Vampire's Angel

Vampire's Angel

By:  Belle Cassy  Completed
Language: English
Crystal OduwaMate: Crystal Oduwa
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Evangeline, a beautiful angel, was sent to the human world to kill the one and only vampire who lives, named Blake to save human being but ended up falling in love with him... Would she succeed in the promised she made? Or would she kill her for the sake of all humans? ©BelleCassy 2021 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

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68 Chapters
prologue It was peaceful and wonderful in Angel’s empire, trumpets were singing, clouds were dancing and angels were peacefully resting but a sudden appearance of Kram, stopped their calm and peaceful empire. Kram, was the Archangel, highest above all angels. His wings were like billion of stars when it shines, too stunning that you couldn’t turn your eyes away, it was heavenliness that could warm one’s heart in just one glance.  Kram came near them with frowning eyes and lips, all the angels immediately stood up for they knew that there was something bad that happened the moment they looked at the Archangel’s expression. They slowly formed a line before him and bowed down their heads as they knelt one knee above the ground, as a respect for their superior.  “What’s the matter, Kram?” Xhagreb asked, one of the male angels, an old man around 2000 years old, who was guiding the little angels, his face was wrinkled but it was s
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CHAPTER 1 9 am at Vrykolakas’ Museum… People were busy on taking a tour in the museum, while the owner Blake was inside his office, on the fourth floor, he was in his seat and behind him were walls and door that was made by glasses, it has a balcony outside, for him to take a look what’s on the lower grounds, He could see every movement and people below him. He was gritting his teeth and trying hard to forget about sucking human’s blood, he was sad and worried. Pocco knocked to his office but no one was answering so he entered the office and saw him, quietly sitting on his chair, his head was leaning on his chair head-guide, and just looking at the ceiling, tapping his fingers on his lap, it was a sign of him being anxious about something. Pocco felt sorry for him, “Are you okay, Blake? It was only a self-defence,” Pocco said, his friend, trying to comfort him, yet he kept spacing out
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CHAPTER 2 The maids were busy with Evangeline, they were in the living room with Evangeline, they were like kids who were playing dress-up to a doll, all of them admired her beauty and her skin, which was too soft and white. “Oh my gosh, you’re beautiful,’’ one of the maids, Claire, yelled in admiration as she hugged Evangeline, Blake laughed secretly as he watched the maids’ reactions to her look. Claire was enjoying braiding her hair while the other maids were worried what Blake’s reactions about it because Claire was too much into her. Claire was only an 18years old, and seeing Evangeline’s beauty sparkled her eyes that she wanted to see how can she turned her into a Goddess, and she was even applying make-up on Evangeline’s face. The maids tried to stop her, but when they saw how Evangeline slowly transformed into a Goddess, they were all praising and helping Claire, suggesting what color should they used for her eye-shadow.  Blake coughed and all of
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Chapter 3
CHAPTER 3 It was 6 am in the morning. Blake was busy sipping his coffee as he walked towards the garden when he heard a giggling voice from behind him, and there he saw Claire and Evangeline outside, seating on the seat bank, putting their heads down the flowers, smelling and loving the fragrance coming through the flowers. “They look like best friends,’’ he whispered and he couldn’t take off of his eyes on them. No matter how much he tried to look away he ended up stealing gazes at them until it no longer a quick look but a long stare. He saw Claire comb Evangeline’s hair and freaked out the moment he remembered about her tattoo, so he immediately jumped on his feet towards them but he was too late, Claire was already braiding her hair and he was halfway near them. Claire's eyes looked at him in horror when she saw him running in a hurry towards them, his face was red, gasping as if he has just seen a ghost. “Sir, Blake… what
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER 4 At the time that Blake got home, he heard a sudden banging from the inside. He hurried to pull out his keys and opened the door just to found out darkness was eaten the whole room. “Why the hell the lights are off!’’ he said and his feet could feel something on the floor. He senses something unusual was happening. He switched on the lights and what popped out before his eyes was a mess, a mess you wouldn’t dare to imagine. The place was flooded by water and things were scattered on the ground. “What’s going on here?’’ he spoke to one’s mind and breathed heavily as he slowly entered the place, he thought that someone may be broke in, he was worried that something happened to the woman but he should be careful, the breakers might still be inside, then moment later he heard another bang from the kitchen. He tiptoed inside and saw the place was dark, when he roamed around, his eyes caught the only light lighting the place, and there he saw the woman in front of
