My Overpowered System

My Overpowered System

By:  Ward Buen  Ongoing
Language: English
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A boy was transmigrated from earth to another world. he wake up on the body of a youngster from the Arch Duke family. Currently, he was treated as thrash and was sent to govern a desolate area between borders of two kingdoms. Follow the main character dominate the Continent using the people of his domain and the system that gifted him the power to trample everything that gets on his way.

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19 Chapters
Chapter 1: Reincarnation
In a dark room, a man was currently sitting on the side of his bed. He was looking on his hands, a shocked expression can be seen on his face you.        The man was Eduard. A reincarnated person from earth.        One day, he was early to live his work and rushed to go home. He was on the way home, when he did not notice the incoming vehicle that lost its break and ramming to his direction. The vehicle crashed on him, leading to his death.        Unknown to him, his soul was inserted in a body of a 15 years old boy in another world.        This boy named as Eduard Chris. The 4th of the son of the arch duke family of Gago Kingdom. Being a talentless person, his family was thoroughly disappointed in him, they decided to send him to the border near the territory of beast man to live.     Before he was sent here,
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Chapter 2: Mission Complete
Early in the next morning, Eduard started to stretch out his body after waking up and washing his face.     He is currently at the backyard of his new residence. Since he has nothing to do while waiting for his breakfast, he decided to do a normal stretching exercise.     Sadly, he did not sweat too much after 30 minutes of doing the normal routine, due to his physique improvements. His body of a 1st tier Iron Level Knight was stronger that his old body on earth. The door of his Eduard's house suddenly opened. Angie suddenly came out from the inside.    Angie was one of his maid that accompany him. She was around 15 years old, with a good looks. Her brown hair was paired with the color of her brown eyes, which made her quite attractive.     She noticed that Eduard was busy with doing exercises while his upper body was exposed, she was attracted.     Suddenly, she
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Chapter 3: Knights Departure
After taking his dinner, Eduard immediately proceed to his room. He opened his system panel and choose to take his reward for accomplishing his mission. [ ding! Successfully bestowing Hand to Hand Combat Skill] A row of information appears on Eduard's head. The Information contains different skills to fight unarmed and fully utilizing his body as a weapon in combat. After a moment, the memories have fully integrated to his mind. The feeling was the same as he had train on it for more than a decade. Including his muscle memory, they are also part of the reaction. As long as he wants, he can show a prowess of an expert in Hand to Hand Combat. "With this skill I should be able to match those people that in tier 3 iron level knight with an average skill even if they wield their weapon". He clenches his fist and punch in the air, a gust of wind was created from his punch. The curtains on his bed room were swayed from the punch. After a
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Chapter 4: Fortifying Defense
Three days after the departure of the knight, Eduard was now again at his backyard sparring with two of his knights. These two was Erin and Ernie, they are brothers that are both at 5th tier Iron Level Knight. The two was already at the age of 25, being stuck on tier 5 for almost 5 years they were both assigned to him . The family, already regarded them as talentless and have no future and use for them. This morning he only learned that the two knights was always bullied in the household and the resources for them was always seized by the stronger knights on their group. They also used them as a training dummy for their technique, in the end they always received injury resulting to stagnating of their cultivation. Eduard pitied them, luckily the family had given up to the two. After the 3 knights came back from the city with the 20 slaves, he will have the manual to improve them. Since this two endure their predicament for 5 years and still dedicated to tra
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Chapter 5: New Slaves
 Inside the Chris Manor, a young man at around age of 20 is sitting on the chair, while holding a cup of coffee. the man resembles the face of Eduard but look much older than him. The color of his hair was also different from Eduard  dark color hair, his hair is gray in color. This man was Darwin, the first son of Chris Family Leader. He was now facing an old man in a butler uniform. The old man was at the age of 60's, but his body is vigorous as a young adult. There is also a silver aura that surround him, indicating that he was in Silver Tier Level Knight. He was only standing silent on the side, waiting for the young man in front of him to speak. "Steve, did you confirm that my brother Eduard placed was only a desolated area?" the Darwin asked.  The old man move in front of him, "Yes Young Master, it is at the border near the beast man territory. The young master Eduard troops will have a hard time there to gain foot h
