Saved By The Smitten Beast

Saved By The Smitten Beast

By:  Calista Soleigh  Ongoing
Language: English
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21-year old Tatiana Ramirez just gave birth to her fatherless child when she was abandoned by her family after finding out that she was a fruit of her late mother's infidelity. She and her daughter were thrown out of the hospital that same night because of the unpaid hospital bills. In the middle of the stormy night, they were saved by a filthy rich, mysterious man. Who is he? What will be his role in fixing Tatiana's screwed up life?

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16 Chapters
Chapter 1.1
"Ahhhh!" Tatiana was screaming because of the excruciating pain in her womb. She was already soaking wet with her own sweat. Her breathing also became uneven like she was running for a marathon. She could not help but to hardly grip in the side rails of the stretcher to lessen her pain. She felt like she was having more than a severe menstrual cramps. She was roughly tortured. "A-aunt Adel… " Her tears were continuously streaming down as she looked fearfully at her stepmother, Adelaida. It was her first childbirth so she was afraid that she might not successfully deliver it. Anxiety was striking her. And it was evident in her beautiful amber eyes. The matron, who was irritated at her, rolled her eyes as she scolded her. "Can't you calm down, Tati? You look like a mother pig! For God’s sake!" Adelaida was verbally abusive towards Tatiana everytime her father was not around. And she could not even hide it even if the lady was about to give birth. She was irritated because her stepd
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Chapter 1.2
"You're not of the same blood?" Adel was dumbfounded. She looked at her husband, who nodded dejectedly at her question, with her eyebrows furrowed. She was even more surprised. There was an idea that was formed in her mind but she needed to confirm it first. "Then why do you look depressed? Maybe she inherited her mother's blood type?" She looked at him intently and was making sure that she would hear the exact words that would come out from his mouth. "Her mother's blood type is the same as mine," Ramon replied, confirming Adelaida's thoughts. ‘Tatiana is not his child!’ she screamed in her mind. Adelaida was overjoyed at her husband's answer. But she pretended to be sad then hugged him tight. She smiled secretly because she had finally found a reason to evict that filthy woman from their household. Fortunately, the nurse had already found a donor for Tatiana. She was finally out of danger. And she was now transferred to a private room. Ramon had never thought that Tatiana
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Chapter 2
Tatiana had always loved the drizzling sound of a pouring rain. The splash of water from the skies to her bare skin would usually give her inner peace. She would certainly end up pulling her Papa Ramon to play with her under it. They would run after one another or dance and sing crazy songs. Her father told her before that her mother also loved the rain when she was still alive. And her father used to chase her mama and recurrently ended up catching her. They would laugh their heart out until they were both exhausted. And that made Tatiana's heart overjoyed. So everytime she played under the rainfall, she would feel that her mother was there, too, smiling at her, and watching her grow into a fine young lady. To other people, cloudburst was associated with the feeling, sadness. But for her, it was pure bliss. But not for this night. The sky was terrifyingly black. A flash of forked lightning leaped from the heavens followed by a rolling thunder. The storm-like downpour was accompanie
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Chapter 3
Tatiana was having a good dream. She was being saved by a man in a black suit. She was being carried by him away from the no man's land. She did not know but she felt safe in the man's arms. She raised her gaze to his face but it was all a blur. Her eyes narrowed, hoping that the sight would be clear. But it remained that way. 'Am I going blind?' She asked herself in her mind. The night was freezing but it did not bother her for she was being covered by a blanket made of fur. It was from the man. Oh, how she had hoped to look at the man's face and memorize every inch of it. It was like she was a princess in a perilous situation that was saved by his knight in a dark suit. The thought made her face heat up. Her heart would be coming out at any moment. She hid her face on the man's chest. 'Oh-lala… ' she thought as she felt those hard chests and smelled his manly scent. She bit her lower lip to restrain herself from drooling over him. She heard the man chuckle at her reaction. She
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Chapter 4
Kill Tatiana was astounded at what was outside the door of her room. There were a total of seven doors in the hallway. There were three on the left, the same with the right. And one at the end. The room she slept in was the first one at the right side, near the grand staircase.  While she was holding  Serena, she used her other hand to feel how smooth the bannister was. She felt like a queen walking down the stairs to announce about her princess, Serena. She also saw how the hanging chandelier shone and shimmered through the living room.  "Maida, please let Serena sleep in the crib," Athena ordered to one of their maids.  "Yes, ma'am." Maida bowed a bit and went to Tatiana to get Serena.  
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Chapter 5
A Mother and Daughter's Bond Her head was throbbing. She did not sleep well last night because Serena had been waking up every hour, crying. She had to wake up, too and fed her with milk to let her sleep again. She was always half-awake. When she was about to have her deep sleep, Serena would cry again.  She massaged her temple to lessen the pain in her head. Even her eyes were also painful. "You hungry, baby?" She asked with her one eye closed. Tatiana played with her daughter's nose using hers. Serena soundlessly cried that made Tatiana chuckled weakly. She pulled her shirt up and exposed her breast. "Here's your breakfast, ma'am."  Serena fastly fed herself from her mom's milk. She was thirsty for it.  The mother could
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Chapter 6
Electric Shock   "Maida, have you eaten?" Tatiana asked when she reached the living room.    Maida, who was about to wipe the mini table, answered. "Yes, Miss Tati. I just finished."   Tatiana smiled at her. "Can you please take a look for Serena first? I will just have some coffee," she pleaded with the lady.    Maida beamed. "Sure, Miss Tati," she said. She got Serena from Tatiana's hold. Maida grew fond of Serena.    The truth was, all of them grew fond of the little angel. Who would not like an angel?    After Tatiana gave Serena to Maida, she excused herself and went to the kitchen. She got a mu
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Chapter 7.1
Illegal "How is my baby girl?" She asked Serena. She got a diaper on the rack. She was about to change her diaper when Athena entered the room.  "Are you busy?" she asked while she walked towards them.  Tatiana shook her head. "Not really. I am just about to change Serena's diaper," she answered as she unfolded the diaper.  "Let me do it," Athena offered.  She thanked Athena and let her did the thing. She silently watched as Athena took care of her baby. She was always there for her, ever since they met. She did not know to thank her for all the things she had done for her. She was one of the greatest blessings she received from God.  
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Chapter 7.2
Tatiana felt like her soul left her body. Her breathing hitched and her body stiffened, unable to move. She had blinked a couple of times. Were her ears hallucinating?  "Can't you hear me?"  His voice was as calm as the water in a lake but it made her shiver. Her mind had stopped functioning at this moment. What came into her mind when she entered this room? She never dared to enter it. But why now? What stupidity had gone into her mind?  "Face me." She felt cold. She fisted her free hand. She could feel the sweat on it. Her other hand that was holding the frame could not stop from shaking. 'What now, Tati?' she thought.  "I said, face m
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Chapter 8
Coming or Not? Tatiana wanted to disappear suddenly. She could not eat well because her hands were trembling. They were currently eating and Hades was there. He did not mention anything about what happened earlier but she was still ashamed. If only the ground would open up and swallow her.  "Tati," Athena spoke.  She raised her brows and glanced at her. "Ye-yeah?" She saw in her peripheral vision that Hades' eyes were on her. Her palm sweated.  "We're going shopping after Serena's check-up tomorrow. So you better list things that you wanted to buy," Athena said.  "But—" "Na-uh. Just do what I'v
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