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Ara Sandoval is a beautiful and smart housemaid. A housemaid with a beauty that can make any man lose their sanity. Her quite life become chaotic when the son and daughter of her boss came back from America. But Nathan Madrid feel in love with her in the first place, while Crissy is her opponent and hated her. But how will she face a trial If she herself will voluntarily fall in love with the man far away from her. Will Nathan fight his feelings for Ara towards her sister?

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14 Chapters
Chapter 1
 ARAI woke up in a loud alarm sound.  I stretched first and rubbed my eyes while my body was still on the bed. As I yawning to get up. I took my tie and tied my long hair. I get up early to help Mrs. Amalia to clean the whole mansion.  The Madrid couple told us that their children would be returning to the Philippines by next day.  At an early age I learned to stand on my own feet. My father has a heart disease so I wanted to help him to lessen his burden in life.  Since childhood I wasn't see my mother. My father told me that my mother died after giving birth to me. I live with my father and no other relatives near to us.  I fix my bed in our little house at the back of the mansion. I  took a bath and  immediately went the mansion to start my work. I saw Mrs. Amalia  was busy cooking for our breakfast.  "Good morning Mrs. Amalia," I happily greeted the old lady
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Chapter 2
In the kitchen, Ara was left stunned by what had happened to her and Nathan. She touched her lips that had just stuck to the young man's lip. She was nervous about what happened not because she felt strange but because of her young age. She's turning eighteen next month. And another thing she fears is that he owns it. She doesn't want to have any lust for the young man because they are in different worlds. On the other side, she felt something strange feeling. Feeling like she enjoy with Nathan. She kissed the handsome man whom she almost didn't want to look away from last night. "Boo...” Joy shouted loudly from behind but she didn't seem surprised. Joy looked at her in surprise. She already knows her friend very well but she is showing a strange gesture. "Wait! Have you gone hungry?" Joy asked. "No!"  she replied selflessly. "Then, what hap
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Chapter 3
Nathan was quietly playing on his phone. He was obviously used to her sister’s behavior. After their conversation, Joy and Ara returned to their work, while Nathan was left in the living room watching the television.Ara was looking to her pet dog. Everyday Amber need to take shower. She treat her pet like a human.   “Amber! Amber! ” I call the dog.   Where is she? I'm going to take her a shower because I don't want my bosses will smell her. I was still wandering inside the mansion. I've circled at the back of the house and still I cannot find her. I sighed as thinking, where is she now?”  I went inside again and groped before the poor girl here in the mansion could even see her. As I looked around I heard Nathan talking to someone but I ignored him.  I suddenly turned to him when I heard Amber barking.  Nathan is happily playing with my pet dog. No wonder
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Chapter 4
ARA As I walk towards the library I think what I should to search and read because I still have a more time.  I'll wait for Joy maybe she will follow me too.  In our class room the two of us were leading in the class.  We did nothing in our spare time but read books. I immediately searched for the book I was going to read when suddenly someone appeared beside of me.  I ignored it and even glanced at it.  I continued to search for the book I wanted to read, but I was stopped by the realization that I seemed to know the person beside of me.  I thought it was looking for a book too.  I looked up and checked to see if I had made a mistake. A sweet smile came over him, he was still staring at me with his arms outstretched.  Why is this guy is  here? "I asked myself. I turned my back on him and didn't want to be close to him because Crissy will be more angry on me.  I will avoid them as m
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Chapter 5
ARA After we had dinner I immediately finished the pending work.  I never showed up to Nathan when they had dinner.  I told Joy that she would take care of our bosses dinner. A few more moments passed and I finished my task.  I was about to go home to the house we were sleeping at the back of the mansion when I met Mrs. Amalia.  She was carrying a cardboard box.  I immediately helped the old lady and presented that I would just pick it up and take it wherever she want to put it. "Give it to me Mrs. Amalia, and I'll take care of it! You should have just called me so you wouldn't have any more burden. After I said that, I immediately took the big box from her. Where should I put it?" I asked.  "It's okay, I can still lift. Please just put that in the basement," she replied holding her hip. "Oh there! Your hip might already hurt," I said worriedly. "
