You Are My Destiny

You Are My Destiny

By:  Rinia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Hyerin Delaxa. An only child in the family. In the midst of the conditions during his college education, he couldn't help but be arranged with someone who had been his childhood friend. Deri Cloriea. The always ferfectionist and mature person. .ignorant, do not care about anything but want to make the family happy. Deri actually has a girlfriend. Then what will happen? There are many stories here. There are many figures and points of view. What will you think? A wide variety of characters will be seen and discovered shortly after this. .one by one the characters will look like and as they should. See and feel it. Let's just read and understand ..

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45 chapters
The Beginning Of The Story
"Unfortunately, after eating, come to the family room."I nodded and smiled at Mama while my mouth was still busy chewing food.My full name is Hyerin Delaxa. I am the only child in this family. Now I am in college and am in semester IV. I'm grateful that Mama and Papa don't push their wills too hard on me.It was proven when I told them that they wanted to continue their education in Child Psychology because they liked children. Even though my parents hoped that I would become a doctor because when I was in high school I majored in Science and was an outstanding student.But they agreed to my request and didn't get angry when they heard it. It's just that with one condition, I have to take two paths of education. Apart from studying I also took health courses. No problem. I also really like Biology so I am not too burdened by their terms. In addition, after graduating from S1 I intend to continue my education in the health sector.I thought about stepping
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The First Meet
I walked slowly to the dining table. Usually I'm always excited when it comes to food. But now, I don't even feel like staring at the extra spicy fried chicken in front of me. Geez..., even though it was my favorite menu before last night's talk really disturbed my mood this early."Honey, tonight Mr. Cloriea's family is visiting our house. You go straight home after college and help Mama prepare a meal to welcome them."I, who was eating with a half forced reflex, saw Mama."They're coming tonight, so fast."I winced softly when I realized what I said."Dela. Eat right. Papa knew everything was sudden. But you shouldn't be like that."I froze at Papa's words then nodded. Since last night's conversation I felt he was talking more and more."Ma, what..., I know the person who will be arranged with me? And does he also know me?"I asked after finishing the meal.I am grateful that my portion of food did not decrease at all
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I was shocked that could only speak like that. Why did I suddenly bring my cousin who was out of town?I winced slowly at the stupid words while the two families laughed. I immediately cast a look of displeasure at the ice man. While he was still true to his expression without any changes. That's right, I'd better call him the ice man.“Thank you for the food, Madame Hyehe and Mr. Dexa. Well, let's get to the point. Deri, Dela you guys are getting married in June. Papa think two months is enough time for you to get to know each other.""Oh yes..., now please go to another place to exchange ideas and get acquainted further."I, who didn't want to embarrass myself anymore, immediately moved away after paying respect to them. It's not that I'm excited, but I don't want to look stupid the second time around.I continued to stare at the ice man's back. I could not understand what was so special about him that Papa and Mama were very excited to "gi
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Friends Are There For Us
"I didn't mean it, but that's what I thought."I said smiling half forced."Okay. I will help you oversee the relationship between Deri and Dzrilla. But during that time, you must promise to really use the two months your family has given you to get to know each other better. If you do not feel compatible with Kak Deri or I find something strange in their love relationship, I will work with you to thwart the match."Really, didn't I hear wrong?Hiery wants to get involved in this matter and offer to help me. Everything is not as easy as turning your palm, but these words make me feel not alone.I, who think just like that, still can't cover up feeling happy, shocked and shocked too much. Hiery is indeed a good friend. But he was very careful about meddling in family-related matters. It is a very sensitive problem."Don't forget, we'll go to the library later."I smiled at Hiery Mairy's encouraging invitation.☼☼☼☼☼I got
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Walk Together With Him
"Finish the food. After this we go to the shop earlier."I returned to eating activities. Every now and then I watched him play the tablet. I thought he was doing office work, but the name Dzrilla suddenly crossed my mind.Ask, no. Ask, no?I have the right to know the story of their relationship. But I feel uncomfortable when I mention it. The sad face of the iceman last night showed that he was trying to cut the relationship as best he could, even about the feelings of the two."Why?"I feel weird. If I'm confused, I act like an uneasy person. And the ice man noticed. His level of sensitivity made me have to be extra careful in taking action."It is nothing.""Just say it. I know you are thinking of something."Checkmate. My expression was exactly like a thief caught in the act. Come on Dela..., he just says 'you're thinking about something' not necessarily he knows what you're thinking.“I think being the CEO is very troub
