My Human Mate

My Human Mate

By:  Allpink  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rilly lives with her mom and didn't understand what she was filling about the guy next door his name is Sam until they meet for the first time, well so Rilly thinks is the first time. What will happen to Rilly and Sam when Sam's wolf wants to come out and take over to play, keep reading to find out...

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76 Chapters
Chapter 1
Sam's povSam are you in here? Hey there you are. Hey Mark, what's up? There's a full moon tonight. Yes I'm aware. Sam what's up with you, your so on edge. I know man. It's her ok. I'm sorry. Mark looked up to me with a smile on his face. No, I said no spell's. Why not Sam? I want this to do this the right way, that's why. Well ok then, this is what I want you to do. Get up get a shower, put you on some clean clothes,and meet me out front in 15 minutes. Why? Because Sam we are doing this the only way I know how to. What about the full moon? We will be back in plenty of time Sam. The hole time I'm in the shower I thought of Rilly well every time I showered I thought of her. I would lather up real good then wrap my hand around my cock and get off with thoughts of Rilly as my lids closed. But today I can't I'm going to see Rilly, no matter how hard I am. After my hair was washed I got out shaved got my clothes on then went to the door. Sam did you ever dry your hair? Well yeah a
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Chapter 2
Rillys povHey mom that smells good. Well don't think me think the pizza guy. Rilly! Mom. What are you wearing, you're night clothes? Well yeah after I eat I'm going back to my room. Plus it's me and you it's not like the neighbors are coming over- knock knock. Change now. What come on mom. I walk to the kitchen window to see who it is. And there they are the neighbors. Coming I yell! I skipped to the door and opened it with my short shorts, off the shoulder night shirt, with my hair in a messy bun. Hello,hi the man said he looked to be in his late 20s wearing a button down with green and blue strips with fadded blue jeans. The other guy looked to be a little older than me but not bye much was a clean cut, wearing a black button down black shirt with black jeans. His jet black hair was wet, it looked like he just stepped out of the shower. The older man spoke first. Hi there,is your mom here? Yes mom it's for you. Hello miss griggs. Please just call me Maggie. Well Maggie, an
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Chapter three
Rillys pov   Yes, of course said Sam. walking inside Sam's hand grazed the back of my hand and I had a feeling run through me that I never felt before. Then our eyes met, and the feeling only got stronger. Mark walked with my mom to the kitchen. Sam and me walking slowly now as we stared at each other. I could see the gold flecks in his eyes. So beautiful I said unknowingly. Yes I can say the same. Wait, what, I'm sorry. Please forgive me.  Always. Sam stopped walking and so did I, when I walked right in to Sam's backside. Ooff. Then Sam turned around and slide his hand on my waist. I'm sorry he said moving closer. Our lips are so close, Rilly I - There you two are said mom, walking into the living room. You two are missing out on all the pizza..Sam slide his hand away and stepped back, away from me. When he did I missed his warmth but at the same time I could breath again. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. Yes sorry  mom I said walking towa
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Chapter 4
 Sam's pov Standing at Rillys door with my head down, until Mark puts his arm around me and pulled me closer. It was only then I was able to stare into Rillys eyes, oh how beautiful her eyes are, with her messy hair and them short shorts she is wearing. This is the first time we are meeting officially, and Rilly is making me hard already. As I stare at Rilly, her mom invites us in side for some pizza. Mark walked in first then me, as I walk past Rilly I make sure my hand grazed Rillys. I could hear her breath hitch. Once we were inside Mark turns to look at me with a smile and then walks with Maggie to the kitchen. As me and Rilly walk slowly side by side starring at one another.  I dropped my gaze and walked a step faster then I herd, ooff. I stood there and smiled and then it fadded when Rilly didn't say anything. So without thinking I turned around and stepped closer, putting my hand on her waist. We are so close as we stood there not taking when Rilly said
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Chapter 5
Rillys povMom I don't think they would like to- Yes says Sam, with his eyes  so intent and gorgeous. I mean that would be nice. Mark goes to talk to Maggie about the party info,when Sam comes closer to me and says do you have a cell phone? The only thing I was focused on was his eyes. Rilly! Yes. I have a cell phone. Let me see it. Here's my number if you ever want to talk or text. Oh- ok. I  studdered out. Well you boys behave. Yes behave I said with a smile looking at Sam. Yes you two as well. I don't think that is possible. Rilly! Yes I say looking at my mom. I turned around and looked at Sam and he has this grin that says is that so. With out thinking I looked at Sam and said yes. Well then it's been great, untill next time Maggie, Rilly. Yes until next time please be safe. Always I say with a smile. Once Mark and Sam left I looked at my mom. Really mom you invited them to my birthday party,I'm to old to have a birthday party. Rilly you will be seventeen and I
