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Samuel Davis is a hardworking and compassionate doctor who loves doing his job. His life is about to take a turn when an artist will become his new next-door neighbor and will give him a glimpse of the life he always wished to have. Will this new neighbor be able to add more colors to his life? Or will turn his somewhat steady life upside down?

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62 Chapters
Chapter 1
Samuel's POV   After finishing my long tiring shift at the hospital, I walk towards my apartment. The building in which I live has four floors and two apartments on each floor. It is a quiet and secured area. Moreover, it is near the hospital, so I can easily make it there in time on emergency calls. When I reach the second floor, I watch boxes fill the hallway of my floor as the door opposite my apartment is opened. Some people are moving boxes inside the apartment, but quite a few boxes are still littered in the hallway. Someone has moved into this apartment. I walk towards my apartment, carefully avoiding the stuff in the hallway. I hope my new neighbors are not like the
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Chapter 2
Ariana's POV Samuel is a laid-back and playful guy. Utterly opposite his exterior, which makes him look more like an intimidating gang leader than a doctor. However, the seriousness behind his eyes gives me an impression he has an aggressive side too. After bandaging my arm, he volunteered to help me with arranging my stuff. Thanks to his help, all the boxes are already in their respective rooms after the movers have placed the boxes inside the apartment. "I will just go and bring glasses from my apartment." He places the takeout on the coffee table and goes to his apartment. Since the set of glasses has been broken by me and I have yet to unpack the kitchen stuff, he brought two glasses from his apartment. He also brings his laptop with him,
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Chapter 3
Samuel's POV   Mom? A small boy, nearly around six or seven years old, runs to her and hugs her tightly. I clearly remember not seeing any ring on her finger, so she might be a single mother. "I missed you much." He tightens his hold on her neck, and she pats his back. "I missed you, too." Pulling back, she makes him sit in her lap and turns to look at the door where a middle-aged man in driver's uniform is standing. "Thank you, Marvin, for bringing him home." She smiles at the man, whose name is Marvin. "It's not a problem, Ma'am." He nods then takes his leave. Read more
Chapter 4
Samuel's POV   Changing out of my scrubs, I walk out of the changing room. Glancing at my watch, my eyebrows slightly shoot up in surprise as this will be in a long time that I am going home early. "Sam." Hearing my name, I stop near the reception area and wait for Mason as he quickly approaches me. "What's up?" He asks, slapping my shoulder. "Going home." "I am also done with my shift." Removing the stethoscope from around his neck, he rubs his neck, trying to release some tension. "Let's go for some drinks." "Nah, I have to go home, maybe some other time." Shaking my head, I decline his offer. Read more
Chapter 5
Samuel's POV The sound of heels fades, and suddenly there is an eerie silence. However, I never heard Ariana's apartment door closing. This forces me to go check on her. Earlier I had planned to check on her later, as I wanted to give her some space, but now it seems a bit unnecessary. Opening my door, I find her sitting on the floor with her arms wrapped around her knees. She is resting her head on her knees. She raises her head when she notices me standing in my doorway. Quickly, standing up, she wipes her tears. "I am sorry, all that noise must have disturbed you." She apologized while not meeting my eyes, as she figured that I might have heard everything. Suddenly, the thought of Justin comes
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Chapter 6
Samuel's POV "Samuel!" I crouch down just in time to catch Justin as he comes barreling towards me. "Hey, buddy, what are you doing here at the hospital?" Picking him up, I ruffle his hair. "Momsis brought me here." He makes a face. Glancing away from him, I find Ariana filling some paperwork which the nurse has given her. Panic flashes through her face when she doesn't find Justin beside her. Frantically, she looks around and then visibly relaxes when her eyes land on us. Walking to her, I sit beside her with Justin in my lap as she narrows her eyes at Justin. "What I had told you about running away?" She sternly asks him, causing him to shrink and
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Chapter 7
Ariana's POV I still can't believe I agreed to this stupid plan. "Samuel, I think this a bad idea." Shaking my head, I look at him, "Mom will instantly figure our lie." God! She was furious to find that I have a boyfriend, who is not Greyson. The only response I get from him is a slight twitch of his lips, resembling a faint smile. My anxiousness increases the moment I watch mom sitting in the car, waiting for us, as we walk outside the airport. Samuel turns to me, halting me in my steps. He suddenly kisses my cheek, my breath hitches in my throat. Leaning away, he smiles down at me while tucking my hair behind my ear. "Relax, Kitty," he says softly,
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Chapter 8
Ariana's POV I braid my hair, ignoring Samuel's gaze on me, which is really difficult as he is just sitting and staring at me while I get ready. However, it doesn't feel weird. It feels like this is our routine when in reality, this is the first time we have even spent so much time together. I am trying damn hard to look decent and presentable in my mother's eyes, so she spares us with her remarks. I am used to her behavior, but it is different with Samuel. I don't want to give her any chance to insult him. He is already doing so much for me, and he definitely doesn't deserve her rudeness. Suddenly, his hand grips mine, stopping me, then without any warning, he unbraids my hair. "No!" I shake my head, trying to stop him, but he has managed to release
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Chapter 9
Samuel's POV I watch Ariana, and this is the first time she looks happy while talking to someone since we have come here.   She wasn't joking when she mentioned to me that she dislikes her family. I haven't met every one of them, and even I can say that they all are prudes. "Samuel, meet Misha; she is my cousin." Ariana comes to me and places her hand on my arm, "And Misha, he is Samuel." "Hey." Misha smiles, "I am glad you came with her; at least my husband will not be the only one at the receiving end." She laughs, making Ariana roll her eyes. "Ariana and I, we nearly are the outcasts of the family." She points to herself and Ariana, "I am married against their will, and well, now I feel she is also going to walk on the same pa
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Chapter 10
Samuel's POV   Running my hand through my hair, I take a large sip of the beer. The chilled beer bottle, hanging by the neck between my fingers, completely contrasts the heat on my skin as the afternoon sun is at its peak. It has been a long time nice I have been on vacation, and it feels nice just to relax without worrying about anything. When I made my mind to accompany Ariana, I would not have thought how much I needed this vacation for myself away from my routine life. Ariana brings out the Samuel in me, which was lost with the time. There is something about her that makes me want to be myself again. Even Dad noticed this change in me, which also made me realize whatever happened with me three years back has also deeply affected him though he never showed. "Hey, man!" Kei
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