Hiding His Baby: The Alpha's Rejected Mate

Hiding His Baby: The Alpha's Rejected Mate

By:  Lami274  Ongoing
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"Listen to me, little rogue. You deserve nothing but my rejection!" Dominic seethed at her, accepting the same reaction from years ago. "One day you will beg me to accept you. Then I will tell you what you deserve." Athena said in a strong stance while looking directly into his eyes, shocking him. ______'______ ' Dominic was the leader of all alpha's in the north side and he hates rogues with passion. So, when he finds out that his mate was none other than the daughter of the rogue alpha, he ought to reject her without caring for anything. Athena was a mere rogue who was unaware of her past and just after the rejection, she had only one way to protect the valuable secret of her life. Being enslaved by the most abusive alpha. But when the alpha of the pack tries to be the darkness of her life, her heartless mate comes back as the light. Things will turn brutal when fate pulls a string and after years, they are standing in front of each other again. He is going to push her away again and she is determined to accept the rejection this time. But what will happen when fate pulls another string? Will they be successful with their goals? Or they will get lost in the world of secrets, revenge and MATE BOND? Things are definitely not the way they believed it was. But instead of pushing her away like the last time, he is adamant to not let her go away.

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159 Chapters
1. Messing with her
"I don't feel good, Suzy." A beautiful lady in her late twenties looked at her best friend Suzanne with a worried look on her beautiful and flawless face. "What's wrong, Athy?" Suzanne asked in a worried tone while stopping what she was doing. "My left eye has been twitching since morning. I don't have a good feeling about it." The beautiful lady said as she clutched the pendant which was around her neck. The pendant has always been with her as far as she remembers. It gives her a weird sense of assurance that she doesn't understand. "Calm down, Athy. It happens sometimes. It doesn't necessarily mean that something bad is going to happen." Suzanne tried to console her. “I don't see myself going out of the pack today and nothing good ever happens in this pack. So, that left us with only one option.” She said as she fisted her hands by her side thinking of how helpless she was over the situation. They both were the slaves of the Shadow Eclipse pack, a pack full of lies and dec
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2. Heartless Alpha
The environment of the room was cold and full of tension. They were two men in the room whose silent thoughts were the cause of the coldness. Their silence could cut the glass. It was dangerous.  "I have heard that she used to be a rogue before." One of them spoke up in a cold and distant tone which can leave his enemies with shivering knees. It was the man with deep black hair and stormy grey eyes, who was clearly holding the power over the room and even the situation.  "Yes Alpha, she used to be before she was taken in by-...." The other man with brown eyes and brown hair said in a calm and respectful tone, not wanting to offend his superior and ruin the messed up situation more. His hands were sweaty in the pressure of the situation.  "But that doesn't change the fact that she was a rogue, Nathan. And a rogue is always a rogue. Always ready to cause destruction." The alpha said with gritted teeth. 
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3. A familiar howl
"A...alpha D... Derrick…" Athena stammered as her eyes wandered from his face to his hand which was holding her heart and life.  Her baby… her only son. The muscular man in front of her had a devilish smirk on his face, but she knew that he was more evil than that. Derrick, the Alpha of the Shadow Eclipse pack who captured her almost three years ago! Now the monster was holding her baby in one hand, and what he could do made her shiver with fear.  He can end her baby’s life in a blink of an eye if he wants!  "Athena, you look surprised to see me here. Can't I come to meet my slaves?" Derrick asked with a sick smile as he took a step inside the room. But she didn't take a step back as he expected. Her feet stood rooted on the spot.  Athena couldn't concentrate on his words as her mind and heart were to her son who was too scared to let out a
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4. Not healing
"Dominic, you are up! Are you okay?" Nathan asked in a worried tone as he helped Dominic sit up.    Dominic held his head tightly as he leaned on the headboard of his bed. He looked around in confusion before settling his eyes on Nathan.    "Nathan? What happened? Ugh… why is my head blasting?" He asked while gritting his teeth to endure the pain. Nathan looked at him in confusion.    "What do you mean by what happened? Don't you remember what happened?" Nathan asked in confusion. His question confused Dominic more.   Dominic closed his eyes to remember something but the headache wasn't helping him much.    "No, I don't remember anything. So, stop irritating me further and tell me what happened!" Dominic asked in frustration and confusion. The fact that something happened which put him in this state and he doesn't even remember that didn't settle well with him
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5. Her baby and His Luna
