From His Maid to Mate

From His Maid to Mate

By:  Kp_46  Ongoing
Language: English
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She was sold to be a maid in a Werewolf family, only to get her younger brother treated. Unknown to her, she was treasured, treated differently from others, and the person doing so, stayed in dark. A shocking truth stunned her when she was about to accept her attraction towards him and make their bond stronger. Torn between believing him or showing filial piety to her family, what will she choose?Let's embark on the journey of Mary, a normal girl who tried hard to accept the fate that she was destined for.

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10 chapters
Chapter 1
Inside a mildly lit living room, two people, a man and a woman, who were supposedly around their middle ages were sitting engrossed in deep conversation. "Do you think we should do this?" Victor woods turned his sight towards his wife, Agathe wo
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Chapter 2
 Mary finished her work, and along with Sophie, came back home. As compared to Victor and Agathe, Mary would be the first one to come back home. Consequently, she would earn lesser than them as well. Everyday, whe
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Chapter 3
Mary was urged by her mother, Agathe to go and listen to her dad, following which she did not help her mother tonight and went towards her dad who was walking on the road besides her house.In their village, every house had a good space around itself, where usually people would walk or sometimes if they have a lot of people, they would also sleep. Even though the houses in Mary’s village were made up of hay stack and woods, each house was separated from another one by quite a lot of distance.“Dad!”As soon as Mary stepped outside the door, she saw her father walking and called him out in order to inform him that she was there to talk with him as he asked. Victor's face was unfathomable as there was some kind of nostalgia as well as some confusion on his face. Mary was close to her father as compared to her mother. From the time she grew up, she had always seen her father working hard and tak
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Chapter 4
As soon as Walter Green saw Mary, his eyes brightened up and he quickly gestured the maid to go away using his index finger and middle finger while waving them away from him in air. The human maid was completely used to Walter Green’s gestures and quickly left the living room in a hurry, leaving only Walter green, housekeeper Bernard and Mary along with her parents.“Give them what was decided and show this girl her room.” Walter Green informed House keeper Bernard while he pointed towards Mary when speaking about her. From the moment Walter Green had seen Mary, his eyes were completely focused on her while he ordered his housekeeper to handle the procedures like they would usually do with everyone else.Housekeeper Bernard quickly bowed towards Walter Green and went away to fetch some money in order to give it to the Woods family.Throughout this time, Walter green was constantly looking at
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Chapter 5
Inside another mansion which was brightly lit and filled with people moving around here and there, a man having a strong Aura around him was sitting on the couch and hearing something from his subordinate.Housekeeper Alvin, was the head housekeeper of the mansion and had been serving young master since he was a child.As soon as the subordinate saw housekeeper Alvin coming towards him, he respectfully bowed towards housekeeper Alvin and greeted him before he went back to inform his master the information he was asked to present.“As you said master, the work has already been done and the results will soon be presented. the...” The subordinate was just about to finish his line and explain the whole situation briefly, when he was stopped by his master and gestured to leave.Quickly nodding his head and bowing towards his master the subordinate thanked him and left the mansion within the next ten to fifteen seconds.After all, his master
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Chapter 6
Mary quickly finished the food by gulping it down her throat, that was kept besides her and just as she was searching for something to drink, a hand holding a bottle of water was stretched in front of her face, startling her.Only then did she realize that she was originally inside a dark room locked away. All the memories of that human maid being killed i
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Chapter 7
With the help of the two human maids, Mary was taken into a small room which only had one simple bed and a small table and chair followed by a small cupboard to keep her belongings. The room was small but it was clean and tidy. There was a peculiar smell of rose lingering around. Mary looked around only to hear, "This wi
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Chapter 7
Days passed by with Mary being assigned different work every day by Housekeeper Alvin.During this days, Mary also figured out quite a lot about the castle that she was living in. Every human maid that was brought in the castle was already serving the white family before she was brought over to serve the only young master of the White family. Read more
Chapter 9
As soon as Mary entered the room, she saw how gigantic, the big the room for the young master of this family was. It was almost ten times as big as her whole house. Completely filled with luxurious items, screaming grace and elegance the room did not fail to stun Mary.

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Chapter 10
Mary’s  body shook violently and tears started falling out of her eyes. No matter how much she wanted to control or no matter how much she tried, those were her emotions that were deeply buried in her heart. For the last couple of days, Mary was under tremendous pressure
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