Chapter 5

Inside another mansion which was brightly lit and filled with people moving around here and there, a man having a strong Aura around him was sitting on the couch and hearing something from his subordinate.

Housekeeper Alvin, was the head housekeeper of the mansion and had been serving young master since he was a child.

As soon as the subordinate saw housekeeper Alvin coming towards him, he respectfully bowed towards housekeeper Alvin and greeted him before he went back to inform his master the information he was asked to present.

“As you said master, the work has already been done and the results will soon be presented. the...” The subordinate was just about to finish his line and explain the whole situation briefly, when he was stopped by his master and gestured to leave.

Quickly nodding his head and bowing towards his master the subordinate thanked him and left the mansion within the next ten to fifteen seconds.

After all, his master didn't like if anyone disobeyed his orders or dilly dallied over here and there. His master was a very punctual person and hated to repeat or use more than a single word. Many a times his master would only use gestures.

“This is the first time I am seeing you so anxious about something.” Housekeeper Alvin had a cup of tea in his hand, which he passed towards the master and spoke with a soft smile hanging on his lips.

“Looking at me like that won't help master! I have seen you since you were a child. You could have straight away ordered and we could have carried it but...” Housekeeper Alvin sighed softly before he stood in front of his master and shook his head with a mysterious smile laid on it, “It seems you wanted to play the game.”

Housekeeper Alvin did not speak a lot and was already used to his master not answering his words. Sometimes, even getting a reaction from him was like getting a second life.

Finishing whatever he wanted to say, he went back towards the flock of people rushing over here and there and asked them to clean and assign them their work for the day.

In the green mansion,

Mary did not realize when she fell asleep or if she fell unconscious but she was again woken up by her rumbling stomach which had now started protesting fiercely. As compared to earlier when she was awaken by hunger and had a little strength of moving, currently her body didn't even have the strength to lift her finger and her eyes were unable to stay open for a long time.

Mary was even unable to figure out how many days would have passed by since she was locked in the room which had no source of air or light.

Will her life be this dark from here on?

Will she stay here forever, from now?

These questions started revolving in Mary’s mind and just then, Mary heard some voices coming in.

When Mary was brought inside the room, she chose the spot far away in the corner from the door and huddled herself over there. Even when she woke up, she went towards the door but again after realizing that she cannot call anyone for help she went back and huddled in the same corner. Right now, Mary was able to hear faint noises from outside and wanted to know what was going on.

Having no power to even lift her fingers, she fell down, flat on the ground and started rolling her body going towards the door. With much pain, force and determination Mary reached towards the door and pressed her ears on it to hear what was going on.

“What are you all looking at? Go... Go away!” This were the words that Mary heard as soon as she pressed her ears to the door. Even though the words were very faint, the anger and the roar was familiar.

This was Walter Green. How could she forget his roar that she had just heard a couple of days ago.

This was surely Walter Green. Hearing such a loud roar from him, Mary's body trembled.

Various thoughts started surrounding in her mind. Walter Green was not there till now thus, Mary was quiet and calm. After all, her life and death cannot be decided by anyone else rather than him. Now that he had returned back, anxiousness and nervousness started taking place in her heart again. Her heart started beating faster with the thought of what is going to happen next.

Mary was unable to bear with the hunger and she again fell unconscious this time just besides the door.

The whole room was covered in darkness and no sound could be heard. While Mary was unconscious due to hunger, she heard soft footsteps approaching towards the room. Her subconscious mind wanted to say her to get up and move away from the door but her body was not responding. She knew what was going on, but she was unable to act according to the situation.

While Mary was struggling between her heart and mind to get up and move away from the door and huddle herself in the corner, she heard someone or more precisely a man's deep voice which Mary immediately understood was Walter Green, “How far did you lock her?”

It was clear that he was angry. Mary's heart trembled and her hands started shaking with nervousness. He was searching for her. He was coming at her.


To vent his anger?

Countless thoughts filled Mary’s heart.

Deciding to fight with her body, Mary tried to roll away from the door in order not to get hit by it. Just as Mary moved a little away from the door, *crack* a sound of door opening was heard and bright light shone on her face making her squint her eyes and in reflex she raised her hand with her palms stretched and cover her face with one hand.

As soon as the door opened, Walter Green’s sight landed on Mary who was rolling on the floor. He turned his head to the human maid who had locked Mary earlier, “Is she dead?”

Mary heard Walter green screaming at the human maid who had locked her here, in this dark room last time. Using her hand, that was stretched in front of her face, Mary slowly allowed her eyes to adjust to the bright light shining on her face following which,

she decided to move a little bit and get up else Walter green would start scolding her.

After all, how can a maid like Mary who had just entered lie down on the floor when her master was standing?

The human maid started trembling as she bowed her head trying to answer Walter Green's question. “That the food...” The human made started stuttering and tear started flowing through her eyes immediately.

“Food-what about food?” Getting irritated on the way the human maid was stalling time, Walter green became irritated and his hand clenched into fists and his wolf form started coming out making Mary's eyes widen.

Half of his face had now his wolf form while other half was his human form which showed that he was still able to maintain his rationality. Long ago Mary had heard that Werewolf’s would be unable to control their wolf form coming out only in some situations. One was their anger, during such time’s their wolf form becomes dominant and they starts losing their rationality. During the full moon night when they have their powers at their peak and their human form is unable to handle that amount of power due to which they had to come back to their Wolf form.

Even though Walter Green was angry and revealed his half human, half wolf form when she last saw him as well, she did not actually see him and was constantly looking at the ground. Right now, Mary had clearly seen him transferring between the wolf and human forms making her heart tremble in fear.

Just when Mary thought that this was it and she would not have to witness any further than this, suddenly Walter Green’s right hand started showing claws and in a split second he waved his hand from left to right passing through the human maid's neck. Blood started oozing out of the human maid's neck and she fell down on the ground with a plop.

Unable to control her thoughts after getting such a big scare, coupled with her hunger Mary felt dizzy and blacked out in the next moment.

“Useless Human’s!” Murmuring Walter Green turned around and left leaving the rest on Housekeeper Bernard.

The next time Mary woke up was not too long after the incident. This time, as compared to the dark room, Mary was in a little better room but it was still not like a regular room assigned to anyone to live.

Inside the room, there was just a single bulb and one small window at the extreme top where no one could reach. No other equipment’s or necessary items were there in the room that she was in and occasional oils splatters sand grain were seen splattered around.

It was probably one of the storage room of the Green mansion. There was no bed in the room but Mary was placed on a warm comfortable bed sheet and a soft comforter was pulled up on her body as well.

Just besides her, there was a plate filled with some food. As soon as Mary's eyes landed on the plate of food, her stomach started grumbling and she quickly grabbed the food and stuffed them in her mouth without thinking about anything else or looking around.

Housekeeper Bernard, who was keeping an eye on Mary from the other extreme end where she could not see him, saw this and smirked. Going towards Walter Green, he informed him, “Master, that girl seems to be awake and is eating now. Do you want to waste more food on her?”

Walter green laughed in a self-depreciating and mocking manner, “Food, I don't even want to waste my thoughts on her. Throw her out of the house, immediately.” As soon as Walter Green ordered housekeeper Bernard about it, he left the house in an angry tone leaving Housekeeper Bernard alone to deal with Mary.

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