His Curvy Obsession (BWWM)

His Curvy Obsession (BWWM)

By:  Um_royhan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Angelina's life took a turn when she left her father's country for New York City because of a scholarship she received. With her drowning in her self-insecurities and anxieties about being a curvaceous biracial. Nathaniel, one of the eligible bachelors in the State with a killer smiling face and body. The sole heir to his family's companies and a loyal fiance to his girlfriend. His fiance left him on his wedding day with a breakup letter. Due to the paparazzi and public eyes, he needed a replacement. #notyourtypicalbwwmbook

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70 Chapters
Prologue 'No sooner met but they looked, no sooner looked but they loved, no sooner loved but they sighed, no sooner sighed but they asked one another the reason, no sooner knew the reason, but they sought the remedy; and in these degrees have they made a pair of stairs to marriage.’ — William Shakespeare. "Do you take Angelina Adenike Walters as your lawful wife?" the minister asked. "I do," he replied curtly, looking at nothing in particular as his eyes void any emotions he was feeling. The minister turned to the bride and asked, "do you take Nathaniel Xander Hugh as your lawful husband?" her heart skipped a little, staring at her unresponsive husband-to-be face before responding in a crooked voice, "I do." "With the power of God, I declare both of you as husband and wife. You may kiss your bride," the minister pronounced. Her stranger husband moved to her slowly, opened her white veil a little as he tilted his head to the right side, and she closed her eyes expectantly, wait
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Chapter 1 People always say first love is a lesson, but last love is true love, and Nathaniel did not believe it because his first and last love was Clara Adrian. His only woman. Clara was the granddaughter of his nanny —Mrs. Adrian. He and Clara practically grew up together from diapers, and they went to the same schools. And they'd promised to get married when they grow up till old together with their child(ren). She was mine, and I was hers only. He thought, smiling cheekily while twirling the diamond ring. All his reasons and actions revolved around her. Anything she wanted or said, he agreed to it without batting an eyelash because she was the only one who understood him better, and he loved her so much with every fibre of his being. She was like the oxygen he breathed in. His twenty-six birthday was a fortnight ago, and she told him she was ready to become his lawful wife, and he proposed to her, feeling over the moon. She was a strong believer in sex before marriage, and
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Chapter 2 She was running, and she had been running, l her life; everything was falling apart. Her apartment fee had been due for the last six months, and the landlord wasn't heeding her pleas. She could not live on the street, and this State wasn't like her father's country, where she could get accessible apartments anytime or anywhere. She was given a scholarship at the State University for the last four years, and she was very excited, but if she'd known this was what she would be facing, she would have stayed with her father in her father's country. Well, this State was her mother's, which made her biracial. Her life had been jumbled-mess since she arrived in this country; she was easily judged by her brown skin colour. She didn't have a real job apart from freelancing for lazy youths. And that wasn't paying her much. They judged her skin colour and her father's nationality, not her brain then, they were men who always had their lustful gaze on her curve, which she hated, but
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Chapter 3 "Okay," she responded in a weak voice, thinking of the pros and cons of the situation. It was a win-win situation. I get a house to stay in, and he gets a wife to marry. And it's only for a year. Free food and shelter, She thought. "Good," the woman clapped her hands excitedly. "Oh my," the woman's eyes widened dramatically, using her hand to cover her mouth while Angelina stared at her, "sorry for my lack of manners," the woman smiled shyly. "Uhn?" "I'm Jasmine Hugh," she introduced herself, holding her hand out for Angelina to shake. Angelina rubbed her hands together nervously before accepting the woman's open hand, "I'm Angelina Walters," she responded. Jasmine smiled to the fullest and dragged her again to another room, pushed her in, and then locked the door at the back. "This is the bride," she announced enthusiastically while Angelina looked at her. Did she mean it? "Oh," three guys came out behind the curtains, twirling her around, staring at her in fascinatio
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Chapter 4 Fearwarning before reading, this has mature content. So be warned! At the other side of the mansion, the groom was venting his anger and frustration at the punching bag. Sweat dripped down his perfect body as he continued to punch the bag in anger. His biceps and triceps were contracting as his fist hit the bag with his legs moving around, releasing the stress on them. The door of the gym room was opened, revealing a distressed man walking in long strides to the groom while holding a brown file with him. Nathaniel didn't pause what he was doing, "Has mom found a replacement?" he asked emotionlessly. "Yes," the man responded, "she's with the triplets," the man added. Lucky bitch, he thought. "Name?" "Angelina Walters," the groom hummed in response, "And this is some information about her." "You know your work Peter," Nathaniel said as the man called Peter bowed, handing him the document. "Tell Trey to prepare the divorce letter," he ordered. "Yes sir," Peter bowed
