Born To Be My Luna

Born To Be My Luna

By:  Alora Sterling  Completed
Language: English
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"I, Easton Braylle, son of Norman Braylle and future alpha of the Silver Moon Pack, hereby reject you, Catherine the Slave, to be my mate." Catherine had lost her memories due to trauma from the attack as a child and had been enslaved since the day her parents died at the mere age of 10, or so she thought. She had been bullied, mocked, and tormented after Norman's followers brought her to him forcefully just when she attempted to escape. 8 years later, she discovers who her mate is from the Silver Moon Pack. But that person rejected her after that night...tying her up and throwing her into a cage . But something happened that she least expected... Her memories came flooding back and she met two hot werewolves who both turned out to be her mates! Will she be able to resist the hottest, strongest, most dangerous Alpha alive or the incredibly handsome, super kind, and gentleman Beta of Blood Moon Pack? In the end, she only has to choose one mate to give her love. Who is it going to be??? BOOKS- Born To Be My Luna ( COMPLETED). Alpha's Cursed Luna (ONGOING). Alpha Hunter (ONGOING).

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152 Chapters
Chapter 1
Catherine's POVI had been working as a slave for almost eight whole goddamn years in this stinking shithole of Silver Moon Pack. My life turned upside down at the age of 10. I'm about to reach 18 years old, but that won't happen until after two days. Like most werewolves, my wolf has still not emerged. I don't know why, but I feel like she's inside if she is in a deep slumber... I pushed that thought away. Maybe that's just pure imagination. Anyway, They called me their slave, and I followed their every order as long as it was all about doing chores. All the cleaning, cooking, laundry, all that shit. They used me so they would spend their time freely doing whatever they want, whenever they wanted. I don't remember anything from my past. All I know is that I've been a slave for as long as I can remember. At least my name was still intact in my head. My first name, that is. I'm Catherine, daughter of no one, sister to none, and slave to almost everyone. I spent these years al
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Chapter 2
Easton's POV: I'd finished fucking an omega in the storage room and taken a quick walk down the hallway to get my shit together before going back to dealing with that Jessica, who my father chose to be my mate. I mentally roll my eyes, dreading the fact that I would have to face my ‘chosen’ mate. The truth is, my father was the one who chose Jessica for me, I didn’t. Although she is a real hotshot, she’s more hot-tempered and possessive than I am. In other words, she got looks. A brain? Not so much. She wants to be Luna, but I don’t think I she’s fit that role though. If I would pick a mate out for myself, I definitely won't pick Jessica. She would wear too much makeup, clothes that were barely covering anything on her body, and seemed well…too into me. For the past few months I have been extremely patient with her demands. I admit I must have spoiled her too much in order to please my father who is presently the Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack, Alpha Norman. Eight years ago, I vowed t
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Chapter 3
Catherine's POV: My mind got easily bombarded with questions as I felt Easton slowly change the position of his lips from my neck moving forward to my cheek. The stinging pain from Jessica's slap earlier instantly got replaced with a tingling sensation evidently caused by Easton's warm breath. I panicked. My body was shaking, my hands were sweating, I can't even feel my legs. Just when I wondered when this was going to end and where it would lead me, Jessica reappeared. And for the first time, her sudden appearance made me feel relief rather than fear or dismay. "What the fuck are you doing with that little bitch?!" She screamed. I can tell from her eyes that she was about to explode with intense rage, threatening to pounce at me anytime. I looked at Easton, and from the look of his calm expression I can't even tell if he was annoyed or at least worried that his chosen mate just caught him sniffing another she-wolf right under her nose. He didn't turn his gaze away from me. Inste
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Chapter 4
Catherine's POV: ‘Mate…’ That single word echoed through my mind. Did I hear him wrong? Maybe that was my mind playing tricks on me. I wanted to burst out laughing, raise my hand, or say something in protest but couldn’t. My heart felt as if it was ready to jump out of my chest any second. I wasn't really ready with that bit of information, especially not from him. I am his mate? How could that be? Why would the moon goddess pick me to be his mate? She must have known better than anyone that I was just a mere slave. A no one. Nothing but a freak who lost her memories as a little child. Too irrelevant and weak to be mated to an Alpha’s son. I have been told by almost every single werewolf in this pack that my existence was never meant to be. That I wasn’t worthy of love from anyone. Let alone have a mate. I accepted that with an open mind and heart. I knew no one would want a mate as broken as me. Even if I did have a mate, he was the last pers
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Chapter 5
