity between Damon and me was. It was so bad. That's why I couldn't believe it when Jax told me I was the one Damon was fucking so passionately that night. I couldn't say how Damon's expression was at that time, but I'm sure that he enjoyed the play. Damon was never like that with me, in my opinion. Or I don't know if it was just
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5. Damon and Jax
Ivanna's PovI was still stunned, like an insane. The scene in front of me was not a dream. Was Jax going to say that I was looking at it wrong? Obviously, the few people in front of me were not ordinary humans. And Jax, who suddenly appeared—why could he communicate with those vampires to let me go? Is Jax also a ...?Anyway, let's consider it a favor to have saved me from becoming the meal of that pale, bloodsucking creature at the bar earlier. "This is for you. Drink first, Miss," said the man who had only been my bodyguard for a week but already had many mysterious things he did and happened in my life.I accepted the cup of drink he offered without breaking his gaze. Then, I quickly checked the drink in my hand. Just a cup of my favorite camomile tea. No! I didn't want to think badly about this, didn't want to wonder why he knew my favorite—anyone can have a supply of camomile tea at home, just like me. I sipped the drink in my hand, feeling a relaxed sensation for a moment af
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6. The Creature
Jax's PoVIvanna Sanchez is not some teenage girl who falls for a guy and becomes a fool. She knew and had sniffed out what Damon was doing behind her back. And now, she is catching Damon in the act, and rushing to teach him a lesson is not a good idea. She must be wondering why Damon would hurt a perfect woman like her. I want to ask the same thing, if I may. Unfortunately, the man named Damon was not a man of Ivanna's intelligence. It would be a lie to say that I wasn't affected by that man's hide-and-seek game. I've even been watching him since I first set foot in this mansion. However, I have to be careful because Ivanna seems suspicious of me. "I'm sorry, Miss. Sometimes, you have to keep quiet even if you know something. It's for your safety," I said, trying to calm her inner rumblings that almost flared up and burned everything. After all, it would be hazardous to do what she had in mind. "You should be careful what you say, Jax! How dare you set me up for everything! If yo
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7. Better Kiss Than Sucking My Blood
Ivanna's PoVJax was trying to find whoever or whatever I believed was in my room. I couldn't see it clearly due to the dim lights, other than a clear sound resembling a wolf's growl.I was on the balcony when I heard that strange sound. It sounded exactly like Damon making love to a woman I didn't know—this one I wasn't too sure about, so I'd check back later that night to see if it was Damon or not—that is, if he came back to this house.Damon hadn't returned since last night, so since I was already scared, I intended to seek help without having to go into the room and meet that thing. Unfortunately, I'd consumed so much alcohol that my body was staggering, and I almost lost my life.Thanks to Jax, who was quick to help me, even though there was an awkwardness I felt when he helped me up. There was no way I was wrong. But, unfortunately, I didn't have any evidence to point at the man who had saved my life and helped me look for a creature whose growl was similar to that of a coyote
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8. Dangerous Secret
Jax's PoVI can't believe what this girl is doing. Does she realize that what she's doing is very dangerous? Apart from violating the professional code of ethics, it's also inappropriate for Ivanna to do this because she is engaged; there will be an uproar if Damon finds out about this incident. I have to maintain my presence in this place because there is one business that I haven't finished yet. Two things, one of which is to protect Ivanna. And that is very important, considering that one and the other are interrelated. I can't go into details because I'm trying to find out and prove my suspicions. The desire inside me that had been stirring, as well as the pain I was feeling, magically faded away along with the warm kiss Ivanna gave me. It wasn't the first time for me, but I knew I would remember this better than any other experience I had ever had. For a while, I had been trying to restrain myself from remaining professional even though the scent of Ivanna's body and her beauty
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9. A Business Trip
Ivanna's PoVI did do something stupid by kissing Jax's lips at that time. I was following the impulse that somehow led me to do that. And now, I was suffering from prolonged shame. For a while, I just paced the room and couldn't keep my eyes closed. For some reason, one day seemed to fly by, and to deal with all of this; I appeared hopeless.The wedding between me and Damon, which I imagined would be a sacred and happy moment, seemed impossible to continue. There was no way I could plunge myself into a pit where I would eventually drown, and if that happened, Damon wouldn't necessarily save me.Again, this would be Jax's job.Then, when I was a little calmer and about to lie down, the door to the room opened. I reluctantly turned my head because, from the sound of footsteps alone, I knew who was coming. There was no way Jax would dare to enter my room just like that."I saw your bodyguard leave here a few minutes ago," he said suddenly, without care."So?""What was he doing in dayli
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10. 'Hot' Business Trip
Ivanna's PoV We—more precisely me, Damon and Tatiana, had arrived at H hotel, one of the ten most luxurious hotels in The Emirates. And everything was beyond my expectations. If I put it this way, it's bad enough to say it went well. Maybe it went well for Damon and Tatiana, who had a business need, but it definitely was not for me. On the first day, we arrived at the hotel when the sun was high, and Damon rented a suite with amenities in it that had two bedrooms. I wouldn't say I liked the idea of this one, as it meant we had no privacy, and again Tatiana had to be in the same place as us. I didn't understand what had happened to me to be so full of suspicion and negative thoughts towards them, especially when Damon and Tatiana were all dressed up while I was just in my pajamas—having decided to rest for a bit. "Where are you going? We've just arrived," I said, unable to understand this man's thought. If Damon calls himself a workaholic, this is too much of a workaholic. Moreover,
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