The Devilish Billionaire

The Devilish Billionaire

By:  Death Wish  Completed
Language: English
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It was the tallest building in the world. A token of pride to whoever owned it. An industrial empire that stole selfishly in the name of success. A giant that overshadowed its competitors’ comparatively smaller establishments under the risen sun. And everyone knew whose devilish strategies it came from…From the topmost loft of the building stood a man with a glass of red wine in his hand. He was smirking; not at the taste of the fine wine but at the misery of his rivals. “Master Sean, everything happens at your will.” “I know. And that makes everything else boring.”

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407 Chapters
PROLOGUEIt was the tallest building in the world.A token of pride to whoever owned it.
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Chapter 1 Ruined Day
(SENA POV)Sweaty.The air was so humid inside the public jeepney transport. The highway looked like a still centipede in the early morning traffic jam. Each vehicle honked in impatience as if it did anything good other than add to the noise pollution. Few minutes passed and our jeepney driver joined the honking spree.
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Chapter 2 Good For Him
(Sena POV)"It was traffic earlier. I wish our customers are late." the doctor remarked. I nodded playfully at her although my mind was imagining how I should borrow money from Joshua again. Text him like he did to me earlier? Maybe?As we neared the Herald Residence, which happened to be sitting just behind Dra. Evenarte’s little Clinic. I noticed th
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Chapter 3 Just kill Me People!
(Sena POV)I was working as a part-time cashier and assistant in the clinic. And because her office was just a block away from the Herald Residential, a lot of the media were still within our view. They were just as chaotic as we had left them.Was the guest Prince William? Prince Henry? Harry? Why me? Will they look for me? Su-sure? Shouldn&rsq
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Chapter 4 Invitation
(Sena POV)I heard the door chime again and thought that our customers were rather late and few. I went to the reception to meet the new client. "Miss Sena Sontoria.”  The smile on my lips disappeared when I saw who called me. There were eight men in tuxedo waiting just beside the door. Why are their faces bloody? Wait. They knew my name?!
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Chapter 5 Let Us Be Alone
(Sena POV)When they opened the door for me, I heard a wailing. It was a man begging for his life as he got beaten up and until he was thrown into a china vase. Never did I imagine I’d see something like that out of the movies and television series. What's happening? A thud? Kicks? Wait…’
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Chapter 6 We're not Done Yet
(Sena POV)"Let us be alone,” he ordered his men without lifting his gaze from me. They scrambled off like bubbles but my brother suddenly knelt in front of the demon."Boss...she's my sister. Let me punish her myself.”
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Chapter 7 Still Unconcious
(George POV) It was a marvel how the woman escaped death from the hands of the merciless man. The rumor about Master Sean being a killer was still unproven but that kindness wasn’t quite in his persona either. He’s a silent guy that was otherwise skillful at scaring people; young or old, it didn’t matter. And too unpredictable.
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Chapter 8 I'm not talking with you!
(Sena POV)My eyelids suddenly flung open. I didn’t have a nightmare. I just woke up. But immediately I tried to go back to sleep. Ah, how comfortable it is to sleep in an air-conditioned room. I always felt good about myself whenever I wake up refreshed from a rather exhausted body before sleeping. I'm so cute. But hurtful. Yes
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Chapter 9 I'm so delighted to kill you
(George POV)I have no idea if the woman would still be alive after I leave the room. She looked like she didn’t care though. Like the Master, she seemed prideful. But difference was, Master Sean was a fully matured arrogant man. The female, on the other hand, was more childish. Like a spoiled brat. As if she even has a chance at survival. She never faltered to talk back to him. Did she know who she’s talking to?
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