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Chapter 6
Sam's pov Oh my goddess, Mark,she has my number and- Sam not now let's get you chained up. The only thing I could think about was Rilly and the event's that had happened to day. Rillys eyes, her smile her scent everything about her is beautiful. Here Sam drink I don't want you to go all wolfie on me. I haven't yet, have I?  No and I don't want you to start now so drink. So I drink the water and wolf spain mix that taste like acid. It makes me weaker when I turn. I am in a steal room with double doors that is warlock proof. Mark being a warlock helps me out alot. As always every time I would turn, I would think of Rilly. I close my eyes and let my Wolf take over, just as I'm seeing red I hear a knock on the door and two rapid heartbeats. Dammit it's Rilly. I can't stop my wolf, he's in control. I hope Rilly and whoever is with her don't hear me or should I say don't hear my wolf. 
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Chapter 7
Rillys pov    Mom I don't want to have a birthday party I say as I storm up the stairs and go change, so I can go tell Sam never mind about the party because there's not going to be one. With my mom right behind me trying to change my mind and talk me out of it. I'll be seventeen I don't want a party, I say. Rilly please listen to me. No mom I'm going to go change then walk next door to tell Sam and Mark that there will not be a party. Rilly please. No I done made up my mind. Look Rilly I saw how Sam was looking at you today don't you want to see him again tomorrow? I opened my bed room door and looked at my mom and said, if I want to see him all I have to do is walk next door. Is that so? Watch me mom. I walked right out the front door then went to Sam's house to let him know that there will not be a party. Mom followed me outside, Rilly wait. No! I walked straight up to Sam's door and knocked. Rilly please don't do this, let's go home and talk. No mom I want to s
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Chapter 8
 Sam's pov It's Rilly and Maggie, I could hear their voices. I was wondering what was going on when I heard Rilly say no party, big on texting. That made me happy, I could not hold back any longer,I let out a loud and long howl, not being able to wait until I get to see Rilly again. Good thing this room is sound proof and warlock proof. I can't wait to text Rilly when I change back, I think that's what I'm going to do as soon as I change back, well maybe I'll shower first. I can still hear the convention that's happening up stairs, sounds like Rilly is trying to impress us by not having a party. I pace the big warlock proof room with my big paws waiting until time to change back. My ears are up listening. My coat is black with white paws, I'm supposed to be this Alfa for a pack, my pack. As I told my father I wanted to find my mate. As I waited, and watched I found her. Maggie and Rilly came in to the store,I was curious so I walked passed Rilly down one of the isl
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Chapter 9
Rillys povWhy isn't Sam texting me back? I really wish he would. I thought laying on my bed starring at my phone would help. I rolled on my side,and sleep took me over. I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes. I stretched my lims and got out of bed then went to the bathroom when I came back to my room to get clothes for the day,I herd my phone ding with a text, then I remembered I texted Sam last night or should I say this morning. I skipped to my bedside table picked up my phone and checked it, it's from Sam.  Sam: wh not?I told him last night that there will not be a party. I could tell he was texting back because the three dots on my phone.Sam: do you want to come over?Sam: I mean so we can talk?  Rilly: sure be there in 10.Sam ok see you then.After that I tossed my phone on my bed got my clothes and went to the shower.
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Chapter 10
Sam's pov        I put my phone on my desk with a smile knowing when she awaken so I could text her. Hey Mark, I say. Yeah. Rilly is on her way over, so no spell's. I mean it Mark. Yeah, yeah your no fun. I was looking at my watch when the door bell rang. I walked down stairs to see Rilly. When Mark opened the door,I could smell her scent. When I reched the bottom step I inhaled deeply. Riley always smells amazing honey and Rose. Hi Rilly. Hey Sam. We said as we stood starring at one another. Hello Rilly,says mark who had let  Rilly inside. Hey Mark. Good bye Mark I said with a smile. Y-you wa-wanted t-to talk said Rilly with a studder and a blush that was starting to deepen. Your so adorable when you blush and studder. Rilly turned away from me and folded her arms over her chest, and I walked closer to her. All I said was: why no birthday party, I myself love birthday parties. Rilly just stared at me, so I walked closer putting my hand on her waist
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