Married To More Men Than Usual

Married To More Men Than Usual

By:  Preshy writes  Completed
Language: English
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What is destined to be the life of unrelated twins in the family of well known billionaires. One filled with love and the other used and hated. Kira gets her hands on some dirty secrets and to get her to be quiet, mr and mrs donaldson allows their own daughter to be used. Which ever man that kira says yes to for marriage she forces kendra to marry him. This act of kira causes kendra to be married to many men but one day changed everything after meeting her final husband who turns out to be an one of her ex husbands who had never stopped loving her.

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91 Chapters
Chapter one
        1Kendra POV"Quickly! Hurry up! The groom is waiting and your sister is fainted!" My mother said from the other side of the phone. "I'm almost there already. Just some minutes more please." I begged. "Minutes more? I called you just twenty minutes ago and you want more minutes?! Better get here this instant!" Mom yells and ends the call. I signed and tried breathing in and out slowly but this damned gown won't let me. Why does my life have to be this way? Why? The driver stopped at a huge church and standing right in front of it is my dad and mom. "What took you so long?!" Mom yells. "We don't have time for this. Come. Follow me in." Dad says. I cross my arm with his and he starts walking me towards the bridegroom. The bridegroom looks at me with a happy smile but he doesn't know that he is getting married to the wrong bride
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Chapter two
 2Cherry POVI nodded at Kendra's tutor from behind where Kendra couldn't see me and he agreed to stay. Kendra Sat him down in front of the television and ran up to get something. As soon as she was out of sight I went straight to Brandon, her tutor. "Hi." I said, shyly. "Hey, nice to meet you. I see you are very close to Kendra, seeing the way you wanted me to stay for her." Brandon said. "Yes I am. Would you like to have anything?" I asked him nicely. "No, it's okay." He answered. "Please you'd have to eat something or at least a drink since you are staying longer here." I persisted. "I really don't want to...""Great! Do you want wine or juice?" I interrupted. "Fine, I will have just one glass of juice but that's it." He replied. Just then Kendra came down from her room. She played the cartoon which she had brought down with
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Chapter three
          3"Hi, I'm Kendra your sis." I introduced myself. Kira smiled at me and started to eat. That wasn't the response I expected so I turned to my parents who then turned to Kira. "Won't you introduce yourself to her as well?" Mom asked. "Sorry mom, I forgot." She apologized and then turned to me. "Hi, nice to finally meet you. My name is Kira." She said to me and extended her hand for a shake. I ignored her hand and gave her a hug instead. I had a sister now. I smiled at mom and dad and they seemed happy. We ate our breakfast and as usual i got myself ready for my tutor's arrival. When I walked into the living room I spotted Kira in new clothes."Kira nice outfit. Where did you get it?" I asked her curiously.Kira looked at me and smiled. "It's a uniform. I'm starting school today." She answered. "School
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Chapter four
            4Kendra POVI sat there feeling so bored. When will Mr Brandon arrive? I am so... "Good morning sir." I greeted after I noticed Mr Brandon walking towards me. "Good morning Kendra, I'm sorry for taking so long." He apologized. "I was so bored. Where have you been?" I asked. "I forgot my things here and was just about to follow the maid to get it." Mr Brandon explained. "What things?" I asked him. "My teaching materials." He replied. "Oh, okay." I said. "How was your night?" Mr Brandon asked. "It was awesome. I enjoyed watching Tom and Jerry and eating popcorn with you." I answered. "That's good to know. We will start the lesson as soon as the maid brings the materials we need." Mr Brandon said. "Okay." I replied. We waited for some time for he maid but she didn
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Chapter five
     5Brandon POVWhat sort of a lady is that? Why would she tell me to enter her room when she has nothing decent on. I just shut her door and went on my way back to Kendra. I just hope such a person wouldn't influence Kendra badly. I sat down as I was before I left. "Did you get the ruler?" Kendra asked me. "Yes I did." I answered. "Cool. Where did you find it?" Kendra questioned. Just then I looked up and I saw Cherry peeping at us. What is wrong with her? Why is she stalking me now? "I just knocked at her door and she gave it to me on my request. It fell off while she was giving you my other stuff." I said to Kendra. I lied but it's best that way. I wouldn't tell what happened to a ten years old child."Okay but you don't seem alright." Kendra said. "Why not?" I asked her. "Well, you are s
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Chapter six
           "Shush shush." Cherry said. She was about to enter my house but I stopped her. "How did you find out where I live? Were you stalking me?" I questioned. "Calm down calm down, shish." Cherry said. "You told me your address just some minutes ago." Cherry answered. "Don't be stupid. I did no such thing." I said."Haha, I'm the one who called you." Cherry said and smirked at me. "Called me?" I said. "Yes. I'm the one who said to you on the phone that Mr Donaldson sent...""What's wrong with you?! What do you want from me?!" I yelled at her. Read more
Chapter seven
              "Wow! What a beautiful daughter you have!" A lady exclaimed. "Why thank you. Her name is Kendra by the way." Mrs Donaldson said to the lady and I gave my best smile. "Who doesn't know the famous daughter of Mr and Mrs Donaldson? It's so wonderful you decided to get her out of the house for once." The lady said. "Yes yes. So wonderful. Now if you'd excuse me ladies, I'd like to meet the man responsible for the occasion." Mr Donaldson said. Mr Donaldson hugged me with a smile on his face. "Make sure you behave." He whispered in a threatening voice. He stood straight and then left me with the other two. "Okay I'll be off then." The lady said. "See you later." Mrs Donaldson replied. Mrs Donaldson held on to my hand and we walked around in the party as she introduced me to everyone as Kendra. This m
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Chapter eight
               "Well I like many things." He said. "Like what?" I questioned. "Things like, taking my sports car out for a spin." He paused and looked into my eyes. "With you in it." He added, completing the first sentence. I saw Mr Donaldson glare at me at a bit distance as he discussed with Mr Victor. I pretended to blush for Charles and Charles grinned. "I got you under my spell haven't I?" He asked. Ugh! This guy may be gorgeous but he sure ain't got the brains for anything. It's no wonder Mr and Mrs Donaldson could easily get him into being engaged with their daughter. "Oh wow. You are just so awesome. I'm happy and so proud to know that I'm engaged to someone as handsome and smart as you." I said while staring at him dreamily. "Haha, I knew you'd see that side of me sooner or later. Well thanks. I am a
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Chapter nine
                Kendra POVA scream woke me up this morning. I jumped from bed and wondered what was going on. The screams didn't stop and it was accompanied by some banging. I need to know what is going on. I climbed down the stairs and the screams seem to come strongly from the direction where kira's room is. I hurried there and it was indeed Kira and she kept banging on the door and screaming non stop. I tried to open the door from the outside but it wouldn't budge so I went to mom and dad for help. "Mom! Dad!" I yelled as I stood outside their room then I opened the door to their room and went inside. I shook mom awake then dad and then mom again. Mom sat up but dad didn't seem ready to wake. Aren't they hearing the screams?&
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Chapter ten
           Cherry POV"You did great. Keep this up and I will be the happiest woman on earth." I said. "When will you stop all this? I've already been doing everything you say but apparently it's not enough for you." Brandon complained. "Oh it's enough alright. Just that I need more and will come to have you whenever I feel like it." I said to him. "I hate you." He said. "And I hate me too my love." I said and pecked him on the cheek. "It's just that things just have to happen this way." I added. "I want my freedom from this. We already did it five times today and last night as well. Please just stop." Brandon begged. No way I'm ever giving this up for anything. I've stayed years without it and I've been dying for it. But now things have change
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