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Chapter 5 He left without looking back. He couldn't control himself; just a whiff of her scent was enough to set him off. Her full plump lips, which were innocently teasing him to have a taste, were imprinted in his memory. Had it been he had tasted, he wouldn't be able to control himself-the last strain of sanity would leave him. Her eyelashes fanned her face as her expectant lips were calling him to her like a siren. He shook his head as he clenched his fist and left, which elicited a shocked gasp and murmur from the crowd. He walked in a long stride, unbuttoning his suit, and threw it away without knowing where it landed. He needed to cool off because the unfathomable heat and need he felt were making him crazy. His heart was beating loudly as blood was rushing down to his groin at a faster rate. He went to his car at the underground garage and ignited it to life before zooming off to any nearest bar he could find to quench the heat he was feeling. His body never behaved like
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Chapter 6 Nathaniel's friend kept staring at the timid lady who was hugging his suit tightly to stop the shivering, and he lowered the temperature of his car to make her comfortable. He looked at the lady that was in deep thought and unaware of her environment. He sighed and shook his head, and his friend was a dumbass. "I'm Nicholas by name, but family calls me Nick, and you can call me that because you are now my sister-in-law," he winked at her through the rear mirror, and she smiled shyly at him then turned away to look at the scene passing on the street as the car was moving. He raised his brow, waiting for her to tell her name even when he had, "Won't you tell this gentleman who introduced himself your name?" "Oh?" she said in a question before rubbing her hands together, "I'm Angelina." "No shorten?" he asked while she nodded. "Well, I'll give you one," he hummed, dancing with his head as he drummed his fingers on the steering. "Lina," he chirped. She smiled softly at h
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Chapter 10 The sound of alarming blaring woke a tired Nathaniel from sleep. After hearing Angelina's conversation yesterday with her father, he wished to comfort her. Still, he didn't know how to go about it without making it awkward or like he was eavesdropping. Well, he was eavesdropping, though. He cringed mentally when he thought of how he would look had it been he was caught eavesdropping. His heart broke for what she had passed through, and he promised to make her forget her bad memories, but the big question was how?! Another difference between his wife and his ex was that Clara talked out what she felt, and he supported everything without missing a bit, but how would he understand her if she didn't voice out? He was terrible at understanding females generally. He gripped his hair embarrassingly, getting up from his bed stark naked and wobbly. He shook his head and inhaled deeply as his morning member rose. He entered the bathroom not after swinging all the mess he made on t
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Chapter 8 Angelina stood frozen at the doorstep shockingly, with her mouth agape at what Nathaniel did, pecking her cheeks. She could believe the man who left her today at the altar kissed her cheek even though it was a thing to him, but it meant a lot to her. She rushed inside, closing the door behind her with a loud bang as her face was beet red. She ran to the open bathroom and stared at her red face in the mirror, looking at the girl with an oval-shaped face and well-kept wavy hair while her grey eyes stood out from her brown skin. Her nose ring shone on her pointed nose. She closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of his lips on her cheek. She opened the tap quickly, splashing the cold water rushing out on her face to stop her thudding heart from thinking of another meaning to the simple act. It's just a simple act! she scolded herself. She was palming her cheeks embarrassedly. She stared at herself again, removing her bangles and leg chains and putting them on the washing basin.
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Chapter 9 Angelina's eyes momentarily flew open when he left abruptly as her gown slipped down her body, leaving her in the white lingerie she was given to wear today. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she was embarrassed for expecting more. She didn't understand why she was hurt by his action because she didn't have any feelings for him. Maybe like him, though, but one can't like a person you just met, she thought bitterly as her phone flashed her dad's name on the screen; she sniffed while wiping her running nose. She swiped it to the green side and held the phone to her left ear, and was greeted by her dad's cheerful voice. "Hello Adenike Mi,'' She smiled, feeling nostalgic at her father's voice. Had it been, she was at home with her father, her father would have cooked her favourite food, which was pounded yam and egusi (melon soup) for her. After eating, her father said she should walk with him outside under the drumstick tree in front of their house. They would sit on the perma
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