Catherine's POV: Thirty eight minutes later. I just finished cooking the eggs, bacon, toasts, some croissants, cheese sandwiches, and breakfast burritos for the whole pack. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to stuff a croissant in my hungry dry mouth or drink water as I was really really getting behind the clock. I quickly set up the tables and placed all the food that I cooked for breakfast. After several minutes, a bunch of hungry werewolves started sitting down on the pack table and instantly devoured everything at hindsight. The Alpha, Easton, and the Luna were there too, eating their own share of the bounty. While I stood in a corner nearby and silently watched as the food I just created vanished for a short period of time, having none for myself caused a severe pain in my stomach. Some werewolves who were passing by subsequently bumped me on my shoulders, threw water on my dirty apron, and kicked my foot intentionally. Nonetheless, I care little for the brutes, but the pai
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Chapter 6
Easton's POV: I noticed my mate looked as if she was feeling so uneasy in that dark corner where she stood every day during pack breakfast. I studied her face and tried to make out the meaning of her changing expressions as she stared at the mountain of food on the table. I just remembered my father forbade her to take a seat and dine with the other werewolves in every meal. I saw her hand travel down her stomach, clutching it tight. That small gesture made me know straightaway, she was starving. I excused myself from the breakfast table and stood up carrying my tray. Of course, I refilled all the dishes that was missing on the food tray so I would be providing a whole set of breakfast to my mate. "Done already?" My step-mother, also known as Luna Grey of the Silver Moon Pack, who was sitting at my right clung to my shirt, stopping me from leaving the pack table. I looked at her hand, secretly irritated at this shameless, beautiful woman who became my stepmum. "I just remembered s
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Chapter 7
Catherine's POV: Easton stopped walking midway to the exit and his sudden movement made me accidentally bump my forehead on his back. I didn't make a sound as he turned around to face me. Our eyes locked. His glowing amber eyes distracted me just for a second and I tried my hardest not to get lost in them. "Hey, it's just that, since you were a slave I never really knew your name." Ashamed of the word 'slave', I turned my head away to look at the wall to my right, not wanting any more to confirm whether there was disgust or loathe in his eyes. "Oh, it's Catherine." "Nice to meet you, Catherine. By the way, I like the sound of your name." He smiled. Unexpectedly, he stepped towards me, so slowly that it made me feel anxious enough to take a step back, wary of his every move.Read more
Chapter 8
Catherine’s POV: I woke up feeling a little bit dizzy. I didn't open my eyes because I noticed the intensely bright light that was peeking through my vision. Why is it so bright? More importantly, the smell of a comforting scent went up my nostrils easily as I continued to breathe. Although it wasn't that strong of a scent, something about it left me wanting more. My body also felt like it was literally floating in the air. It seemed that I was leaning on something like a hard surface. However, I noticed that my body was moving on its own to a certain direction. A hand trailed closely behind my neck, and another against each of my knee, legs closed. Gently and slowly, I let myself see everything that surrounded me. At the very first moment, I saw Easton. He was carrying me in a bridal style going to someplace, evidently far from the kitchen where I remembered myself getting beaten by a number of pissed and hungry werewolves only moment
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Chapter 9
Catherine's POV: I jumped up in fright. When my eyes searched the room, there was no one  around. "Who is that?" I focused my senses to catch on any movement or any sound coming from inside the room. "It has been a long time since we merged. But then, I felt the seal that separated us for years break, " "Where are you?" I heard the voice chuckle. It was then that I realized, the voice I heard did not come from the room, but deep inside of me, in my mind and to the depths of my soul. "How could you not recognize my voice? I'm Raya, your wolf silly!" She giggled again. I felt my cheeks blush, embarrassed of my stupidity for not knowing my own wolf at our first meeting. "Sorry," I said, and my body shifted from being tense to relaxed with the knowledge of her presence. My wolf. I finally have my wolf. Knowing I was no longer alone made me quite a bit emotional, and I was feeling overwhelmed and thankfu
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Chapter 10
Catherine's POV: The delicious scent of fresh mint woke me up out of curiosity on where it had come from. As I opened my eyes and attempted to move, the instant pain around my wrists suddenly distracted me from going further to that purpose. I felt that my hands had been handcuffed to the metal frame of the bed I was currently lying on, and I looked up where I felt my hands were tied to in order to confirm it for myself. I tried wriggling the cuff in a bid to get my hands loose. Just then, I sniffed the same familiar scent back from the garden where I attempted my escape, and realized a horrifying truth behind it. The sound of footsteps approaching me slowly made me cautious and expectant of something evil about to befall me. I shrink back on the bed in fear. "Catherine, Catherine, Catherine, you never fail to surprise me every time," I flinched upon hearing the sound of his voice. "Easton. . ." I barely said his name through a whisper. "Well, it appears I have awoken my mate. Tr
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