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Ellie has been force to live the life of a rogue for the last ten years after her pack brutally killed and murdered by the alpha of a rival pack. While seeking for revenge, she found her happiness from the son who issued to order the murder of her pack.

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84 Chapters
I remembered the last time I saw my family. I was eighteen years old, preparing myself for the first time I would shift.My father was telling me that I didn't need to worry. It would be painful when it first happened but, when I change, I would be the most beautiful wolf any male had ever had the privledge of laying their eyes on.My mother was assuring me that it was the most exciting time in any wolf's life, the first time they experienced the change and were able to run freely as their wolf. You could feel the wind running through your fur and enjoy a freedom you had never had before.My older brother had done nothing but rave how impressive it felt to be able to shift. He loved the power it gave him but what he loved even more than that was that he had been able to find his mate; he had told me that was the most precious moment in a wolf's life. The moment they found the person they wanted to spend the rest of their life with.It had been nothing sho
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Chapter 1
  I could smell them before they smelt me. Ten years of being a rogue meant I had trained myself to be able to smell a threat before they became a threat, it was a trick which had gotten me out of many certain death situations.   I shifted before they had emerged from the clearing and was preparing myself for an attack. I wasn't going to go down easy and it was sure as hell going to take more than a couple of male-wolves to take me down.   I may not look like much to the eye, but looks can be deceiving. I was more powerful than people had ever given me credit for which is part of the reason any pack members who managed to find me had always ended up dead at my hand; I wasn't someone to be messed with when I was pissed off.   It would seem that people were determined to find that out the hard way though. Not that you would ever catch me complaining. Killing those who were supposed to be some of the best fight
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Chapter 2
I don't know how long I was looking at the door before it was pushed open. The force behind it almost causing it to fall from its hinges.   Jayson looked pissed off. I'm not talking pissed off in that he wants to smash up a few trees, I am talking pissed off in that he wants to rip heads from bodies. Not that I could blame him, I am sure it was Blake's job to begin the torture, but instead he's demanding my release.   "What the fuck is going on here?" Jayson shouted, his eyes moving to Blake who was still eyeing me like I was the most wonderful thing in the world. If I didn't have a set of silver handcuffs around my wrists at this moment, I would have shifted and probably killed him.   You wouldn't have done that though because I wouldn't have allowed you to touch him. My wolf voicing her opinion, her unwelcome opinion which wasn't going to change what I thought of Blake.   "Funny story. Turns out yo
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Chapter 3
When I finally woke up, my throat was killing me. I was sure there were bruises there and I guess it was my own fault.   I used words and sarcasm when I'm under pressure. It's a natural reflex to conversations I didn't want to have and it was my way of protecting myself from the world around me.   The only people I had ever spoken to were my family. They were the only ones who really understood me and actually knew what it was like to be in my head. They helped me when I had no one and I hated that they were gone.   I hated that I couldn't just speak to them and ask for them advice. I hated that they weren't just round the corner from me so that they could tell me what was the right thing to do, tell me that what I had planned was the wrong thing to be doing because it would make me just as bad as they were. In fact, I hated that they were dead and I was alone in the world.   The only person I actual
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Chapter 4
  I couldn't stop pacing up and down. All my thoughts were consumed by the woman on the other side of the door, the woman who was in the room with the man who would have been successful in killing her had I not stopped him.   I had never felt anger like I did in that moment. The only thing on my mind was murdering Jayson. Murdering the man who was my best friend and had been there for me through all the shit my father had put me through; I was prepared to murder my Alpha because he dared to touch my mate.   At twenty-five, I never thought I would find my mate. I had pretty much accepted that I was going to spend the rest of my life alone while everyone else around me found their happiness. Jayson had found his mate the moment he turned nineteen and, at twenty, Jackson still has time to find his without too much worry.   Unlike my father, who seemed to think having a mate was pointless, I actually wanted to f
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Chapter 5
Sleep last night refused to come. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't will myself to want to to fall asleep and forget the memories of yesterday. Instead, I spent the entire night pacing my cell, wondering whether I was making the right choices or not. I had seven different Alphas who had given me their support, who had promised me that they would fight with me when the appropriate time came to take down the Moon Shadow pack. One night here thoigh and I was already questioning what I had actually gotten myself in for. I knew they needed to pay and I wanted my revenge for the death of my entire family, but waging war against an entire pack probably wasn't the right way to actually go about it, not when innocent people were going to pay the price of someone else's mistake. Women and children would die. The blood of innocent men would be shed. Families would be destroyed. And I would have to live with that, I would have
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Chapter 6
 I almost regretted saying the words the moment I had said them, but it was too late to take them back now and the truth was out there. Jackson knew the reason I wasn't ready to accept Blake and I am sure he was going to report that back to him when he was done here. I could see the wheels in his head turning as he put everything together in his mind. Jackson didn't seem like an idiot, in fact he came across as someone who was highly intelligent and clearly knew what he was doing, but I am sure he was forming his own opinions on what I had told him. In fact, he was probably waiting for the right moment to tell me that I was being childish and that it was time for me to grow the hell up. He was going to tell that Blake was nothing to do with what his father did and that I shouldn't blame him, that I should just give him a chance. But it wasn't that simple for someone like me. I couldn't simply trust someone b
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Chapter 7
I had been in this place a week now and every singe day had been the same. I would be put in my cell at night with a decent meal as Blake had demanded and the following morning Jackson would come to speak to me for two hours each morning, before I was thrown back in the cells again.I hadn't seen or spoken to Blake again, but Jackson always told me that Blake said hello and three days after our conversation, Blake told Jackson that he understood why I couldn't accept him and that he didn't blame me for my reasons.Today was no different, other than the fact Jayson was also in the interrogation room with Jackson, only he didn't look as scary as he did when we first met a week ago. In fact, for a man who had to run an entire pack, he looked pretty relaxed today and I was sure there was something else going on."If it isn't the Big Bad Alpha. I was wondering when I would be seeing you again," I actually laughed as I sat down opposite Jayson and Jackson
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Chapter 8
If there is one thing I hate more than anything it's people who lie. I will never understand people who lie because the truth always comes out in the end and then everyone hates you for lying in the first place.   I had spent an entire week with Ellie. We had actually become pretty good friends with each other in that short amount of time so to know she was lying to me actually hurt like a bitch. I told her she could trust me, but it would seem she's still struggling to understand that concept even though I have done nothing to show her otherwise.   At twenty I am younger than both Jayson and Blake. They have lived for almost six years longer than I have but even they admit that I have more sense than the both of them combined. I'm the one who brings normality and stability to our friendship, Blake brings the humour and witty comments while Jayson brings the moodiness and serious amount of arrogance which goes with being an Alpha. &n
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Chapter 9
I walked out of the dungeon without making so much as a sound, I even mind linked with the guards to tell them that they needed to shut the door silently. They followed through with the instruction without question, knowing that something serious had happened. I was going through a whirlwind of emotions as I made my way to the pack house. This was too much to deal with in one day, Ellie being a traitor, only she wasn't really a traitor because she was trying to stop her past from catching up with her now. The rogue wasn't actually a rogue and was set to be the future Alpha of a pack, so the only thing actually keeping her in that cell was the fact every single bar had been coated with silver. She could transform into her wolf in the cell but she wouldn't be able to escape from the cell.
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