The chiseler (BlackBook 4)

The chiseler (BlackBook 4)

By:  Zagzahzlau  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eloïse Woods, who adheres to her mom's footsteps in becoming an Ankara fashion designer, Meets the elegant embodiment of a telenovela model. Like water to a dying plant is this mysterious man to a desiccating heart. Eloïse breaks the suffocating chains of her dad's guidance as she plunges into the arms of the first man she decides to donate her heart to. A building begins to crumble, Fingers are pointed, Someone is used, A heart is broken. Can every broken heart really be mended?

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24 Chapters
Hey beautiful humans. Welcome to The Chiseler BB4 (Blackbook 4) of the Woods series. Have you checked out BB1, BB2, and BB3 yet? If yes, congratulations🙂 if no, pls do check it out. Love you all much much. Your Author Zagzahzlau. ~••~ "The shade, tsk tsk, I don't like it," I said whilst punching my phone. My friends--Marila and Bennie--had managed to pull me out of my cocoon from the comfort of my beddings tenderness on a Saturday afternoon to the Mall out of my very own wish. Traditional purchase was my weak bone, but lately, I hadn't been in the mood for it for reasons not worth mentioning. Not yet. "Are you serious right now, Eloïse?" Marila scolded, resting both arms on her hourglass waist. "This is like...the twenty-third dress you are condemning without even sparing it a glance." For the first time in an hour did I lift my orbs off of my phone to collide with a furious set of hooded amber eyes. Marila was an exemplar of perfection; tall she was, with prominent curves an
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Chapter 1
2 years later. "What on planet Earth is this?" Eloise scolded no one in particular. "Because I said 'something colorful' doesn't necessarily mean I required a rainbow," she gripped a piece of fabric from a dress already fitted on a mannequin doll. "Look at this, where the hell is this cheap fabric from? I can't remember purchasing this. Jesus," She facepalmed. "Unstitch this. It makes no sense to the design and please be snappy about it girls." "You need to calm down Eloise." Her mum muttered from behind her in her usual soothing voice. Her dyed honey brown hair carefully knitted into a single French braid. She had on her warm smile-the smile which often interpreted her words-pasted on an ever-young-looking exquisite chocolate visage. Her mum was an independent and strong lady whom she had grown up to admire. She possessed a love which couldn't be extinguished. "Mum, you know I can't calm down," she scowled, making sure to pull the latter words. "The SS20 Fashion Show will be du
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Chapter 2
"Relax, Eloïse," Marila consoled, "don't be so rigid. Move around, get acquainted, drink more. It's my birthday and this is all I wish for," she suddenly feigned drastic sadness, "Unless...unless you don't want me happy tonight. I mean, I understand that--" Eloïse rolled her eyes, "ok, fine, fine. No need to be this dramatic. But I won't get that wasted. Dad wants me home in one piece." Marila squealed, swiftly kissed her friend, and snaked to a pool of boys seated at the far end of the dim room. Eloïse wanted to dot out. She didn't like the crowd, the ear-splitting music, the fact that she knew little to no one in the party besides her best friends, she hated the stench of alcohol as it only made her remember the puke she had seen and smelled earlier that evening. Now, she knew not if her absence of socialism was associated with the fact that her dad had begun depriving her of such two years before she hit puberty. Everyone knows how that period of one's life can take a pretty big
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Chapter 3
Eloïse sauntered into the kitchen, mesmerized by the sweet scent of vanilla-flavored pancakes, where she met her mum was serenely flipping through the pages of a magazine in front of a cup of coffee as always. "Good morning, mum," she kissed her mum and drove straight to the fridge, plucked out a bottle of fresh milk, and returned to the island. "Any updates on the show?" "Nothing worth the worry." She shut her magazine portraying a fishy grin that made Eloïse want to join her friends back in bed. The latter who had begun developing a nauseating feeling of paranoia focused her attention on anything else but her mum with a grimace yet a flush. Zaphrina hummed in one of her many subversive tunes, "What's his name? How's he? Did he ask you out?" She attacked. "Jesus, mum! I didn't even attempt to open my lips." "You didn't have to, your face said it all. Come on, sweetheart," Zaphrina nearly squealed. Again, Eloïse grimaced. Heaven knew how much she wanted to spend more time with
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Chapter 4
So far looked good. Backstage was as busy as a beehive with professional hairstylists and makeup artists scrambling from left to right. Eloïse whose curiosity peeked, sneaked out of the fuss for a little spy stroll. She leaped with joy when, during her scan, Leonard LeBeau an executive from one of the renowned department boutiques in New York came in sight. He had the front row together with his associates. Her eyes scanned again from behind the curtains and she could see some of her favorite stylists. She mentally noted to have their autographs immediately after the show. There too she spotted Lupita Nyong'o and Coco Jones. Eloïse began to hyperventilate again. One would think it was her first time but of course it was since the last year an exam came along the way, two years ago, the invited celebrities didn't show up. "Eloïse," her mother called from backstage, "we need you here, please. Winnie's skirt needs a little adjustment and Edward's trousers too." "Ahh, I'm so happy ever
