Sold To Him; My Ruthless CEO!

Sold To Him; My Ruthless CEO!

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Demonise was a woman who loved a man named Fergus De Villa with all of her heart. But her three years of suffering from a marriage that was like hell made her realized that it was not worth it anymore. However, when she was already willing to let go, he became furious and wild. Trapping her and owning her again and again, she decided to hide and go away. After five years playing hide and seek, she found herself in an auction and was being bought by a man. A man that was her nightmare five years ago. Nevertheless, there was a secret that she shouldn't spill out. A secret that would surely trap her in his arms forever. Will she be able to forgive him after she became his slave? Will their past be a hindrance? Or will their toxic relationship becomes her sweetest nightmare? "I gave you five years of freedom. I guess it's time for you to come home." He whispered near her ears as his fingers were crawling under her shirt. "I miss you. Specially when you're under me. Naked." **** WARNING! Only 18+ are allowed to read this dark story of mine. Thank you! PS: 'CLAIMED BY MY EX-HUSBAND' is the story of their son Black De Villa. It's also available here!

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80 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Glimpse Of The Future
"Number 15 owned the spot . Who wants to bid higher?” I slowly opened my eyes as I heard some voices that were almost a whisper. I felt the pain on my back and a little hustle in a cold bluster as my hair was untied and my visions were blurred. "1.2 million!" "1.5 million!" "1.8 million!" "She's actually a high quality and a face that men would give their devotion to. Even two-million isn't enough. Bid higher for a higher possibility of owning her!" As I lifted my head while my sight was slowly regaining its conceit, I noticed different person with names in the industry. They're wickedly aiming for something, for someone? "Oh! The beauty had increment her consciousness." With a confused look in my dark-brown eyes, I started to wonder and realized.  Hell no! I'm in an auction! "Let go of me! Why the hell am I even here?!" I started to scrabbled and even screamed as if my lungs would lost my heart. I knew what they're doing.
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Chapter 2: " The Real Start "
  5 YEARS AGO… “You want this right? Then face the consequences!“ He tightened his grip on my wrist and dragged me to bed. Anger was visible in his well-dim eyes, like fireworks in the night. “I’m begging you Fergus! Don’t do this to me!“ I shouted and tried to run away from his torture but he’s too strong. He easily torn my clothes then climbed up on top of me.  “Don’t do this. P-please don’t!“ I begged for his mercy but he didn’t listen. Instead, he bit my neck and put hickeys on it. “Don’t!“ I begged once again but still no response. “You want me right?” “You want money and my fame! You ruined my happiness Demonise!“ Anger was there with a hint of disgust. I scrambled as much as I could but my strength couldn’t be compared to his. From another time around, he ruined my innocence and purity. One night wasn’t enough to settle his anger towards me. For three years, I’ve been in hell with his punishments.  Read more
Chapter 3: " Shopping "
Demonise POV: “I’m full.“ Aziyah licked the spoon and put it on the bowl of soup that was now empty. She’s sitting next to Fergus while he’s staring at her with so much affection in his dim eyes. “Instead of having fun indoors, how about we go shopping instead?” I witnessed how she chained her hands on Fergus. But in Fergus' eyes, I could see no disgust but fondness. “But you said your dizzy? Are you fine now babe?“ Standing next to them and hearing their lovey-dovey conversation made my heart aches. I was supposed to be the one whom he cared the most, but why did he let me feel that I’m not even worthy to be stared? “I’m fine babe. Let’s go shopping? You know that I want to spend time with you.“ Aziyah leaned her head on Fergus' shoulders. He didn’t even got angry about it like what he always did to me. Instead, he caressed her hair and stared at her with pure contentment. I felt a bang of pain in my chest when I saw him smiling. His smile th
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Chapter 4: " Jealous? "
Demonise POV: “What brought you here, Timothy?“ Fergus' eyes were so sharp that you can feel the chills deep inside. Aziyah on the other hand was confused and obviously not aware of what’s coming next. “I came here to wonder around, and I met Dem here.“ He normally said and tilted his head to see who’s with Fergus. Knowing that Tim might know about Aziyah, I got panicked and didn’t know what to do. “Who’s she? A business partner?“ He asked and looked at me. I could feel that my hands were sweating. I didn’t have a clue on how would he react if ever he would find out that Fergus was not good to me at all. “I-I ahmm… S-she's his….“ I’m loss of words and I didn’t know how to say it. I looked at Fergus, my eyes were begging for him to help me, but I didn’t get any response. “Are you Timothy? The owner of Diamond corporation?“ I was awakened from my thoughts when Aziyah suddenly asked my cousin.  Does she know about my cousin’s identit
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Chapter 5: " This Sweet Silly Feelings "