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 Two days after the arrival of the new slaves. Eduard was now happily taking his breakfast together with the five kids and maids. The complexion of the five turn better within this two days. A livelier aura was surrounding them, unlike 2 days ago when they arrive, their eyes are lifeless. Their fever was also gone away. Beside, the kids was also attach to him, as he tend to them when he was nothing to do in his mansion. Right now they are happily eating their breakfast while enthusiastic to help him. Since this morning, he announced to them that they will be trained by the maids and knights to serve for him. The kids did not show dissatisfaction in the course of his expectation. They are more than happy, since they will not joined the other slaves instead their task are within the mansion. He also learned that before they were catch by the slave trader they are already abandoned kids in the street. Well, they are lucky that they fall in Ed
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CHAPTER 7: Knights Training
    Reaching the location near the forest, Captain Martin immediately come to Eduard, " My Lord, we have caught a Horned Board. Please give us the instruction ".     Eduard eyes wandered on the surrounding Knights before he face Martin, " Captain, is there any casualties on the knights?".     " You don't have tio worry my lord, the Boar just manage to enter the rank of Iron level, so the knights easily killed it. ". Martin said with assurance.     Eduard was thankful that nobody was injured, since they have only limited supply of medicine if anybody was grievously wounded.      Eduard walk near the boar and observe the look of the beast. He was shocked to see that the boar was thrice the size of regular boar on earth.     ' this boar just enter the rank of iron level with this size, how much larger the other beast t
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    Eduard was looking at his System panel while walking to the knights barracks.  Host: Eduard Occupation: Viscount/ Knight Cultivation: Tier 4 iron knight (-> tier 5; 1  day) Skills: ruler command (system bonus skill), Hand to Hand Combat Skill (expert) Mission: [ Mission : Raise the level of your 10 knights to Silver Level] [ Reward: Magician Occupation][ Mission: Hunt a hundred Iron Level Beast 3/100 ] [ Reward: 10x Healing Potion ( Superior Grade)][ Mission: Create a water path for irrigating the field ] [reward: High quality corn seed x 1 sack]        The Beast Hunting count had added another two since the knights met another Horned boar in the East forest while doing their patrol. They should have lost from their group and accidentally run into hos territory. Horned Boar are the types of beast that move in group of t
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Chapter 9: Fox Girl
    Digong was on the post of the knight. His given job by Eduard was to assist the knight in looking for any people that appear on the territory, and as a message deliverer, if an intruder had come to invade. It was only passed the Lunch time, he has to accompany one of the knights on duty who assigned as his guardian in training.     Looking from a far, he noticed a carriage that is coming at a fast speed in their direction. He called out the attention of the knight beside him who is facing the opposite side."Uncle Eren, Look! A carriage was coming to this direction in a fast speed".    Eren also looked at the direction that Digong was pointing out. A familiar insignia in front of the carriage was visibly hanging in front of the carriage.    ' someone from the Chris family', he muttered." Digong, immediately look for Captain Martin, inform him that someone from Chris family is coming" 
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Chapter 10: Helping Roxy
    " Alright 90 beast to go ", Eduard muttered, seeing the count of the beast they hunted.The red eyed wolf was the seventh beast that they encountered during their hunt.      The knights with him was already worn out and taking a rest to regain their energy.     During his fight with the red eyed wolf. He requested the knight to let him take it solo. They were only allowed to interfere if he is in danger.     His Knight complied to his request and move to the side. They are observing his battle and preparing themselves to rescue. Afraid that he will be in danger in any moment.     At the end, they are shock to the capability of Eduard to parry the wolf. Even though the wolf was already a six tier iron level beast. It didn't gain any advantage during the battle. The most eye catching only is its speed that was hard to follow by the naked eye even for an eight tier knight.
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