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Lisa an orhage girl who want nothing more than to live a life of happiness. She was soon found in a 2onderful land hoping it was elnot a dream and praying never to come out. Now that she was happy do you think it will last long.

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Lisa stared up the long drive, speechless. She could just make out the outline of a massive building, which was mostly hidden from view by the massive trees that lined the gravel road. Is this all there is to it? She was certain she had the correct address, but she was now seriously doubting herself. She double-checked her phone and couldn't find any errors, but this couldn't be right. How is that possible?Part of her wanted to turn around and go to a coffee shop or somewhere and figure it out from there, but she knew that was her cowardly side. The running part, the part she'd let rule her life for the most part, and where had it gotten her? There is nowhere but misery.But not any longer.Read more
"Traditionally, this wing is reserved for the Lady of the House." I've done my best, but if you notice anything wrong or want to change anything, please let me know." As she pushed open the heavy carved walnut doors, Mary said.Inside, there was an opulently furnished room with two large antique sofas across from each other in the center of the room. A large fireplace dominated the main wall, and large lead-lined windows across from it provided an uninterrupted view of the lawn and forest beyond."I'll bring you some refreshments, and then if you pull this handle when you're ready..." She motioned to what appeared to be a curtain tie suspended from the ceiling. "I'll return to show you around the rest of the house.""I appreciate it." Lisa
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“Wellies?”"It's all a bit marshy down there, and the drainage really needs to be worked on." I'll get you a pair of boots from the boot room. Avoid getting your feet wet.""Thank you very much. Is there anything I should stay away from?""Perhaps the woods near the East Wing." It's said to be haunted. Not that I believe such things, but it is quite creepy; even john avoids it."Lisa nodded and made a mental note of it. Put on your wellies. Avoid going into the woods. This was turning out to be far more of an adventure than she had anticipated.***<
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"Be careful, Sam, she could be a witch." The lanky one grumbled to the other man who was holding her. "You believe that everyone is a witch. Take a look at her. She isn't a witch." "She could be." He insisted on sniffing her as if he could detect a scent. "Take a look at her hair. "Have you ever seen hair like that before?" "Just shackle her." The leader spoke up. "Blindfold her as well..." The Lanky one spoke up. "You're insane. Lisa yelled at them, wondering who the hell they were and why they wanted her in the first place. "Please let me go." "OK,
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Chapter 6
Morning came far too soon and far too cold in lisa’s opinion. Her feet felt like ice blocks and she doubted she’d be able to walk properly even to where the horse was tethered. After a quick breakfast they were packed and phillip was there tying her to her saddle again. She glared at him as he tied off the ropes but he simply stared her down. She still had his cloak on and she realised he must have slept all night without it. Part of her was grateful that she had it because she was convinced she would have froze without it, but she didn’t want to be grateful to him. She didn’t want to feel anything positive towards him. She wanted to hate him as much as he clearly hated her. As he took her reins and mounted his own horse she gritted her teeth ready for another agonising day in the saddle. Her thighs were alrea
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Chapter 9
“You should have taken more care.” James said after waiting for the servants to leave. He didn’t need anymore prying eyes or ears for that matter. He’d made sure the girl had been taken up to a secure room and was safely guarded. He’d even seen to it that she had a maid to look over her while she rested. “I did what was needed.” phillip replied tersely. He was damned if he’d be schooled by a Magi, even if it was James. “She’s half dead on her feet. You brought her here like she was some sort of traitor…” Phillip gritted his teeth and got up to pour himself a drink. The girl wasn’t the only one that’d had a hard journey, he thought but was immediately hit with a sense of guilt. James was righ
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Lyra yanked the dark blue dress over lisa’s head even as she still muttered about not wanting to wear it. “It’s the blandest one there is.” lyra replied. “You said you weren’t going to wear anything fancy and this is it.” “By fancy I meant a dress.” lisa said as she looked down at herself. She looked like something out of a costume drama. In fact, she thought she’d fit right at home on the set of Robin Hood. “What else were you going to wear, a suit of armour?” lyra half giggled at her own joke and lisa knew it was no good. In the situation she was in this was the least of her problems and on the plus side at least they’d finally given her
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