A Queen's Revenge 1: A Peerless Genius from Two Cities

A Queen's Revenge 1: A Peerless Genius from Two Cities

By:  Lyra Winters  Ongoing
Language: English_tagalog
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GENRE: War/Military/Historical Fiction SETTINGS: Alternate world THEME: Ancient China SAMANTHA Corey died from explosion together with her younger sister Shereen, and beloved Marco. Her death, as she found out before dying, was orchestrated by her bestfriend, Diana, who had long been eyeing the highest seat in their secret organization, the Black Council. Out of Samantha's expectation though, she had woken up in the body of Emerald Hans from Royal City which miles away from Grey City. This Emerald Hans had a very awful life experiences, even more terrible than her own. Just months ago, the lady became an orphan after her father died due to an accident. And as if her life wasn't miserable enough yet, she was pushed from a wild torrential river by her step-siblings. Obviously, the original Emerald Hans had already died so Samantha decided to take over her life and body and go back to Grey City. There she lived together with the family of General Francis Hans, Emerald's paternal uncle. She became their precious niece and she warmed up to them like her own family. Behind the scene though, Samantha had been slowly getting her chess pieces back in the game. Soon, she had delved into the real life chess game against her ex-bestfriend Diana. Read on and see how Samantha played real life chess games against her enemies at the same time, finding a new family, new friends and maybe... a new lover too. ***

