Tainted Desires

Tainted Desires

By:  Angela Shyna  Completed
Language: English
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Trigger Warning!! This book is very dark, containing torture and abuse, read at your own risk!! "Take off your clothes Brie! You can't run from me! I'll always catch you, little mouse." His menacing voice rang out. I was already caged between him and the wall, there was nowhere left to run. He caught my wrists in a strong grip, until I cried out from the pain. "Please I'm not ready! I need some more time" I sobbed, my whole body shaking badly,I was willing to do anything to reach out to whatever little humanity he has left. His eyes were cold. Merciless. He was going to hurt me, I knew it. "But you were ready to run away with that bastard, weren't you? " The smirk on his face as he taunted me betrayed the icy rage that simmered in his eyes. "You belong to me, Brie! I'm your husband! And I won't be denied of my rights, Refuse me again, I dare you to Brie!" He hissed, his grey eyes simmering with hot fury. What happens when Gabriella Thorne gets forced into an arranged marriage with Lucian Castiel. He is Cold. Brutal. He gets anything he wants. What happens when he's determined to TAINT Gabrielle's innocence with his darkness. Is there a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel, or would she be forever tainted by his Psychotic Obsession?

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78 chapters
The beginning
CHAPTER ONE GABRIELLE** "Gabby! Are you done with the preparation! The guests are arriving any time from now!" Mother busted inside my room, her voice sounded panicked. I was frightened too, her mention of the guests only made it more severe. Her eyes searched around until they found me, where I stood opposite the mirror, it held a hint of approval as she approached where I stood.  My blond hair had been brushed until it shone under the bright lights in my large room, I was dressed in an expensive royal blue evening gown which complimented the color of my eyes. The bright red lipstick made my lips seem fuller than it was.  "Oh my goodness! You look so beautiful" She complimented softly.Her eyes which were the same shade as mine watered as she suddenly engulfed me into an embrace."You are strong, I know you can go through with this" She squeezed my shoulders.I wanted to yell
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Chapter Two
CHAPTER TWOGABRIELLE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~There were voices engaged in discussions as I walked behind Phoebe, all too soon we reached the dining room.I kept my eyes cast downwards, my legs feeling like molten plastic."These are both my daughters, this is your betrothed Lucian " My head snapped upwards the moment father uttered those words, he was also the first person my eyes located. If anything, he looked nervous which I've never seen him ever before. There were at least more than ten people sitting over the large wooden dining table, but my eyes found him.My heart jerked hard against my chest. The burning grey eyes continued to hold mine and I couldn't tear my eyes away, those eyes held power that threatened to consume me. The heat simmering in those orbs was making me uneasy. His coal-colored hair was kept long, almost brushing against his shoulders, his jawline cut shaper than any I have ever seen, hi
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Chapter Three
CHAPTER THREEGABRIELLE**How could I spend my life with this brute of a man who looked as though he could squash me with a mere raise of his finger? I looked around, we were already down the end of the hall, I wanted badly to run into the safe confinement of my room, away from him.His eyes returned to that neutral expression, almost as if he hadn't choked the hell out of me only a few seconds ago, my jaw still hurt like hell.I managed to meet those gaze with a determined look of mine, "I don't want to marry you! " I spoke defiantly as I could, I tried to remain in my position, but I found myself taking steps backward at the sudden dangerous glint in his eyes."What did you say? " He spoke his voice steely quiet. I swallowed tightly, my courage slowly seeping out of me, replaced by cold fear. I found myself backing away from him even as he took a predatory step towards me. "I do not giv
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Chapter Four
CHAPTER FOUR**Derek and I had just been in another argument. Ever since that night, he was extremely upset. he was bitterly hurt about everything. He still believed I betrayed him by never mentioning the alliance to him and he had to find out about it only that night. I couldn't manage to convince him that I would marry nobody else but him, I wasn't fully convinced myself.  Mother hadn't been successful in convincing father, I was to go ahead with the arrangement, it wasn't in my place to decide what I wanted. Everything in this whole room made me feel as though I was going crazy. The expensive jewel boxes laying in the corner, my new set of wardrobe filled me with even more despair. The wedding gown was the most beautiful I've ever seen, adorned with white pearls. The beauty of it was mocking me.  They were all a reminder that tomorrow, my fate would be sealed. Lucian Castiel
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Chapter Five
