Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord

Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord

By:  Blessing D writes  Completed
Language: English
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WARNINGS; This book is a collection of deep erotic scenes, slavery, crimes, abuse, brutality and so on. Read at your own risk.(18+) She was saved by him but she knew another hell in his hands for some reasons unknown to her...Well not until she gave birth to two cuties likewise he fell in love with them. Prologue Enzo Emilio is a scary mafia lord who is bent on destroying the man who killed his elder brother. He is ruthless but became more heart hardened when his brother died in his arms. In rage, he attacked the rival group and destroyed his ranch, he took his slaves and all that belonged to him for himself and that was when he met her, Madison, the girl who he saved but enslaved. He made her past through hell since she was the person who shot his brother to death at her former master's command.

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51 Chapters
Saved by him
Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord (-Saved by him-) Madison's P O V I sat alone in a dark room, tired and hungry. I can't remember when these last animals fed us. I don't know how long I've been staying in this house, but I was brought here when I turned 12. Looking at the way my body has developed, I might be 18 or 19 years old now. I can't really recall what happened that terrible night, but I do remember that my friends and I were returning from a friend's house, where a party was thrown in my name, unexpectedly a black Jeep pulled over in front of us and kidnapped my other friend and me.       We both screamed out and struggled with the hefty men as they carried us up into their Jeep.        “Wait, why is my other friend left behind?” I turned to look at her, and I saw her staring at us blankly as the men closed up the door to the jeep.  
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Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord (-Hell-)Madison's P O VThe woman took me out to meet the man, who looked equally exhausted but still had his fire in his eyes.   "You are back." The woman said to him, he didn't reply but instead fixed his eyes on me.    "Is she ready?" He asked, his voice coming out burdensome.   "Um, she has bathed. I-” The woman got interrupted by him.   "Have the servants bath her now?." He ordered.   "Yes, of course." The woman bowed in response.   "You are back!" We all heard a very enthusiastic voice inquired from behind.    I turned to look for the owner of the spokesperson to see another handsomely-looki
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Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord (-Please-)Madison's P O VGetting to my room, tears couldn't stop swiveling down my eyes. –Why me? What did I do to him? Why me? I kept asking myself as I dragged my legs towards the bed."Oh dear, you are back." I heard a voice and turned to see a lady, and she looked like a servant. Looking at me from head to toe, she gulped and kept the clothes with her on the bed.   "Let me...let me go get the madam," she said and rushed out of the room. My heart shattered instantly.   What was that stare? Why is she staring at me with pity? I'm not too fond of that stare. I hate it! I screamed in my head as I sat down on the bed. Blood is still dripping down my legs, but I don't care. I might as well die right now.    The door opened, and the woman, the older woman, came in. &nb
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The new girl
The new girl   Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord     Madison's P O V   I continued begging and pleading but didn't hear anything. After about 10 minutes, I opened my eyes and lifted my head. But he was gone.    Huh, where is he? Where did he go to? I wondered, turning around, still shaking.   Is he hiding somewhere with his gun pulled out? Oh goodness, —I don't want to die. I don't want to die like this. I thought while crying my eyes out.    "Hey, what is it?" Kyle suddenly showed up asking, concern written all over his face.    "He wants to kill me. I didn't do anything, and please tell him that I didn't do anyth
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Anna Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord    Writer's P O V   "Can you answer my question for once?! Stop treating me like I'm a stranger to you. I hate it. Stop it!" Kyle snapped, making Enzo turn to face him again.   "Kyle," Enzo called, staring at him in the eyes. “I don't want to fight with you. So just leave me alone. Don't get me angry, okay?" Kyle declared, shrieking drastically.   "Why?! Why can't I fight with you? Aren't siblings like others? Why are you so different? You keep treating me like a stranger and expect me to be happy?" Kyle half yelled at him again, but Enzo only kept going. That annoyed Kyle more.   "Shit!" He cussed and turned towards the direction of his room, making up his mind not to talk to Enzo i
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Chapter 6: Baritone Voice
Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord    Madison's P O V    "I...I don't know where my parents are, and I haven't seen them in ages," I answered. Thinking about them gave rise to tears in my eyes.   "I'm not sure they'll recognize me when they see me," I added, with tears now falling freely from my eyes. My outburst seemed to have startled him as he kept staring at me.   " mean you don't know where your parents are, and you haven't seen them in ages? Why? Where have you been all these while?" He questioned, staring directly at me.   "I...” I paused and cleaned the tears off my face. “I was kidnapped. I was only around 11 then. I'm not even sure how old I am now." I supplied.   "Oh
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Chapter 7: Escape
Saved And Hated By The Gang LordMadison's P O V I made to continue walking when his voice halted me.   "Stop right there." I stopped in my tracks instantly. Why is that man calling me? He doesn't seem any different from Enzo. Why is he bothering me? For goodness sake, I could curse him.    I felt him stand up from his seat. Wait, is he coming for me? Why, what does he want from me? I wondered as I kept standing there, still vouching for him not to come further.    He got behind me and stopped. "Turn," He ordered. I slowly turned to face him at his orders.    His fingers were tucked into his trouser pocket as he stared roughly at me.    "Why do you look so familiar? Or are you purposely hiding from me?" He came b
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Chapter 8: Screwed
Saved And Hated By The Gang LordMadison's P O V    Slowly, I kept moving away from Beatrice, who kept picking out clothes for me. She is so focused on it, and I'm convinced she won't notice me until I've gone far. My eyes shifted to look at the two men Enzo asked to watch me. Their eyes were elsewhere.   Thank goodness! But where do I know that I want to run to? Anyways, I still need to evacuate this place. There are hundreds of people in this mall. Someone might take pity and help me out. Firstly I need to go to the police station. —Who knows, my parents might still be looking for me, and from there, I'll get to them.   After successfully moving far from Beatrice, although not too far, I turned and ended up slamming my body into a complicated figure, terrified, I looked up to see a man grinning at me.  
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Chapter 9: The Assignment
Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord Madison's P O VThe door cracked open slowly, with Beatrice walking in to meet me. "Where did you run off to? Come, we have to get you ready as Mr. Enzo wants." She pulled me with her out of the restroom. That bastard Theo or whatever his name is, he evacuated after insulting and assaulting me.   I wish I could do something about it, but they all believe me to be a murderer. But I'm not a murderer, and I didn't kill their former boss. I don't even know who he is.   I think I'll have to let Kyle explain to them when we get back.Beatrice took me to the other side of the enormous building. I met two ladies who were supposedly waiting for me —I still didn't understand what was going on.     *    I stood in front o
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Chapter 10: I'm doomed
Saved And Hated By The Gang LordMadison's P O V I followed the older man slowly as he led me away. I could always turn back to see Enzo just staring at me without blinking —Why isn't he doing anything? Does he mean it when he said the older man could have me? Oh goodness! I hope that doesn't happen, and I'll seriously die.    Heavens, please help!    I can even see Enzo men watching me leave with the older man from a corner of the room. Why isn't Enzo giving any command? Is he seriously letting this older man take me away? A word from him can make me get away from this older man.   The older man took me to a room with dim blue light and closed the door.   "Hmm, you look more sweet under the blue light, baby girl." He made to touch my boobs, but I moved away from
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