Married to the billionaire's heir

Married to the billionaire's heir

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She watched as he settled on the black couch while she stood a few meters away from him, with her luggage right beside her.  Her gaze lowered to the floor as her eyes met with his stiffened, icy face which wore a demeaning look that sent shrills all over her body.  Her heart palpitated with fear as she became overwhelmed by the thoughts of being strangled tonight by her newly wedded husband who was sitting right in front of her.   She had heard him rumored to be ruthless, arrogant and hostile just like his father.   After the collapse of his marriage with a billionaire's daughter whom he had tried to murder, he became feared by many, and every lady would see it as a death sentence to be married to him.  But here she was, the daughter of a peasant farmer, married to the ruthless Billionaire's son. How did she get here?  Her name is Alex, and this is her story with ADRIAN STEEL, SON OF THE RUTHLESS BILLIONAIRE

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The black gigantic gate opened and a black Hyundai sped into the magnificent billionaire mansion. The doors on the two sides of the car flung open and two men in black suits stepped out of the car. A middle aged couple could also be seen, stepping out through the other side of the car. They were both dressed in shabby clothes, and mere looking at their appearance, one could easily tell how poor they were..They clung on to each other as the sun shone on their gloomy faces. The men in black led the way and they all proceeded to the white painted edifice which was heavily guarded by men in black suits. The door opened and they were led into the building by the two men in black suits who were walking ahead of them.As they stepped into the luxurious living room, the cold from the air conditioner swept through their skins. They both stood in the middle of the room with their gazes on the spacious floor. A few seconds later, voices, followed by loud laughter could be heard from the large
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She dug her pail into the well again as she wiped the sweat off her brows. She dragged out a few quantity of water from the well and poured it into the bucket beside her. "Argh" she exhaled as she ran her hand into her thick black hair. She could feel the heat from the sun as she stood beside the well tiredly with her bucket of water beside her. The sound of a car could be heard approaching the yard, and she turned to see her parents stepping out of the black car which had stopped in front of the short wooden gate.“Baami '' she cried with excitement as she dropped her pail beside the well and rushed to meet her parents who were walking towards her. “Maami” she called but there was no response from either of them. She could see how gloomy their faces looked and she wondered what the problem could be. As the car drove away from the yard, her mom walked towards her and took hold of her hand“What’s wrong maami? Did that good for nothing man hurt you?” She asked anxiously as she look
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PRESENT"So now that you've told him everything about yourself, what do we do now?" Mr Morris asked with a little tone of anger"I didn't tell him everything about myself, I never knew this was his plan all along" she cried from the floor where she sat. "You are not getting married to that man, ok?" Her mom assured"Really? I hope you are prepared for life in prison. And you know Mateo very well, you know what he can do better"he put in again "Dad, I'm not going to marry that man! Never! I have a life to live, I have my future well planned, I can't marry that monster. Did you forget what he did to his first wife?!" She thundered He kept silent with his gaze on the floor."I can't stand this, we need to find a way to sort this out!" She barked as she stood up hurriedly from the floor and stormed out of the room.She walked down the dusty road surrounded by large acres of land which were all filled with cocoa trees. It was evening and the sun was beginning to set. Her big red chiffon
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She opened the door and let out a sigh as she saw Asa standing on the doorpost that afternoon. "Asa," she called tiredly as she walked back into the room"Have you been crying?" She asked"Yes. I'm so confused right now. I don't know what else to do" she cried as she sat on the neatly arranged bed."Lex, you're wearing yourself out for nothing" Asa said as she sat on the bed with her. There was no other furniture in the room apart from the large bed and a wooden table in the middle of the room. "For nothing?" She asked as she wiped the tears off her face"Babe, this is an opportunity for you to leave this farm. You know it has always been our dream to get married and leave this place. You have that opportunity before you, to get married to a billionaire man.." she explained with empathy "Asa, you seem to have forgotten the man we are talking about" she said as she looked at her faceShe shrugged and looked away from her."Well, you can manage, you will not be the first to go into
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"Alex, are you really sure you want to do this?" Maiden asked as she jumped down from the veranda."It's the only way out. The only way I can free my parents from going to prison. The only way I can get back at Femi's betrayal" she said as she placed a cocoa seed in her mouth. "And the only way is by dying? Because marriage to Adrian is the same as dying" Bisi put in"I don't care. We will all get to die anyway" she said as she spit out the seed in her palm. "So, are you saying, we should start the marriage preparations?" Maiden asked with a little excitement and Alex eyed her. "If we are starting anything, they're going to be the ones to provide everything. We still haven't heard from them yet" she said "Hmm, I can't believe this is happening. You are going to be married into one of the wealthiest families in the country. Well, I wish you the best. And maybe, who knows, Adrian might not be what people actually thought him to be" Bisi said with a smile"Adrian is everything people