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Different Point Of View
~Naira Audzrilla~My eyes wandered away. Memories of two weeks ago took over my mind. I understand the reason he did everything. Right now..., I just miss the moment with him.I know this isn't true, but the memory just comes without being able to prevent it."Deri. Why don't you want to fight for our relationship?"I imagined the things that made us in a relationship. At that time he was still a friend. We met at the library..., I who are of mixed Indonesian and American descent, have special access to be more familiar with him.At that time he easily said that he was tired of using foreign languages, he really missed the language of his birthplace.I smiled at the thought then looked at our picture."Goodbye Deri. Wish you happiness. Maybe it's better if we just be friends."Correct. Tomorrow I will fly to Indonesia to learn to take care of the family business as well as move campuses. I'm going to settle down and spend time
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Relationship Breaker?
"Er... Hiery, do you think I look like a relationship breaker?"I don't know what I'm thinking. I just want to hear Hiery's opinion."Do you think?""Gosh, I asked you but you asked back."I said, pursing my mouth. If I'm upset my lips can move a few inches.“Brother Deri and Dzrilla match. But their relationship is only in the past. Here you guys are arranged so I don't think you're wrong. We'll see the progress."“He said his family already knew that he already had a girlfriend. Then why do they keep matching us? It will only hurt one of us. And it starts from Dzrilla.""Hey, if it's not yet a match, that's how it is. Take it easy the ribs will not be swapped.""I have no idea. this relationship made me confused and scared. You're the one who told me to mean it. So sooner or later there will be feelings that I don't know what it is.""Then you are meant to live together.""What's living together, I s
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Something New
"Oh yes. Sorry Ner, I'll think about it later,"I said finally."Dela I really ask your help. I on behalf of Ziyath Press chairman hope you can help us."I laughed half forced. I know Neron doesn't have any intention except for the things he talked about earlier but I have to be careful with him, I mean the people who admire him."Yes Ner, as long as your fans don't make strange news I will definitely help UKM Press."I paused for a moment, it seems I said wrong."I mean, if we can manage the timing I'll participate."I said with a makeshift laugh. It's definitely not my usual self. Why can I turn out like this?"Of course Dela, we will adjust your schedule. Thank you for the help.""You're welcome."And the call was stopped. I grimaced softly. Hopefully there won't be any strange news after this."Oh yes, I can ask Hiery to accompany me. Aish..., why don't you think?"I smiled briefly before continu
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My Plan
"There are still some people who take part in the competition. How about you ask one of them for help?""Ah, right.""They have often participated in UKM Press activities. And now we want to find new sources. Are you really unable to help Namith Zela University Ziyath Press UKM?"Ah..., Neron mentioned the name of UKM Press with campus at the same time. I can't bear to hear it Besides that. I, who was very proud and had a sense of belonging to the campus, was very touched to hear that sentence."Okay l will. I ask for guidance and patience from Ziyath Press Student Activity Unit because this is the first time for me."Hiery looked at me in shock. I also don't understand why I'm acting like this. But when it comes to the name of the campus, I can't tug like that.Since the beginning, this has been a campus activity. I was just too shocked when I heard that there was going to be a video."Thank's Hyerin Delaxa.""You're welcome."
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Meet Dzrilla
I waited anxiously for Dzrilla. I cursed myself for coming to the restaurant too soon and now I even look uneasy like this. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly."Calm down Dela, calm down.""Hello Dela.""Jeez."I was shocked to death to hear the voice of the person who had just come."Are you okay?"Dzrilla held my shoulder."Yes, l'm fine."My eyes fixed on seeing someone who was with Dzrilla. His face looks really cool. As if he understood the direction of my gaze, Dzrilla immediately introduced the person."Dela introduced my cousin, his name is Dinar.""Dela."We shake each other."Why did Dzrilla even invite his cousin?"Dzrilla's cousin then ordered food. I waited for 12 minutes accompanied by five glasses of hot chocolate that had been empty since earlier. The plan was that I wanted to order the sixth glass if I didn't remember the large number of glasses."Dela really likes
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