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Chapter 5
"What are you doing here?" "Craig as in Craig from the birthday?" Her mum asked, appalled. " my mum," Eloïse casually introduced. "Zaphrina Woods," Zaphrina gleefully extended her hand which the young boy kissed its back instead of shaking it. "Oh." "It is an honor to finally meet you in person, Mrs. Woods," Zaphrina barely tilted her head with questioning brows. "I am Craig Donnelly, nothing but an ordinary devotee of yours." "A fan? How incredible." He singly nodded with gentleness then diverted a placid gaze to Jeremy. "What happened?" Zaphrina and Eloïse's eyes fluctuated from one man to the other, bewildered.Jeremy lowered his head remorsefully. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Mrs. Woods. My cousin here messed up a good fraction of the show and I'm immensely ashamed," he shot Jeremy a deadly stare, "My pleas of being extra careful and alerted, considering how important this show is to you, unfortunately, was water on a duck's back." "Your cousin," Zaphrina's b
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Chapter 6*
She looked quaint in all her glory,Modest, absolute yet peppy.Twice in sight and all I'm gone,Will I ever see her again when all this is done?An instant I wish,To see thy imperfections nearest,An instant I wish,I could heed thy voice, dearest. Confess my name once and down the hill I shall tumble.Confess my name once and down my heart shall stumble. "Hmm. Still fantasizing, eh?" The voice startled the young boy inducing him to shut his biro in his journal to offer his entire attention to his friend. "She's not your league, Greene, even in the dream world," The chunky man consoled in his usual way with a light tap on the blonde-haired boy's shoulders. "Here, I got something to eat." He dropped an opaque plastic bag of laminated loaf on the tattered three-legged mite-eaten study table. The young boy stared at the loaf as if it had offended him in his previous life. "Don't stare at it that way," he plopped on a mouse deformed sofa with a heavy huff. "If anything, give it than
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Chapter 7
Marila posed into a straight face statue on Eloïse's bed, her legs yoga folded and said nothing. They'd all returned home after a partially good stroke not so good show: at least she's had the opportunity to see Craig again and talked to him longer than their first, contrarily, she'd missed the exhibit of her second haute couture after improperly digesting the prior. And not to forget, she'd missed encountering Leo, Mary Mcbourne, and the celebrities. What a drastic loss. Hopefully they showed up in the days to come. "You're getting annoying with this, Marila." Eloïse, while on the vanity mirror, unclipped her leaf filigree earrings and carefully placed it in her jewelry box. "He's not that...straightfaced." She made a face before releasing the last word. After deserting her father, who had driven them home and thought she had wasted so much time than necessary for a lady in the restroom, her friends had their eyes bulging out like a scroll and Marila won't stop asking her repeated
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Chapter 8
It was the last day of the fashion week, Eloïse, fortunately, got to meet Coco again and had an autograph. Unfortunately, she didn't get to see Lupita but at least other celebrities showed up though she wasn't much into them like Bennie and Marila were. In the course of the event, Eloïse had been neck-stretching into the crowd hoping to see Craig, hoping he'd not left, hoping something held him back but all hopes shattered at his absence. Sometimes, she'd been tempted to go to the electrical district but ended up biting back from it. Her opinion or query wasn't going to change a thing. Nonetheless, Eloïse's heart was like parceled granulated sugar since her mum informed her a day ago that Leonard called to have a dialogue about her haute couture, and tomorrow she'll be meeting him. Her head screamed with joy. Her dream of becoming a renowned fashion designer was a step away. The sad thing about the day was her friends left at dusk. They'd planned on visiting
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Chapter 9
Eloïse froze. She scanned for an ounce of prank on her friends faces but there was none. They could be mistaken. The only person she knew Marila to have a problem with his facial expressions was Craig and she knew him not to be in town since the previous day. "Who is it?" She quizzed with uncertainty, flickering her gaze from sterling grey to bluish-green eyes. "Hello, Ladies." She heard a familiar yet shocking nectareous melody that led to a charming demeanor in a body-clinging tee on a pair of three-quarter leg Bermuda cargo shorts. It was her first time to see him in casuals, he looked wonderfully dashing. In his grip was an opaque white biodegradable plastic bag. His lips twitched to a barely noticeable side smile. Eloïse's breathe stuck midway through her trachea with her eyes, widened like saucers. "Hi, Craig," her friends responded in unison. "I...uh...thought you left." "Thought I would. Unfortunately, circumstances didn't let me." Marila pretentiously cleared her throa
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