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Chapter 6
NATHANDuring my breaktime, I went through Ara's class room.  I need to talk to her later after our class.  I knew I had done something wrong to her and I wanted to apologize for harassing her. I’m too impulsive and I can’t control myself.  I hope she's not mad at what I did.  I just can’t control myself.  I was obsessed with her and I didn’t want to feel it. I think I'm already in love with her.  As I walked towards their classroom I saw Ara talking to a guy.  I felt my blood pressure risen when I saw her talking to someone.  I had a strange feeling when I saw her talking to another man. Is it jealous? Damn it!" I clappeds my hands as I approached them.  The man's eyes were obviously stick to her which I didn't like.  Ara noticed me approaching them but she was just calmly talking to the guy. "Excuse me!"  I said loudly to grab their
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Chapter 7
ARA As Nathan and Ara talked in the basement of the mansion, the two gradually reconciled.  Ara thinks this is the right thing to do to prevent Crissy from finding out about the two of them. The two of them continued talking, then suddenly they heard a sound.  Nathan immediately pulled Ara to hide in a corner.Ara covered her mouth and held her breath so, not to make any noise.  What she didn't expect was that Nathan hugged her. Though her nervous feelings still prevailed.  She herself couldn't restrain  from having a look at Nathan.She heard Nathan's heartbeat as he hugged her.  They remained in that position until they heard Amber's bark. Ara immediately let go of Nathan's embrace and hugged her pet dog.  Nathan sighed of relief because he thought someone was following them.He also wants to take care for Ara's sake.  He knew Crissy would get angry when she found
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Chapter 8
 In the canteen, Crissy and Miguel were talking, she asked the young man directly.  It is obvious from Miguel's actions that he likes Ara.  They both know that Ara was a smart and beautiful despite her life status. Crissy, is also very jealous because of Ara's talent and beauty.  Lot of men approach to Ara, and she knew that this is her disadvantage to Ara.  Now she thought to get those things in Ara, whether in violence way. "Do you like her?"  Crissy asked. "Hmm ... Well, she's pretty and smart!"  Miguel replied smiling.Crissy nodded, when she heard Miguel's answer.  Something was forming in her mind that one day she could use Miguel in case she needed it.  Crissy, is not happy that Ara is with her in the same house or school because people see her mistakes, but Ara, is like a star in everyone's eyes.When they got home from school, Ara imm
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Chapter 9
ARAThe new morning came, Ara woke up not caring what happened to her yesterday. But she didn't let herself from being weak. She knew that the day would come when she would be able to get away from this situation and she and her father would enjoy a peaceful life.Without hesitation, she still smiled in the morning with no resentment inside. Just like the day before, she was happy to meet the new morning. She wants to avoid being sad because it doesn’t help her dreams come true, Her reading of the book was a reason to escape the reality of life.Arthuro was just shaken his head to see that Ara was so hardworking. He happily watched Ara prepare herself to start work in the morning. Not only diligent in her studies as well as in her work obligations."Good morning Dad!" Ara greeted her father with full of inspiration."Good morning, Dear," her father replied.She prepared her father's medicine before s
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Chapter 10
Benedict felt tension and echoed throughout the dining room table.  It was only when his children returned from America that he found out that Crissy were such a disrespectful only child."Crissy, come back!"  Benedict's furious shout to the daughter as she walked away. "Honey, please come down," Lucia whispered. "She's too rude to me!"  Benedict was uncontrollably angry at the child's behavior.  He raised them full of respect.  The only thing he could not understand was why the daughter became greedy even though he was giving life in abundance. Benedict's face slowly blushed with emotional restraint.  He closed his eyes and gently calmed himself.  Slowly breathe in and out.  He’s wife caressing his back, giving him a little calming down. Nathan sighed of frustration.  He was unable to understand the sister's behavior, even though he noticed Crissy's
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