Demonise POV: “Come here…“  He demanded. We had arrived at our house ten minutes ago and now, I’m facing a huge burden.  “Do you hear me Demonise? You know I hate repeating myself.“ He continued while remaining his bossy posture. “I don’t want to! You'll beat me again.“ I said trying to hide my weak side but I failed. He’s seriously gazing at me. He’s now sitting on my bed while I’m still standing near the door. “I won’t…“ He stared at me and licked his lower lip. “I won’t if you’ll follow my orders.“ Hearing him saying these statements made me bit my lip. I’m trembling and I know that he could sensed it. “You’ll punish me again! I hate it when you let me feel that I’m worthless.” I stated. Trying to hide the pain and my anger. For the first time in my life, I took a chance to say what my mind wants to say to him. “I don’t want to repeat myself again Demonise. Come closer!“ I could barely hear his hard tone. I didn’t blink fo
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Chapter 6: " One More Pain And I'll Give Up! "
Demonise POV: “You’re innocent Demonise. Keep that to your beautiful mind.“ I mumbled to myself then started to walk downstairs.  Even if my body was currently moving, my mind was filled with thoughts. Specially when my mind pictures out Fergus' whole. “Silly me!“ I said to myself as I was poking my head to wake up from my erotic imaginations.  I reached the living room and sat at the sofa near the center table. I opened the TV and watched Tom and Jerry. “How come Tom isn’t tired after chasing Jerry for a hundreds of times?“ I asked myself. I didn’t know why but I’m jealous to Jerry. Tom always chased him but always end up getting in trouble. “I wish I was Jerry…“ I whispered as I was insecure.  “You want to be a rat?“ I almost jump out of the sofa because of shock. I moved my head and noticed that Fergus was already at my left side. “Maybe…” I simply said and looked at his laptop that was in his right ha
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Chapter 7: " Tasty Dishes "
Fergus POV:“ Why are you making it hard for me? “ I whispered in her ears and stared at his innocent face. Watching her sleeping peacefully in bed, was always been my daily routine for five years.Knowing that she hated me makes me feel ashamed of my whole existence. “ Darn it! Why are you so hard-headed? “ I asked her even if I know that she’s still in her deep sleep.I observed her face once again then stand up and turned around. “ Maybe you’ll not gonna understand this for now, ------- “ I glance at her, lying in bed.“ But I know that you’ll be aware of the truth, sooner or later honey… “ I murmured and walked away from her. I don’t wanna ruin such a beauty, but I don’t have a chance but to risk my happiness for her.Demonise POV:I slowly opened my eyes as a ray of sunlight made my eyes wonder. I regain my consciousness and rubbed my eyes using my fingers.“ Such a wonderful sunlight. “ I stated as I witnessed a beautiful sunrise from
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Chapter 8: " Loving Myself Is The Best Option "
Timothy POV: “ But dad! “ I wanted to scream and let the whole universe know that I owned her, but I don’t have the power and authority to do so. “ I already warned you about it Timothy! You keep on doing what you want without thinking about the consequence. “ My father glared at me and stand up. “ I’m leaving. “ He said before leaving the office.I’m currently in my office right now, organizing everything but my mind is in a mess. “ Why can’t I stop thinking about you?... “ I whispered as I began to explore my thoughts.From the first time that I have seen her, she became an apple of my eye. I always wanted to tell her about how I feel, but that man keeps on bragging me. Damn him!“ Someday, you’ll gonna be my property. “ I said trying to fill the loneliness inside my heart. Back when we were kids, she always took care of me and will wait for me to play with her.But when he came in the picture, everything changes. Her attention, her
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Chapter 9: " My Decision Is Final "
Author's POV:Right after Demonise run, Fergus stand up as fast as he can, making Aziyah fall off the floor.“ Aww! “ Aziyah exclaimed when he felt the pain in her butt. Fergus didn’t bother to look at her, instead, he run towards Min and punch him that causes Min to spit blood.“ What the hell is your problem man?! “ He shouted after he fell on the floor. “ Why the heck did you punch me?! “ Min glared at him but suddenly looked away when he saw Fergus' eyes. It’s dangerous and full of anger.“ Why did you bring her here? Did you intentionally do it? “ Fergus shouted as if he would eat him alive. Aziyah in the other hand was frozen, she couldn’t believe that Fergus would react that way just because his helper saw them so intimate.“ I didn’t bring your wife here man! She said that she’ll visit you and we coincidentally saw each other. “ Min explained as he feels that Fergus' would literally kill him if he don’t speak up.“ W-wife? “ Minmin's atten
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Chapter 10: " Run Away "
Demonise POV:“ l love you… “ I woke up in bed with so much pain in my body. I felt like I was tortured the whole night. Speaking of, I turned my head on the other side of the bed and saw him. His half figure was hidden in the pillows but his other eyes are closed.He’s an innocent goddess whenever his sleeping, but a good-looking demon when awake. I traced my fingers on his face, I can feel that he’s exhausted. Tired of what we were doing yesterday night. “ I love you too… “ I whispered and gave him a peek of kiss in his cheeks. “ But I’m tired… “ I added. Tears are slowly eating me, I can’t hide the pain in my heart. “ I hope you’ll be happy. “ I smiled and kissed him once again.The way he cared, touched, and kissed me yesterday was a bit different. If I would’ve known him, I might thought that he loves me too. But I know that it’s the most impossible word on his vocabulary.I was about to get off in bed when I felt a heavy thing in my stomach.
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