The Secrets They Keep

The Secrets They Keep

By:  Jilguera  Completed
Language: English
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17-year-old Violet's life has been nothing out of the ordinary. That all changes the night a group of men break into her house, killing her parents, all in the name of some person called “The Alpha.” Now, Violet finds herself trapped in a web of lies, secrets, and werewolves. It's impossible to know who she can trust, but Violet must decide before she loses her heart and her life.

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45 chapters
Chapter 1
Hello, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my book. Update days will be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. This is a slow burn romance and expected to a longer book than what I usually write. I hope you enjoy it!~Jilguera******Violet always loved Tyra Cook’s songs, but as she scrolled through her newly ex-boyfriend’s Instagram feed, Tyra’s lyrics of heartbreak and betrayal were a balm that helped ease the ache of her own bruised heart. Though Brad had never cheated on her, Violet still felt betrayed. She got the whole long-distance relationships rarely work. She really did, but why end their relation
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Chapter 2
Violet sat in the lounge chair near the pool, enjoying the quiet early morning. She texted Liliane, telling her Violet’s parents wouldn’t let her go to Europe.~Lame! ~ Read more
Chapter 3
While the next few days passed, Violet’s anger simmered down to irritation. Her parents just didn’t get it and there was nothing she could do to help them understand. Putting on her new swimsuit. It was a black and white striped one-piece with the strips in the midsection changing direction so it looked like it was a wrap around her waist. She had fallen in love with it as soon as she saw it. Putting on her new lace shorts, Violet went into the backyard to join her parents and their guests. It was their annual ‘Start of Summer’ pool party thing. Most of the guests were people her parents worked with, but some of Violet’s fri
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Chapter 4
“Violet,” her mother yelled as soon as she saw the man drag Violet into the living room. “Hey! You let her go right now,” her father jumped in.Read more
Chapter 5
Violet felt numb as Jeremy led her out of her home and into a large SUV. “Let’s go,” he told the driver. Violet pressed her lips together as she watched her home grow smaller. Away from her parents. Away from all that was her life. Her eyes stung with tears, but this time they didn’t fall. She didn’t take her eyes off the house until it was gone. Violet looked out the window as they drove. Jeremy spoke softly with the man driving, but it all sounded like a dull buzz to her. The loss of everything had sucked her deep inside herself.

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Chapter 6
The rest of the day Jeremy and all the others kept their distance from Violet. There were a few times she swore she caught someone saying her name in a hushed whisper or people talking about ‘that human.’ All too aware of how they felt about her, Violet stayed in her corner, and only left to find the bathroom. Exhausted and worn thin, Violet tried to get some sleep. Yet, every time she closed her eyes, she heard the gun go off and her mother falling back onto the floor, blood pooling around her. When Sunday morning came around, Violet had perhaps five hours of sleep.

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Chapter 7
With her heart in her throat, Violet passed through the gate, towards the large house. More than ever, Violet wanted to turn and run as far as she could, but instead, she took one shaky step after another. As she reached the large wooden door, it opened before she could even lift her hand to knock. A man looking to be in his late forties opened the door wider for her to come inside. “Mrs. Chaplin will be here in a moment. Stay here,” he told her before disappearing into a room to her left.Read more
Chapter 8
The man rubbed his neck. Stress and terrible sleeping arrangements had kinked up the muscles. As he messaged out the knots in his neck, he couldn’t help feel a pang of loss for the large empty bed waiting for him at home and the warm body of the woman who used to share it with him. The pang of loss hit him hard, remembering she would never lay next to him again. She was gone, and it was all thanks to one Alpha Frank Dupree. He’d stolen her from him, not once, but twice. Biter bile filled his throat and mouth. Grabbing the half-empty alcohol bottle, he took a long drink. The burn of the alcohol wiping the nasty taste out of his mouth. Setting
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Chapter 9
Mrs. Chaplin led Violet through the house and into the kitchen. There a woman, perhaps in her thirties, with dirty blonde hair piled up on top of her head was barking orders to the three other people in the large kitchen. “Ah, Mrs. Chaplin, how’s everything today. Got something for me?” she asked, seeing the governess. Read more
Chapter 10
Violet tried. She really did, but how was she to know cooking would be so hard. While trying not to lag behind, she had dumped near a dozen whipped eggs on the floor and according to the graying woman, cut onions worse than a three-year-old on a sugar high. How was it even possible to cut something so each piece would be the same size. That seemed impossible! Yet, she tried and failed. Violet saw the way they were all looking at her too. They knew. They knew she had no idea what the hell she was doing.  What was she going to do? If they found out she had no experience as a cook, how much harder would they look at her? By the time breakfast was done
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