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Chapter 5
CHAPTER 5 Veronica was busy cleaning her up while Blake did all the cleaning of the house. With his incredible speed, he could put back the way the things to where they were before in just a few minutes. Veronica went down the stairs, giggling which caught his attention… “Why are you laughing?’’ his husky voice asked as he looked in their directions, they were walking down the stairs. Veronica scanned his face, “Why are your woman’s clothes being all look like a doll dress?’ she smirked and chuckled escaped from Blake’s lungs the moment he looked at Evangeline. Clearing his throat, trying not to smile, “It was the previous maids’ fault… they treated her like a doll. Plus…” he looked at Veronica in a glare like a blade, sharped and fearless… He sighed and continues, “Take note, Veronica, she’s NOT… NOT my woman, as I told you I’m only interested about what she was,’’ he answered. “Well, couldn’t blame them, she really l
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Chapter 6
Flying down like a thunderstorm, which was impossible for an ordinary person to see him coming, Abu got in the entrance."Kram, it's been days yet we never heard about, Evangeline," Abu asked as he entered the Castle and walked too fast towards the Archangel immediately, and all the butterflies around him stayed near him, and looked afraid.Kram was busy and then frowned when he heard and saw Abu. He sighed and told the Guardians of the Castle to left him alone with Abu... The Guardians then nodded their heads and bowed down before leaving them.As Kram faced Abu, he responded to his question, "It's not yet too, late, Abu. There is still time, I know she can do it..." he explained yet Abu looked at the Archangel with despondency in his eyes."But what if she will only remember her duty after one hundred days?... Archangel, I know that you know already what I meant... are you not worried that she can not go back here? You won't even touch her before she di
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7"Stomach in, chin up, and walk straight as feminine as you could," Veronica kept saying as she held a ruler and pointed it on her stomach as she kept demonstrating to her what to do. But then Emerald only stare at her like a child who was confused about what she was doing but after a period of time and patience, Veronica managed to let her imitate her movements."Good girl, that's what I like..." Veronica drew a wide smile as she inspected Emerald who was slowly imitating her; following her composure and fierce."Chin up," she said in a low voice as she placed the ruler below Emerald's chin."Walk... and smile..." she stretched her hands to gave Emerald a space to walk forward."Wait!" she stopped her from walking and put a book above her head and the same with her. She tried to explain to her as best as she could to understand that she should not let the book fell on the ground without holding it. It was hard especially
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Chapter 8
CHAPTER 8 Emerald was astounded identical to Blake's reaction as he realized what he did. His eyes looked down in remorse, while Emerald kept her eyes on him. Emerald began to felt troubled by how her heart reacted, how it pounded and what her mind was thinking but couldn't let out words to ask. Blake took a deep sigh and glanced back at her, "I must be crazy... You better get rest, Emerald," he said and lead her to her room. As Emerald watched him close the door, she was still bothered by the feeling she has inside. It was love but due to her condition, she couldn't understand the emotions she has at the moment. Playing the scenes inside her head, she felt joy and somehow an embarrassment. The next day, the moment she got out of her door, Blake was as well just came out his door and they were inches away from each other. Blake looked away immediately, too obvious that he felt uncomfortable yet Emerald just looked at him, tryi
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9  Sheira was smiling broadly as she flipped open her face powder, looking at its mini mirror she smirked, "I'm gonna make you mine, Blake," she murmured making the people around her think she was gone crazy, whispering all alone by herself as she waited for Blake to come. She put on red lipstick, extremely red as blood making sure she looked hot and alluring. As the time flies, Sheira began to become impatient, she texted Blake earlier the name of the restaurant where they should meet after going home early to prepare for the date, but he was still not there. "He won't break his promise, doesn't he?" she said. "Sorry, I'm late..." the voice said behind her and she immediately smirked devilishly and seductively turned around to him just to found out it was not Blake but Pocco.  "The heck, Pocco? What are you doing here?" she grumbled. Pocco was stun
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