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There was intense preparation in the Bimpe's home as people trooped in and out of the yard. The young men could be seen, arranging chairs under the big tree in the yard while the voices of young and aged women were heard as they chatted and laughed while surrounding the large cooking pots in the fire. Inside the room, she sat on the white plastic chair as Maiden applied makeup on her face. Bisi and two other girls were also in the room, arranging a few things on the bamboo bed. "It's almost twelve and there is still no sight of them" Bisi said from the bed where she sat "Or, they decided to change their mind?" One of the girls asked"Better for Alex. Who needs them anyways?" Maiden asked, with her head bent towards Alex. "Please be careful with the brows. Are you really sure you can do this right? I don't want to look like a masquerade in front of everyone" She complained and they all laughed "What are you insinuating? That I don't know my job?" Maiden frowned"You know, you just
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"Now this is the real marriage I'm talking about. You do things the traditional way, your marriage will last" Mateo's voice sounded all over the room and everyone laughed. He sighed as he saw his father picking his teeth as he discussed with the men in excitement. He has been waiting for hours for them to finish off with their meals so they will leave at once. But it seems his father was not yet prepared to leave. He was beginning to become impatient and he stood up. "I'll be in the car waiting" he said as he stormed out of the room with different eyes trailing after him."Wait for me outside" Mateo said as he stood up immediately and walked out after him.He stood on the porch as he watched the people sitting under the tree, eating and drinking with excitement. He wondered if poor people were always this happy."You missed a very good meal. This is the best I've had in years" His father said from where he stood beside him.He turned to look at him with his face burning with anger.
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She watched the guard dragging in her luggage with a dark and plump middle aged lady walking beside him. She had seen the lady earlier amongst the maids and she presumed her to be the head maid as she seemed to be the eldest amongst them. The lady took her stand beside her and they both stood side by side looking at Adrian who was sitting comfortably on the couch, while paying little or no attention to them. He stood up and adjusted his suit before turning his face towards them. "Take her to her room upstairs" he ordered with a deep voice "Ok sir" the maid said at once as she picked up the bags. "This way ma'am," she said to Alex who nodded and followed behind her.They both walked to the large twin staircase and as they walked, she saw Adrian heading out of the house and she wondered where he was heading tonight. The maid led her to a lit up passage which contained several rooms. They walked to a door and the maid pressed a button on the wall. The door opened and they both wal
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"What is he going to do now? Is he going to kill me?" She asked anxiously as they all walked back to the kitchen. "Hey, why did you run out like that? See how you made the boss fell," Vivian said "Oh, poor me, the village girl in me just resurfaced" she cried and they all laughed"Oh, I've never seen the boss so embarrassed before" one of the ladies put in"Yes, did you see the look on his face?" Another one asked and they all laughed again"Wait, why do I have a feeling that you did it on purpose? To get back at him for what he did last night?" Vivian asked as she looked at Alex who was smiling"No I didn't, but it was nice anyway, sweet revenge" she said and they all laughed again."Come on girls, get busy" Vivian ordered and they all began to get busy."Is he always like this? Mean? Cold? Arrogant?" She asked as she continued chopping the tomatoes."Not really, though he isn't nice, but he wasn't this worse. Everything changed when Barbara came in" Vivian replied and her eyes bul
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As he walked down the stairs that morning, he heard her usual calling from the dining table and he sighed in frustration as he headed out of the house with the men.She is the most annoying of them all, he thought as he stepped into the car. He saw her handing a poly bag over to one of the guards and he couldn't believe she was about to bring him food in the office again. As the car drove out, he continued staring at her and he saw her watching as the car drove out. As soon as the car was out of sight, she walked back into the house and headed to the kitchen to meet the maids. She saw Vivian and one of the maids named Sara, preparing to go out. "Heading to where?" She asked"To get a food item from the local market" Vivian replied "Oh, I'm definitely coming with you guys. I need to go out of this prison called home" she said and they laughed."You want the boss to skin us alive? You can't come with us" Sara protested"Why not? I've not even stepped foot out of this place ever since
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