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55 Chapters
The sky was clear and blue as if joining the festivities that would happen later this morning.After a long time of fighting, we were finally here. Marco was finally getting the crown he deserved.Tama. I should be rest assured. Everything was according to plan. I had already placed the path of the chess pieces meticulously, so all they had to do was to take the step I laid out for them.Breathing deeply, naupo ako sa harap ng study table then grabbed the nearest book to read."...Reincarnation's concept is deep and highly mysterious. Not everyone's second life is the same as others. The ancient believes that everyone will be reborn according to one's death. If a person fulfilled his destiny at the end of his life, he may be reborn as one of the nature (e.g. animals, flowers, plants). Otherwise, if he died with dissatisfaction, his soul might find a way to end one's destiny."I was surprised sa nabasa ko and looked at the title of the book. Ancient
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1: Second Life
Samantha Corey woke up grasping for air. Explosions, deaths... The scenes from her dream were terrifying. Truly a nightmare.  Mabuti nga sana kung masamang panaginip lang ito. Unfortunately, all of it happened in reality.  The explosions... Shereen's and Marco's death... Nanikip ang dibdib niya. It was all her fault. Her plan which she thought was placed properly turned out a plot twist for all of them. Nasa ganoon siyang sitwasyon ng magbukas ang pinto at bumungad doon ang isang babae. Nang makita siya nito ay agad itong namutla. "Emy... You're awake." For a moment, mukhang hindi alam ng babae kung anong gagawin niya. Was she going to rush towards her or go outside to inform others? In the end, she did the latter. "Everyone, gising na si Emy! She's awake!" Pagbalik niya ay marami na siyang kasama. Three adults, four teenagers and a kid. But none of them she coul
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2: Hans Family
Emerald Hans.  That was the name of the owner of the body that she woke into. They said she got into accident habang naglalakad lakad sila ng mga step-siblings niya na sila Lory at Daniel sa may riverside. She fell into the water and unfortunately, didn't know how to swim. Bukod pa doon, the stream of water in the river at that time was very torrential. Nagtamo siya ng maraming sugat sa katawan at dalawang buwan din siyang nasa comatose state bago nagising. Samantha calculated that this Emy got into accident the same day as she died in the explosion. It must really be fate's work then when she woke up in this body. Hindi siya relihiyosong tao but this event of her life was totally mysterious. Anyway, habang nasa ospital siya ay inalam niya mula sa mga taong kasama niya kung anong klaseng tao si Emy. Turned out na isang buwan bago ang aksidente niya ay namatay ang kanyang Papa due to car accident naman. Emy
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3: Decision
Uncle Shin's family stayed more days in Emy's house. Emy never thought na makakasundo niya ang mga pinsan ng may-ari ng katawan niya ngayon. She was not that even close to her own cousins. In fact, in her old life, it was only Shereen and Diana that got into her heart.Shereen was her only sister while Diana was her long time bestfriend. A long time bestfriend and yet betrayed her in the end.Naikuyom ni Emy ang kanyang mga kamay. She couldn't stop getting hurt everytime na naaalala niya ang mga nangyari sa kanya noon. Who would expect that the more she trusted the deeper they wanted her to be miserable?"Emy..."Naputol lang ang iniisip niya when Shantal held her hand."Yes?""Tch. I knew that you are not listening." Tapos ay sinimangutan siya nito."Sorry. I just remembered some things.""Yung mga step-siblings mo ba yan? Grabe yung higpit ng pagkakakuyom ng mga kamay mo eh."Hindi na lang sumagot si Emy.
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4: Grey City
There was a huge difference between Royal City and Grey City. Royal City was already considered as modernized in terms of their machineries and the likes. Probably because it had long been a democratic country despite its name. Bukod pa doon, they were trading different kind of products and most of the people living there were well-off.Kagaya na lang nila Emy. Her father owned a toy factory and it was profitting more than the expenses they had. And since student pa rin naman si Emy, Uncle Shin was the one running the business temporarily. May sarili din namang business si Uncle Shin pero from time to time, isinisingit niya ang toy factory nila Emy in his schedule just to make sure that it was still doing well.On the other hand, Grey City was totally different. Ganun din si Uncle Francis. Grey City still had an imperial government. It was being run by an Emperor. And one of the subordinates of this empire was the family of Uncle Francis.There were
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5: Chess Pieces 1
"Did you rest well?" Auntie Feng asked Emy as soon as she went out of her courtyard.Oo, hindi lang basta kwarto ang ibinigay sa kanya ng mag-asawang Francis at Feng. Traditional-style residence ang meron ang pamilya nila. Kaya naman bawat isa sa kanila ay may kanya kanyang courtyard.At dahil doon na din naman titira si Emy, ibinigay na nila sa kanya ang isa sa mga courtyard na naroon.Malaki rin ang residence area ng pamilya nila Francis. Bukod sa Great Hall kung saan nila tinatanggap ang mga bisita nila, may limang courtyard ang naroroon. Ang pinakamalaki doon ay ang tinutulugan ng mag-asawang Francis at Feng. Kalapit noon ay ang kay Franco. Sumunod naman ay ang kay Emy. Yung nalalabing dalawa ay ang nagsisilbing guest room nila.Mayroon din silang malaking field kung saan nagpapractice ang army ni Francis ng swordfighting. May apat pang malalaking kwarto doon. Isang martial arts hall, storage room at dalawang sleeping quaters ng army at maidservants.<
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6: Chess Pieces 2
Kinabukasan ay nagpaalam na si Uncle Shin sa kanila. But he promised to bring everyone sa bakasyon.Emy, on the other hand, was already at home sa Hans residence. Na ikinatuwa ng mag-asawang Francis at Feng nang lubusan. They also started to know her more.Who would have thought the young lady was also interested in military?In fact, nagulat nalang si Franco ng maabutan niyang minsan si Emy sa Dojo at may hawak na wooden sword.She was trying to attack the wooden dummy but she easily got tired."You have surprisingly good posture and position, Emy. But your body needs muscles for strength."He told her while smiling. He found his cousin cute."Can you help me then?"There goes again her doe eyes. Napakamot na lang sa ulo niya si Franco bago naupo sa harapan ni Emy. Seriously, she didn't have to look at him like that. He would do anything for her."Of course. But do you really want to learn this?""Yes. I don't li
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7: Chess Pieces 3
"Miss, you shouldn't stay up late tonight. You have important party to attend to tomorrow." Sabi ni Grace kay Emy."That's right. I have already prepared your clothes, Miss. You have nothing to worry about." Sabi naman ni Anika.Emy smiled at them. "I am not worried."Then she continued placing her chess pieces on board.Nagkatinginan na lang ang apat niyang maidservants. Mula pa kaninang magbalik sila sa backyard ni Emy ay naglalaro na ito ng chess mag-isa. Veronica even offered to play with her. But she just shook her head.She told them, "I am not playing. Just memorizing."They had no idea what she meant by that. Hindi rin naman sila nagtanong.But they were worrying that she might stay up late tonight."Come on. You can leave already. Matutulog na lang ako kung inaantok na ako.""Let me get you a tea and some cookies then. In case you feel hungry or thirsty." Sabi ni Lia tapos ay lumabas na silang apat.Emy c
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8: Chess Pieces 4
Lucy's heart palpitated when she saw Franco getting down his horse. Of course, she knew the guy. They were in the same year of Level Three. But both of them had different sets of friends kaya naman imposibleng magkadaupang palad silang dalawa.Except for these kinds of events.Kung anong tamlay niya kanina, siya namang sigla niya ngayon.She watched as Franco waited for his mother. Lucy always admired Lie Feng. She was one of the few who accepted foreigner like her whole-heartedly.Besides, she couldn't find any reason to hate Lie Feng. She was kind to everyone and very down to earth. She was patriotic and of course, mother of Franco.She stood straight and waited for Franco to walk towards them. But she was surprised when the two maidservants waited in front of the carriage again until a lady went out of it.The lady was wearing a turquoise dress with flower embroideries. Just like Lie Feng, it was a traditional dress. Her hair was tied in
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9: Chess Pieces 5
Emy got awakened again by her nightmares. She grasped her chest and caught her breath.She also felt hot tears on her face as she recalled the explosion that killed her loved ones.Agad niya iyong pinunasan. There was no room for her weakness. Not specially now.She stood from bed and lit up the lamp on her table.After grabbing some water to drink, her eyes fell on her chess board.That's right. She couldn't let weakness now. Everything was already in place. All she had to do was wait for the pieces to act willingly on their roles.***"Miss, you're up early." Bungad sa kanya ni Anika. Kasunod niya si Grace na may dalang tray ng pagkain."Or maybe, our Miss didn't sleep again." Grace said disapprovingly.Naabutan na naman kasi siya ng dalawa sa harapan ng mesa at nagchchess.She just smiled at them."Those two are out already?" Emy asked pertaining to Lia and Veronica."Yes, Miss." They answered per
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