Payment To the Alpha

Payment To the Alpha

By:  Ms.M  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when a young girl, unbeknown to the world of creatures, meets the all mighty alpha? Avery Simmons is an 18 year old girl. She believes she has life all figured out. Love, school, work and family. James Knig is 23, powerful and ready to claim what is his. What will happen when Averys identity comes to life? what will happen when she finds out who she really is and that she has been sold to the most powerful alpha in the United States, before she was even born?Blurb:”Im not marrying you” I said as I slowly opened my eyes. My voice was trebling. ”Yes you are.” Was his only response before removing his hands and freeing me from the little cage I was put in. I let out a heavy sigh and then looked back up at him. Tears still streaming down my face. ” Whether it be by choice or by force Avery, you will marry me.” Follow James and Avery on their journey through hate, love, deceit, possevines, and power.Cover designed by MiblArt™

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79 chapters
Chapter 1.
Avery POV * * * * * * * *    I stared at him as he was holding the pen and writing notes, his eyes moving as he read through the history book and his tense jaw biting together as it does when he is focused
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Chapter 2.
Averys POV * * * * * * * * I hastily picked up my phone and saw that I had no missed calls or texts from my parents. How come? Did they not notice that I wasn't home all night? What's going on? Whenever they didn't hear from my brother, if he missed to call them once a week they would be on the first flight to go and check on him. My brother lived in another town since man
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Chapter 3.
Averys POV * * * * * * * * What the hell? Lydia tilted her head toward me and whispered into my ear  "Someones got their eyes on you." 

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Chapter 4.
James POV * * * * * * * * * What's happening to her?  She’s looking around the room frantically as if she's about to pass out.
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Chapter 5.
Averys POV * * * * * * * * My head kept looking around at my surroundings in shock before I snapped my eyes back at his, my heart beating fast and my mouth open, I licked my lips and shook my head to regain the ability to speak. ”Did we? Uhm…we didn't right?"

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Chapter 6.
Averys POV * * * * * * * * I had just gotten out of the shower and was wrapping myself in a towel. The water had felt so good against my skin. I must have been in there for at least 30 minutes. At one point, I had to hold on to the wall so that I wouldn't fall asleep. Once I got out of the bathroom, I was greeted by a woman in her 40’s. She had a big smile on her face and
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Chapter 7.
James POV* * * * * * * * *  As we sat around the table, everyone started talking to Avery, they showed great interest in her and her family but all I could think of was the sight of her walking down those
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Chapter 8.
Averys POV* * * * * * * *As we came to my room I opened the door and as I was about to close it, James let himself in and then closed it behind him. I went to get some pj’s that Amber had laid out for me, it was more like a nightgown and I hissed at the sight, not really what I was used to wearing. I placed the gown back on the drawer.I quickly got caught up in my ow
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Chapter 9.
Avery's POV* * * * * * * * I woke up to the sun being in through the window, hitting my face with its warm embrace, I opened my eyes and sat myself up on the bed touching the warm floor with the tip of my toes.Today is the day, the day I’m leaving with a family I just met to spend a few days with a man I just met… what is wrong with you Avery? Every singl
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Chapter 10.
James POV* * * * * * * ” Alice went to get Avery. When she comes down I want everybody to be happy and talkative, there should not be any silent moment for more than five minutes or she will have too much time to reconsider the plans. Is that understood?”I said as we were standing beside each other in the dining hall. In a symphony-like way Amber, Alex, Ge
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