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PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE THE STORY. . . King's p.o.v "Do you take king as your loving wedded husband, in sickness and in heal...... "No I don't" Isabel answered coldly cutting the priests question short. Everyone murmured as my heart beat wildly in fear. "Isabel" I whispered. She faced me seriously then sighed. "I'm sorry king, I just can't marry you, I'm not in love with you" she answered loudly as people gasped. "But my love, you said that you loved me" I said pleadingly. "I lied okay!, I'm in love with someone else!" she screamed as I felt my heart ache in pain. "If there is something I did wrong, please do forgive me, if it's more money you want I can give you, you can have my black card and everything" I begged then lifted my trembling hands and held her's in mine. "That's it!, no how much money I get or how much jewelry you give me, I just can't stay, you are so fucking rich that your wealth will never end easily, thanks for loving me blindly, because of you, I'm now very rich with your money" She answered.

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45 Chapters
1. Suck it
King's p.o.v   "Do you take king as your loving wedded husband, in sickness and in heal......    "No I don't" Isabel answered coldly cutting the priests question short.    Everyone murmured as my heart beat wildly in fear.    "Isabel" I whispered.    She faced me seriously then sighed.   "I'm sorry king, I just can't marry you, I'm not in love with you" she answered loudly as people gasped.    "But my love, you said that you loved me" I said pleadingly.    "I lied okay!, I'm in love with someone else!" she screamed as I felt my heart ache in pain.   
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2. He is my type
Ariana's p.o.v   I was so over the moon when my Superior at work gave me the contract I had been praying for, I was to supervise the construction that was going to cover all of my problems, I really needed the money a lot, the only condition I hated in the contract was the fact that I had to stay in the same house as the owner of the house, Mr Edih, and rumor was spreading around of how he was a total womanizer, but according to all the woman he was a Greek god in the flesh that was worth dying for.    I wasn't very pretty, but I was sure I was somehow attractive, I mean I stood at 6'0, slim with a fair skin and medium breast, I wasn't that bad at all.    I was sitting in the car that had been on the road for more than two hours, looking at the prints of the place I had to supervise, the driver was kind enough to let me be, without be
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3. Slightly turned on
Chapter contains smut (18+)   Ariana's p.o.v   I was woken up by loud music, I rubbed my eyes then looked at the small clock that was on my beside table (05 Am) this was way to early than the time I usually woke up.    I stood up and went out of my room, I followed the sound of music downstairs and into an open room where loud moans were coming from, I stood frozen watching what was happening in front of me.    A naked lady had her hands pressed on the wall to balance herself, she was moaning loudly with her eyes closed while the man that stood behind her was thrusting in her with low groans.    "King its so deep" she moaned out loudly.    I was about to move and turn back when the guy
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4. Big jerk
Ariana's p.o.v   I felt beyond awkward as I stood watching king kissing with a blond lady.    She pulled back when he groped her ass, I tensed with wide eyes in shock, why was I the only one seeing such crap since morning.    "Honey I love the blue diamond earrings that you had sent for me, I want to thank you personally in your bed" she whispered as I chucked mockingly.    What a gold digger, this type of woman was the bad type that lead all men to think that all women were the same, she was so shameless.    "Not today babe, I have work to take care of, how about you let Chris drive you home, you need to rest, a beautiful body such as yours needs care" he whispered as she giggled loudly, I couldn't hold back the laughter I felt, I
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5. Are you fucking kidding me
King's p.o.v   The past week was so amusing, Ariana was very busy with the construction, and she was angry with with me for teasing her, every room that she walked in she found me naked making out with different kind of women, the thing she never knew was the fact that I rarely slept around, yes I usually invited some women for a drink while others came on their own to try and fuck me, which I did turn down, I made out with lot of ladies but pulled back when thing's were about to go all the way and get serious, women were fun to play around with but I still felt so uncomfortable about it.    After taking a bath I walked out of the house and saw Ariana talking to Pete, when Pete saw me approaching them he excused himself and left to prepare my car, he knew today we had an important meeting that required my presence.    "Morning" I gree
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6. My answer
Ariana's p.o.v   I was shocked and embarrassed over the kiss king had forced on me yesterday, was I that weak towards him?, How could I respond to him that easily.    I was so upsent minded the whole afternoon, when Pete called me for dinner I went downstairs and almost fell down on the steps, I sat down next to Pete while king sat opposite me, we all began eating in silence.    "How is the construction going?" Pete asked softly.    "Well not bad, since I have a crew it will be faster to finish up" I answered then looked at king who was acting as if nothing had happened.    He was calmly eating his food and avoiding my gaze, I felt my heart ache.    How could he act like we didn't
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7. Afriad of being his true self
Ariana's p.o.v   I tried to fall asleep but it was of no use, I tossed and turned in my bed thinking about the story Pete had told me, I stood up and came out of my room then went downstairs, I was about to go in the kitchen when I heard a piano playing in the living room, the sorrowful melody that was playing made me feel sad, it was a song i liked hearing on the radio called a cry for help, I slowly walked in and looked at king who was sitting in front of the piano without a shirt playing.    His eyes were closed and he looked calm, I took a step forward wanting to get closer to him, he stopped playing and looked at me, his eyes and face held sadness for a second then he smiled covering it up with his normal cheerfulness.    "Hey, you can't sleep too?" He asked.    "No" I answered.
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8. A shame we didn't meet earlier
Ariana's p.o.v   I woke up early and took a bath then went downstairs, today I wanted only to focus on work, I walked in the dinning room and found everyone drinking tea, I sat next to Pete with a smile.    "Morning" I greeted.    "Morning" he answered back.    "Sorry but who is she?" Karen asked while staring at me.    "She's an architecture working on the construction here" king answered without looking at me.    The maid walked in and began serving us.    "After breakfast I'm going to the lake, Ariana do you want to join me?" Pete asked with a smile.    Yesterday king made eve
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9. Don't feel, don't fall
King's p.o.v   We reached my beach which I called my private island, I stepped out of the boat then helped her out.    "Where are we?" She asked while looking around.   "This is my private island" I answered .  She gasped when she saw a beer counter that was ahead of us.    "Well, feel free to get a drink, there is a bartender there, his more like an old friend of mine who stays here" I said as she removed her shoes and ran into the water with laughter.    "Guess she was admiring the opposite of what I was thinking she was" I muttered to myself then went to the counter were I found Abu looking at Ariana with a smile.    "I can't believe you came with a lady her
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10. Remember, I'm the jerk womanizer
Ariana's p.o.v   I was feeling tipsy but I wasn't really drunk, or was I? Whatever, I just wanted to play a trick on him, I didn't know I could end up scaring him that much, I slowly stood up with weak knees and followed him to the counter were I found him drinking whiskey from a bottle, I sat next to him feeling bad.    "I'm sorry" I whispered.    He continued drinking in silence.    "I hate womanizers" I said honestly.    "I know" he answered then faced me.    "But it feels different with you" I said honestly.    "Different?" He asked.    "Yes, you see my ex boyfriend the man I
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