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It has always been the fairy tale princess life for Melissa Jones, a young and beautiful 21 years old upcoming model, who is also a daughter to a famous business mogul, until her 22nd birthday. Things fell apart for her, as she lost everything, including her three years old relationship to jason -- her Oddish temperamental boyfriend -- after she got to know, she had been betrothed to her father's friend right from childhood. However, unkown to her, there were still many troubles ahead, and secrets were still left untold, as Jason would do anything to keep her to himself.

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1     MELISSA   I rubbed my two eyes absently, and roll to the other side of the bed. I gave a loud yawn, partially covering my mouth before slipping out. Still drowsy, I dropped my feet on the floor, and slip them into a foot wear I located beside the bed stand, and my eyes snapped open instantly. It wasn't my usual fluffy bedroom palm. Oops! How can i forget I was in my boyfriend's room?  I could see a set of clothes, neatly  arranged in a transparent suit carrier, hung in his opened wardrobe. I could also hear the dripping sounds of water coming from his bathroom, then I realized, he was preparing for work. Quite Early. Ohh, Jason! Everything freaking is important to him. Everything excepts me.  Jason and I have been together for virtually three years, but our love life has never been anything like the word, "perfect". Don't get me wrong, no relationship i
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Chapter 2. Melissa I wondered exactly what they are talking about me. I remained behind the opened kitchen door, still hiding just to listen to everything before giving them a punishment for not focusing on their job"...and you know, the man seem utterly wealthy and influential, that could be why Mr Jones accepted to sell his daughter off without thinking twice." Amber chuckled as their laughter subsidized, and my eyes widened. "Yeah... Rumor has it that Mr Jones was like a mere pauper before meeting the loaded fellow." Riley chipped in quickly, swallowing a giggle, and Amber burst into laughter again."Wow!! I can imagine Mrs Jones in a creased blouse, rough, dirty-looking nails and..." I peeped through the kitchen door, and I could see her gesturing jeeringly. "... Short reeking red hairs and...""You Are Very Stupid For That Statement AMBER!!" I yelled, coming out of my hiding and marching into the kitch
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Chapter 3  MelissaI checked my phone for the umpteenth time and sighed. God in heaven knows this irresponsible side of Jason is one thing i hates so much about him.It's my big day for Pete's sake, my parents have left for the venue and the congregation is there already, waiting for me, but the jerk i call a boyfriend, is no where to be found. He isn't even picking my calls.I snorted.I picked up the phone again, and dialed his number for the last time, it went through but he didn't pick up. I gave up. I walked to the cheval mirror briefly to check out myself before stepping out.I smiled, satisfied and happy. I looked really dazzling. My birthday gown was a beautiful, black, armless gown made with satin and Royal lace, it was specially designed by one of the best designers in town. My brown- red hair was styled beautifully with silver pins and clips, my makeup
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 Chapter 4  Melissa "For the person we've been waiting for," The high pitched voice of the host pulled me back to reality. "An outstanding beauty, gorgeous completely, sophisticated, noble, and incredibly elegant... ""I  call on our charming celebrant...... Miss melissa jones!!" The guests all stood on their feet and they began clapping as i catwalked to the stage, with my shoes echoing on the marble tiles.Man! I'm about to address the big cheeses of the whole Texas.It's indeed a special day. I've never felt so good in my entire life, and I couldn't have asked for more."Thank you... Thank you everyone ...." I gushed in my sleek american accent, waving and blowing kisses at them, until i was able to restore the decorum. "Thanks so much." I resumed, "I appreciate every single person in this hall today, thank y'all for gracing this ceremony. " 
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