CHAPTER FIVELUCIAN CASTIEL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"What do you fucking mean by she's missing!" I barked in a low dangerous tone at the father of the bride I was supposed to be getting married to. We were supposed to be signing the arrangement papers. The Russians had always been taking advantage of the rivalry between both of our families to set their place as the number one supplier of weapons. Quitting the enmity between us and suing for peace and cooperation was the most feasible method of weakening Vladimir Petrov. It seemed to me that Marcus was backing out by giving me the bullshit that his daughter was missing. "She's nowhere to be found! She might have been kidnapped." My eyes narrowed suspiciously at him where he stood with a few of his men, if there was one thing I hated most, it was being deceived. The tension in the air was thick.At any time, guns would be drawn, it would easily turn from
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Chapter six
CHAPTER SIXGABRIELLE**I entered the bathroom of the private room, there were still about forty five minutes left before our flight. I was feeling anxious, I wondered if father had requested my presence and found out about my disappearance, My marriage to Lucian Castiel wasn't until this evening, I couldn't think about their reaction when they finally realized I had fled away, by then I would already be out of the country, where it would be difficult to locate me. My eyes caught in the bathroom mirror, I almost couldn't recognize the girl that stared back at me. My once long blond hair was now dyed black, it had been cut short, falling below my chin,  I've always adored my hair, but if I would be easily get spotted because of it, it was better to keep it short and dyed. I started to take off my clothes when Derek entered, I flushed brightly when his gaze lingered on my chest, I had only a pair of bra, covering my b
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Chapter seven
CHAPTER SEVENGABRIELLE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I remained where I stood, there was no way I would ever go to him, not if I have a choice. My unwillingness seemed to further infuriate him. He took another intimidating step towards us, his frosty metallic grey eyes never moving an inch away from mine. It happened so fast, Derek pulled out the pistol I didn't know he had been holding, focusing straight at Lucian's forehead."And I say you should back off, tell them all to leave or I will shoot! "He shifted his gaze towards the five of Lucian Castiel's men that had their weapons drawn out towards us.The tension in the air was thick, a butter knife would easily tear through it, my heart was jamming hard against my ribcage.It was six against one.I was scared for Derek as well as myself. It could easily end up badly for us. "Tell them to leave! Or I'll really blow out your brains! " Derek spoke again, a
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Chapter eight
CHAPTER EIGHTIt was painful enough to draw out a scream from my mouth, and much to my mortification and anger, he repeated the action, spanking hard against my other ass cheek. I stilled in my struggles and went stiff against him, he didn't spank me again but the burning pain on my butt lingered. He murmured something in a low tone, but I heard it just fine. "Good girl, you're already learning."I've never hated anyone as I did this moment. He took us outside, there were more of his men outside, a few groups of onlookers who watched from a distance away. I doubt any of them would come to my aid, not that they would be able to help me even if they wanted. He led us to where a black limo was waiting. The door was opened by one of the men dressed in a black suit. Lucian put me down for a moment, only to shove me inside the car, he entered seconds later and the door automatically clicked shut."Drive!
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Chapter nine
CHAPTER NINEGABRIELLE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The journey back was over, the car drove to a halt, and I felt as though my life was ended as well. The door clicked open and Lucian walked out, he was waiting for me to do the same. My legs were glued, I knew what awaited me the moment I would step my feet down. "Get down! " He wore an impatient scowl. I obeyed reluctantly, there was no need to delay the inevitable.  Strong fingers encircled my arms in an iron grip, I had no choice but to follow behind Lucian as he led us, more like dragged me into the tall building ahead. Mother, father, and my sister were already waiting for us. I avoided my father's gaze, mother's expression was sad, I knew she wished I hadn't been caught. Phoebe was staring at me with an expression that seemed almost like guilt. There were more of our family members present. I couldn't recognize the rest of t
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Chapter ten
CHAPTER TENLUCIAN CASTIEL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I glanced at my wife, I couldn't contain the feeling of male satisfaction. She was beautiful. No one had ever managed to make my heart swell with this fierce possessiveness. The need to dominate her and claim her as mine was so intense. It made my jaw clench painfully. She looked different today, her face was paperwhite, contrasting her short black hair which I hated so much. Even though she was still as stunning as ever, I still wanted my golden-haired Brie, the one I was familiar with for almost half my entire life. The thought that she had been about to run away with that bastard still consumed me with blinding rage, coupled with the pain that pierced my heart when she had told me she loved him. She couldn't have meant those, for both our sakes, I hoped she only said them just to spite me. For that bastard who had laid his hands on MY Brie,
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