"You have a son?" The cold man's voice stopped Athena from where she was. Her heart almost stopped breathing and she got numb.  That's a voice she will never forget. That's the voice which haunts her still and instigates a new layer of hatred everytime she remembers it.  “Alpha Dominic, I’m trying to take care of this lady, but it seems like she is recovering slower than normal werewolves. Her bleeding is not stopping." The nurse said in a professional and respectful tone as he entered the room.. "What do you mean by she is recovering slowly?" He asked in a cold tone while not moving his eyes from Athena who was glaring at him at that moment.  "That’s not your business." Athena snapped and the nurse let out a gasp. She frowned at Athena in shock and dislike.  "Miss, please be respectful toward our Alpha. He is the one who saved your life from
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6. Their wounds
'Aren't you disgusted to touch me like you were in the past?' 'Who's the father?' 'Fortunately not you.' 'Why are you so interested in the life of your rejected mate?'  'There's your answer! I stole someone's sperm.'  Dominic's punches on the already ragged punching bag intensified as his mind was getting messed up every second as he remembered his rejected mate's words. Her words were like hammers bickering on his head, making him go crazy.  But what made things worse for him was that little boy. Ace! Her son. That boy was her son for sure because they had similarities in facial features. He has her beautiful blue eyes. There's no doubt at him being her son but… who's the father?  He tried to smell his scent. But he didn't find any specific scent, telling him that the boy was just a baby of a normal wolf. Which
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7. His and her touches
 The world stopped for her when she opened her eyes and looked into the most alluring grey eyes. Only their erratic heartbeats were heard, nothing else. It looked like they even stopped breathing.  When Athena slipped, she expected to fall into the arms of the cold ground. Not into the arms of her heartless ex mate. His strong arms were wrapped protectively around her slim waist while her hands were on his hard chest as they looked into each other's eyes. They were intoxicated by each other's scent.  "Do you always do what you are asked not to?" Dominic suddenly spoke up with a blank look on his face.  He didn't know what he was doing here. He didn't know why he came here but he just came. He was supposed to go to a peaceful place and find some peace there. Then why did his legs bring him here? To her. Being near her brought him anything but peace. She was the reason for his restlessness and m
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8. His orders and her threats
"I would like to talk to her. Leave us alone everyone, right now."  Everyone looked at the door and saw Stacey standing there with a polite smile on her face. Her chin was held up in pride and sophistication. She looked somewhat powerful. Athena wondered what was the source of her power.  "Good morning, Luna." Nathan said in a neutral tone and received a small nod for Stacey. "Luna, I am afraid you can't talk to her alone without the alpha's permission." He added after that. His tone was serious.  "As the Luna of the pack, I get to decide with whom I will talk and how. So, leave." Stacey said in authority in her tone.  Athena looked at her from head to toe with a judgemental look on her face. She likes to call herself a judgemental bitch but she is not guilty for that. It gives her a little power over the opposite person because most of the time she turns out to be right. Read more
9. Upsetting Ace
"Athy! Come here! We are here!"  Athena heard Suzanne's voice from her left while she was wandering off mindlessly. She was trying to catch Ace's scent to find him and Suzanne. Suzanne was sitting on the breakfast table with unknown faces. Ace was sitting between Nathan and another man, surprisingly not with or beside Suzanne.  She walked toward the table with a cold look on her face, trying to present herself as unapproachable. There were two unknown faces with Suzanne, Nathan and Ace.  "Ace." She called him, who was busy giggling at something the other man was saying. He looked up as soon as he heard her voice and gave him a big smile.  "Mommy!" He exclaimed loudly in happiness before standing up on his chair and jumped on it. "I love it here so much!" He exclaimed with a clap, making her shocked.  She looked at Suzanne who was giving her a worried look
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10. Ace's superhero
Ace ran upstairs without knowing any way of course. He wasn't even seeing where he was running as his eyes were filled with tears. He ran to the third floor of the building and kept running through the hallway with his small legs. He didn't have the intention to stop as he wanted to hide far away from his mommy. He was really angry at mommy this time. He wasn't going to forgive her easily this time.    His chains of thoughts were cut short when his small leg got stuck with the carpet and he was going to face plant the floor.    "Mommy!" He let out a cry in fear as he waited for the pain to hit him. But that didn't come. He had his eyes still closed when he realised that he wasn't on the ground anymore. He was held up on the air. "Mommy, don't think I am going to forgive you just because you saved me. I am very angry." He blabbered out, trying to sound angry. His eyes were still closed.    "Why are you angr
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